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  1. interested in yoir starter vynora priest let me know if the other guy hasnt taken it..

  2. Hello. How much would you like to get for your Vynora priest?


    Do you accept silvers?


    Greetings Gamurin

  3. Hello, looking for some valuations on these two characters, potential sale as the title says. Really have no ideas on the values, hence the post. Also if I choose to sell, I am taking Silvers rather than euro into a paypal account. The Vynora Priest Has about 9 months or so of prem time left. But not much else to his name. Second Character - The balanced character. Any questions , pm me etc.
  4. Well time to close the shop , waaaay too many orders through already (though all will be honoured) , and for a single wurmian it will take enough time to complete. So this ad, wont be updated and will slip off the listings eventually. If you do see this though at some point, you can still pm me, and I will honour the 5copper per item etc. Its been fun kind regards Sorion. Welcome, Very simple set up here at my forge, all Blacksmithing Iron items are 70ql+, with a flat fee of 5 copper per item, plus cod. There may be enchants on some items, if so , no extra charge for them. I cannot supply weapon / armour / shield smithing items. For these you will have to go to one of the many other Wurm Merchants out there Just pm me here, or ingame on Sorion for more info/order etc. Can also supply Cordage ropes, same price
  5. Now with the mad ever changing stocks you carry Vortexxx, this could be a very interesting event indeed Count me in, just say when and let the games begin The more the merrier as they say. Come on residents on the summerholt area and beyond, lets make some noise! lol Sorion.
  6. Close pls.

    Please cod the huge axe with 83lt to sorion. 4.8s thanks
  7. ignore.

    All now sorted. Hello. Looking for a couple champion mountain lions (preferred) / wildcats. Can collect on xanadu. PM me offers etc. Thanks. Sorion.
  8. Will take number 5, cod to sorion please.
  9. Great video, but not sure if this effects anyone else, no sound on it?
  10. Well I have to say that I am very disappointed. This was meant to be something that the old laptop could run when no internet around etc.. Guess I will not get that wurm fix afterall when away from the internet etc. Dam you steam and your silly drm checks.. grrrr
  11. Been reading all the topics as they appear, but still not clear on this. Is there a true offline mode? Steam in Offline mode, Start local only Server (with no internet connection) and then play on it? or not? Will be disappointed if there is not currently, or perhaps even plans to offer this. Sorion.
  12. As the title really, any news on what is going on? Sorion
  13. Trying to upload an avatar image from your pc seems not work, but from an external site like imgur works fine so i am told.
  14. Will take the two remaining sickles and the hammer 89ql for total of 2s.cod to sorion if you agree