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  1. Thanks for the info. It is time to stop the powerlevelling since I now know it is not really an approved practise and I did not know that previously. It might not concern you, but I can not send PM's to every individual who might be concerned by this, because it would include villagers, trading partners, people buying characters, allies, breeding partners, neighbours, and more and I can seriously not send 100 PM's to everyone. That's why the title of this topic addresses these people only, and I don't really know why you clicked on it in the first place. Further more, if I wanted to increase my reputation, I would certainly not do it by publicly apologizing and admitting my mistakes. The purpose of this is to inform every person involved in business with me about my abscence, and I disagree with your attempt to put me down for it.
  2. Wow I had no idea that it was something fishy in the first place. Ever since I could think back I saw that people are selling their accounts and others are buying them, so I figured it would be okay to make a business out of it. Well, it is time to stop it upon my return I guess!
  3. Hello, I am not sure where exactly to post this, and I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. For a while I have been doing quite a lot of business through Wurm, levelling peoples' accounts for them, trading with people, selling my stuff and acquiring others'. However, throughout the last couple of weeks I have barely been able to access internet due to construction work being done around my building, which cut the internet completely or to a minimum, not allowing me to access the game or successfully send a PM. This means that the progress on all characters I am levelling has been severely slowed down, the progress of those I have just started right before the internet cut equalling almost none at all. I have taken action and changed the passwords of all characters to those they had in the beginning, in order to allow people the viewing of the progress of their accounts. I have already been accused of scamming, which was at no time my intention, but I understand your anger and am willing to refund the 16€ you spent on the characters in the beginning when I required you to purchase premium for them, if you are unwilling to let me work on this any further. However, to accuse me of scamming is a little harsh since I have never demanded payment of any sort before giving you the character and letting you access it ingame to check if you are happy with it. It also means that everyone I was trading with when the internet cut occured has not received response since then. I apologize for this as well, as it was not my intention to leave you hanging. I am uncertain as to whether or not my internet now works, or if I will be able to resume my usual amount of activity right away. Thank you for understanding, and please pass me a PM if you have anything to say. It would be nice if the general lot of you could cut back on offensive insults and accusations, and see reason. This is an online game, and it is possible that people are unable to access this for any number of reasons. Well, that is all. Thank you for reading.
  4. Birdwatcher is now again available for contracts. After having had no laptop for a short while, during which he was unable to work, he is now back on track. We will begin the next contract now, and I will discuss details with you, Yldrania, in PM.
  5. Carrots

    Lot of posts about them, but it is damn true Tie a carrot to a fishing rod to increase speed on horses and other rideable veggie-eating animals hehehe :-)
  6. Would love to have a chat with you ingame or so, will pass you a PM here also. Will offer TS3, forums, choice of different settlements, we will see how it turns out
  7. Hehe will let him know what you think, but I think that he charges that much due to the high quality. 80 quality guard towers are pretty nice. I will let him know what you said anyways, and prices can always be individually negotiated with him - he's a nice guy, not trying to rip you off.
  8. Hello, I am posting this for one of my citizens who would like to offer the following services: His offers: Generally building, mining, terraforming, or anything else that you need done in your settlement. Custom prices depending on what you need done can be discussed via PM ingame or via Xala on the forums. I do anything, but listing the most common requests here. Prices can be negotiated. Carpentry Items Quality always 80+ Brick: 2S / 1000 Mortar: 3S / 1000 Colossus Brick: 4S / 1000 Floor Boards: 30C Guard Tower: 10S Colossus: 30S Raw Materials Prices per 1000 Dirt: 1S Sand: 1S Clay: 1S Tar: 1S Rock Shards: 1S Boats Quality always 70+, as high as you wish on request. Rowboat: 1S Small Sailboat: 2S Corbita: 5S Cog: 10S Knarr: 15S Caravel: 20S His skills: Work Skills: Carpentry: 93 Fine Carpentry: 20 Ship Building: 50 Woodcutting: 71 Mining: 87 Digging: 91 Masonry: 76 Stone cutting: 50 Prospecting: 60 Smithing Skills: Smithing: 62 Weapon Smithing. 34 Chain Armor Smithing: 78 Blacksmithing: 93 Locksmithing: 32 If you are interested in any of the services above, please pass me a PM or message Birdwatcher ingame. Thanks for reading!
  9. Amen. This is how it was and no other way
  10. I would like to buy an unfinished mol rehan guard tower. I am on Xanadu. If you have one, please PM with price
  11. Damn, it is tempting to go and get some even when being from another server. Nice that there are people like you who don't make money out of everything.