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  1. Add Ride-able Moose to Wurm

    How have we gone this long without moose?? This glaring error must be corrected with all haste.
  2. WTS: Compasses

    I would like to buy #6. Please COD. Borolf in game Thanks
  3. Please send Whetstone w80 C92 Ql 97.55 to Borolf.
  4. AOSP95 QL74 Iron Barding - just 2s!

    To Borolf please: ql 30 seryll chain jacket 1.5s
  5. Public Green Dragon HATCHLING Xanadu

    Borolf - Fighter, Boralt and Borspear bystanders.
  6. Ok, I will buy it. I am setting up a delivery person to pick it up. Can you pm me deed and directions? Thanks, Borolf.
  7. I want that forge. Where are you located?
  8. Borolf and Boralt will be there. Bystanding.
  9. Red Dragon Adventure!

    I'll be there to fight.
  10. Red Dragon Slaying Tomorrow (Pristine)

    I'll be there