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  1. Hello! I would like to purchase 2 handed swords: Iron 90.41 N95LT91C92MS75 Silver 90.25 N96LT100C94MS84dmg10 Please COD both to Ndainye
  2. Hello I'd like a 60-69 Stone Strike Pickaxe COD to Dainya
  3. Hello I would like to have the following COD to Dainya 10x Thick Ropes 15x Cordage Ropes 5x Mooring Ropes
  4. Hello DonaMarlene! Loved to Rug we got a few weeks back we would now like to get a Knarr Sail kit and an additional Triangular Sail You can COD all to Dainya
  5. This is a game where it takes years to max skills not months or days. Two weeks even two months will hardly make a difference. My new characters don't have armor yet. It's just not something I'm focused on at this point. Someone who starts today could easily be the one I buy my first decent armor sets from in a few weeks or months when I determine I'm ready to focus on fight skills and want to venture farther from my deed to hunt. They can still have a lasting effect on the early market and still be in a good position to set themselves up with both new and return shoppers. Likewise with any of the crafting skills and there's plenty of room in the enchanting market for new people to join in and make a place for themselves. A year from now that's not going to be so easy. On an established server even newbies want high QL armor with multiple enchants. Making a place for yourself as a crafter on an established server takes months (years) of non profitable grind and access to multiple priest accounts. New players that start today or next month can still make their marks in non skilled crafting ways. They can be part of or even host of the first imp along on the server. They can be the person that creates a vital leg of the new server's highway system or build a much needed canal or tunnel. They can be the first to die at a Harmony Rift or to a Melody Dragon. And while some of these things may also still be achievable on older servers it's much more difficult to find a place where you are needed.
  6. I would like 2 50ql toolbelts COD to Gralixa please
  7. Could you please COD to Ndainye 7. two handed sword, iron 80ql NIMB74 LT83 COC77 MS86 - 3s75c please add selfhealers demise Thank You!
  8. two handed sword, iron 80ql NIMB98 LT72 - 4s90c large maul, iron 70ql NIMB78 LT73 COC89 MS70 - 3s90c Both with Selfhealer demise please. COD both to Ndainye.
  9. Everything I've done up until this point has been in a rare oven. While my first thought is leave it as is as I don't want to re-test all of the recipes that's only a short term solution. Long term I would need to continue to only do my cooking in the one spot where I have my rare oven, that means no cooking on the go. Any travel food must be cooked ahead of time and planned out. It also means that if I take a break or something happens to my deed I'll need to rework everything. My other option is to re-test everything and make notes using a non rare oven. Either way I'm going to have to re-test everything. In the end gonna have to say Go with option B, will have to do the re-test anyway might as well get it over with. I'd rather things be as consistent as wurmly possible.
  10. I'm getting the same issue with rocky road crunch bars as of tonight. Grape + cheese + gelatin, Have you tried adding rocky road crunch bar, The items inside do not make any known recipe. When dropping the bars they are called biscuits.
  11. I was combining a buckets of milk into small unsealed barrels of milk, I also tried going from barrel to bucket. I was attempting to drag the milk between containers. All of the milk is fresh, one portion was gathered yesterday and one gathered today.