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  1. Project update: The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 711. (South Freedom 533. North Freedom 178.). Hall of Jokes count: 28. Wall of Stories count: 9
  2. Project update: The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 514. (South Freedom 426. North Freedom 88.). Hall of Jokes count: 28. Wall of Stories count: 9
  3. Project update: The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 490. (South Freedom 416. North Freedom 74.). Hall of Jokes count: 28. Wall of Stories count: 9
  4. Project update: The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 490. (South Freedom 416. North Freedom 74.). Hall of Jokes count: 28. Wall of Stories count: 9
  5. After one month premium you will discover a yellow potion in your inventory. You can drink it to temporarily turn into something fun. Or… Please rename your yellow potion with your character's name and mail it to Jpoppin on Melody. You can charge me 5c for it if you wish. They will reside in the Great Wall of Yellow Potions located at Surefall Glade on Xanadu. Here is a recent pic: But wait a minute? How are the yellow potions going from North Freedom to South Freedom before the servers have been linked in the game? The game devs have kindly gifted me (not really) a magical yellow mailbox to accomplish this feat. Pretty amazing huh? How do I see this Great Wall of Yellow Potions? You can currently only visit your potion by creating a character on South Freedom. Here is a travel guide to get there: I also have two other player participation projects going. Please post any Wurm related jokes of funny Wogic observations here or pm me (Jpoppin) in the game. If they make the cut they will reside upstairs from the Great Wall of Yellow Potions in the Hall of Jokes. And if you have an interesting (but relatively short) story to tell of your Wurm adventures, post it here as well. The best will get posted at the Wall of Stories, also located at Surefall Glade in the underground city of Qeynos. Thanks in advance. Happy wurming!
  6. Ekcin I'm building a huge city under Surefall Glade based on this from the old Everquest game: As you can see in the map there is a underground docks on the West side, and I've just made a canal connecting it to Surefall Lake. So the canal would need to go north of Surefall Glade under a couple of my neighbors deeds to connect to the lake.
  7. I was making pegs. It was saying I was making pegs. But the number of pegs in my inventory wasn’t going up at the speed I was making them. It said my inventory was full but it was like 29 below 100 items. I put all the pegs in my inventory into a bsb and logged out. When I logged back in there were 29 pegs now showing up in my inventory. I had double checked the filter equipment, so that wasn’t the problem. First time I’ve seen this.
  8. What are these new servers everyone is talking about? Why isn't Xanadu up? I've got ships to build dagnabbit!
  9. Project update: The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 332. Hall of Jokes count: 26. Wall of Stories count: 8
  10. Obviously the video should have concluded with a dramatic pan to reveal the Great Wall of Yellow Potions. Other than that major failing, nice job
  11. Might be just be a nationality thing but for us Yankee types “Rumble” as a noun doesn’t convey the gravitas that pvp type players are probably looking for. Heartland is more passable IMHO even though for me it invokes a Canadian show about horses.
  12. Project update. The Great Wall of Yellow Potions count: 301. Hall of Jokes count: 20. Wall of Stories count: 5
  13. Hey everyone, Jpopper here. Looking to buy a ship? First decide what type of ship you want. The wiki is great: Double check you have enough Mind Logic for the ship you want to buy: Caravel 24. Knarr 23. Cog 22. Corbita 21.05. Sailboat 20.1. Pricing is simple: caravels 10s, knarrs 8s, cogs 4s, corbitas 4s, sailboats 2s. All ships are 93 quality with lead anchor. There are some upgrades you might want to add for 1s each: 95q imp upgrade. +7% wind +5% vehicle speed rune. 12 large crates. Wagon. Large cart. Ship transporter. 2 creature cages. Custom wood type order if not in stock +1s. All ships are always available in cedar wood, which will take less damage sitting around overtime. Several other colors such as raspberry and oak are usually in stock as well. The ships for sale are located on Xanadu at Surefall By The Sea around Q15 just northwest of Lormere. Here is a travel guide to get there: If you’re on Xanadu I will summon you directly to the deed for free. If you are on another server there is a +1 silver charge for me to travel to your server and summon you onto the boat. Here’s how it works. I’ll sail the ship to your server and Summon Soul you to the ship. We sail back to Xanadu. You buy ship. I Recall Home. You sail home. Please pm me in game if you are interested. I also imp ships. No charge for turning a ship rare or supreme, which has happened many times. Wts ship imping to 90 quality for 1 silver. 93q 2s. 95q 3s. Drop off at Surefall By The Sea at Q15 or summon me on Xanadu. In case anyone is wondering I’ve sold over 200 ships to players over the last 6 years and imped another 175. Fun times. Note: I no longer offer the “attach the last peg” service. That ship has sailed.
  14. Need to travel to Surefall By The Sea, Kappa or Surefall Glade on Xanadu? No worries. Its as easy as one, two, three, four. If you’re already on Xanadu you can use the highway system to travel to Kappa and Surefall Glade, located around q14 just northwest of Lormere. The deeds are on the map: If you’re not on Xanadu… Step One. Travel to Xanadu. There is a cog with red sails on all South Freedom servers now showing where to cross over to Xanadu V14 for your sailing convenience. They are on the northwest side of each server with names like “Release to Xanadu v14”. Step Two. Once you enter Xanadu at V14 you’ll see some round mountains to your left and some smaller mountains to your right. Sail due north to Surefall Bay. Step Three. There are guardhouses at T 13 and S 14 to mark the entrance to our bay. And there is a line of knarrs with a cog at each end spanning the entire bay entrance. How cool is that? Step Four. Continue due north for another 4k or so. You know you’re close when you pass Surefall Bay Island. Perhaps there is a story about that island on the Wall of Stories. Next there is a line of sailboats crossing the bay at Surefall By The Sea, so unless you’re AFK sailing you can’t miss it. The Kappa Lighthouse is a must see. From there you can travel inland east to Kappa, Surefall Lake and Surefall Glade on the highway. You can also take the River Styx canal to see the amazing undercity of Kappa and sail into Surefall Lake. The entrance to the underground city of Qeynos can be found at the north end of Surefall Glade between the Druid Rings and Fippy’s Woods. The Great Wall of Yellow Potions and the Hall of Jokes are in the first underground building you’ll encounter inside. The Wall of Stories can be found encircling the Lion’s Mane Inn and Tavern a little way farther inside. Just follow the sign. Happy travels.