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  1. Meditation rug QL 20 c96 3s 10c CoD to Squats please.
  2. grooming brush 67ql - 85coc - 80c CoD to Squats please.
  3. c89 and c88 CoD to Squats if still available please.
  4. Iron Pickaxe 2.09 QL 82 CoC 82c Iron rake 2.51 QL 71 CoC 50c CoD to Squats pls.
  5. Grooming brush, oakenwood 4.00 QL 82 CoC 82c COD to Squats pls.
  6. Been staying here for about 2 weeks now. Qdlaty is a nice guy and very helpful.
  7. Do you also provide imping services? If so, how much would it cost me to get my 2 handed sword imp from around 57ql to 80ql? Thanks.