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  1. Griff has 99.997 HFC, I doubt he failed to make 2000 meals/stews in a row (Although it is wurm afterall and 99% success rate is still...questionable)
  2. Asking the obvious: Did you put the pans into the forges yourself? (I feel bad even asking as I know you know what you're doing, just checking it off the list) Did you put the pans into the forges before the restart then light after restart? (Going by the chat box, I'm guessing this might be what happened) Did you log out at all after loading pans into forges and before lighting? Did anyone else touch the pans while in the forge or before putting into forge?
  3. No idea how it works, but shouldn't higher AH skill reduce the chance of miscarrige and negative traits when breeding? If it doesn't already work that way, I'd suggest that it could work like Fightskill CR, where every 10 AH skill you get, you get less and less chance of miscarrige/poor traits during breeding.
  4. Theres a difference between 5s a teleport and unlimited free teleports between 2 places after an initial cost. (Unless the initial cost was 1g+ I suppose) We already have ways to travel back to our deeds using in-game mechanics. No need for traders to sell them. I also don't agree with those items you mentioned either, but at least they are so expensive they barely get used.
  5. Honey anyone?

    Yeah, I know they shift the honeycomb pattern, but shouldn't the honey already be just as hard inside as it is in a normal hive? That's the part I don't get. It's not like it stays liquid usually or it wouldn't be so difficult the old way either.
  6. Honey anyone?

    STEAL ALL THEIR HONEY! Seems so simple, surprised no one has done it before...there's gotta be some sort of drawback? I saw the honey just flowed out of this one, yet it is usually fairly hardened in 'normal' beehives like the one in the video where they had to scrape off the honey. Anyone know how they get the honey to flow out so pure and liquid compared to normal hives?
  7. Exactly. The whole draw to Wurm is that 'everything is created by the players'.
  8. I'm not asking you to play 'my way'. I'm saying you've bitten off more than you can chew. You can place 2 deeds 10 tiles away from each other. You've clearly picked poor places to place your deeds so they cannot be side by side. You don't even need 2 deeds, just make 1 large one and it gives you the ability to keep more animals. Villagers cannot steal from you unless you let them. (Through permissions etc. If they abuse a glitch somehow, then they've broken the game rules and will be dealt with accordingly) Why not just go and live with someone else at a large deed? That way you can look after all the animals you want without any of the 'boring' stuff? It just sounds like you're making problems for yourself. There are always plenty of people looking for villages or places to live. I live with others as running an entire village by yourself is too time consuming. (And so it should be. You can't expect to be able to run everything yourself in a MMO...others groups of players would dominate huge areas of land etc)
  9. The repetitive tasks are tasks you've created for yourself. There's no reason to build an animal farm so far away from your main deed that you require a teleport there and back. There's no need to maintain anything on a daily basis. You can get some villagers, friends, whatever to help you out if you want less work.