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  1. WTS Valrei Mission Items

    Hello there, I have some mission items for sale. 20c per piece + COD costs (up to 9 items for sale right now). PM Gildi in game, we will sort out the shipping.
  2. WTS Valrei Mission Items

    Sold, please close
  3. Hello, # What happened - I was running around Deliverance harvesting some walnuts when I realized that orange trees are not visible at all. I am using the option to not have pretty trees and this is how the orange tree tile looks like: # What you expected to happen - that those trees are visible as every other type - relogged to be sure that it's not something with my client, but the issue persists. # Steps to reproduce - Just stumbled upon that running around, screenshot above
  4. Valrei International. 079

    Horse movement got a bit broken after the update. Going up or down high slope freezes the game and horses look like they are having a teleporting seizure...
  5. Chaos, Complete 180°

    + start working on pvp at all instead of adding highway systems etc please.
  6. Where is that spam at? And for the other things, well - you don't get a fully functioning game, you get lots of possible exploits that people abuse.
  7. I would say that spamming pointless threads with requests leading nowhere needs to stop. We don't have the time to try reasoning in all of them
  8. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Niki, if you are getting trolled, the easiest idea is to not feed the trolls. If we are going to have a discussion thread, let's keep on going and make people that want to cause drama get bored with it. I asked a few questions - going to sleep soon cause real life and such, but I would love to hear your comments on my previous post.
  9. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Why run or swim away? Why not push the caster or bash him to submission? There are different tactics that can be taken into consideration here. Could you please elaborate on what playing good means? As I have mentioned previously, having to do more really gives us, players, possibility to show some skills instead of having someone targetted and having to waltz around while your group pushes back and forth. I would not bet that much for the fighters or priests. If we are talking offensive spells, no healing, then fighters could pick off the priests one by one. Also, please elaborate on what the core of PvP here is, because I was just thinking about killing the other players character with any possible means as in "Player versus Player"
  10. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    The thing is, you are not going to have a system to promotes small groups. It does not work that way. Unless you have a tactic genius on your side and manage to pull people to your minehops and keep them there, the group with more axes will win. Because the army with more people usually won. A number disadvantage does not mean that your enemies have to tie one hand behind their backs because it's only fair. War is not fair and this the thing we have going between all kingdoms constantly. War. Instead, change your strategy and start heavy recruitment to even out the numbers and get out to the field then.
  11. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Our minds are open. It used to be that you could only cast LoF, no other spells really mattered. Now you can start having some differences, alter your playstyle. Again, nerfing everything to the point it becomes useless and people run with weapons at each other while others try to keep up with healing is just plain boring. PvP should be about people using some skill, having some kind of battle awareness. Nerfing down offensive spells will just take that away. Instead I suggest you get those priests and even out the field. If both groups have them, where is the problem? And don't tell me it would take time. You can sermon out a priest in no time if you have numbers. And everyone knows that TC has those. Or can buy a few 2s alts for sermons fast. I would also suggest you keeping open mind as well because so far you are trying to ridicule every opinion that is different than yours instead of providing valid counterarguments.
  12. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    But we are going to get blocks on friendly spells as well, as in you have to take your shield down while people archer you down in order to get full heals, right?
  13. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Having one priest overpowered or as only preferred option was always horrible. Made only 1 meta, made players play into it or get driven off of server. Right now with different spells having some power, you have options, possibilities to tweak and adjust however you want. This is the beauty of pvp, for once, we don't need to have 20 Sme priests, you can choose a diety and get some interesting combo. Again, I do not see how having some possibility of not getting the right resistances, some uncertainty is bad. It adds some spice to the game and make people use different priest to cast this as well as different skill to make this stuff. In the past it was "get plate armor, a maul and get going". Now it's "get whatever the hell you want and juggle those weapons depending on who stands in front of you" Exactly, it happens on both sides. Some people will always be for changes whereas others will try to bash them or bend them to their will instead of letting the game play out. Those changes are not being proposed after the live game went on for long, first requests to change were after the 1st fight certain group lost.
  14. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    1. Right now it's not about priests buffing up - the most buffs you are getting is from tomes, which are not connected to priesthood at all. 2. Chances are equal - I Bob wants to cast a spell, he has to stand there 5-10 seconds while Tom can try to attack him however he wants because Bob is NOT attacking during the cast. He is not doing anything and if he fails to channel the spell, gets interrupted or even moves a little bit, he will loose this casting time with no possibility to recover it 3. With what accounts go into pvp right now, it does not matter what stats you have - they are already high and noone will be making a priest and trying to grind him up. It is usually people who are pvp ready and want to have another advantage on their side who priest up. This whole discussion is more of a "we made poor choices during the preparation time for this upcoming update and want to have them rolled back" other than really wanting to have good impactfull changes into the game. And I will state it once again - priests were, are and will be an obvious advantage to the group that has them. Be it in the old days, when Fo and Sme priests could spam LoF and heal up people from near death or having someone with pillars that can get someone into hurting status and let you chase them down easier if your enemy is just running away the moment you get close.
  15. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    The thing is, that there is already such thing - resistances. If they all nuke you with one spell, only the first will be powerfull. "Full loot" - every fight is a res stone lottery, so we are not talking about a full loot game. The game by design gave people means of defending their items from others. Not going to discuss this as it is tied to people just having to spend more money to gain advantage in the game and could be a separate topic. Yeah, in a fight when someone casts, they get targetted so that they have to move or if you hit them, get them interrupted in their casting.
  16. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    Also another point I forgot, Finnn - if you are not a priest, you have to go through a long way to get pvp ready. Get full Sotg, get weapon and fight skills, get decent body stats so that you don't drop in two hits when someone who has played the game for year targets you with a adamantine huge axe with 10k bt they were able to grind up 1000 times. Instead, come, priest up, pray/sermon up your faith while training fight and weapon skills and be useful during fight due to being able to heal or cast spells at a distance while not having to stop old player huge axes with your face. How does it sound if I put it this way instead of saying how bad priests are. Doesn't that sound good for a player who is new to pvp?
  17. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    The thing is that you don't suck dps-wise. When someone is casting, it's not instant - you have time to run or get up close and personal and not get attacked during the timer. And if you get close, you can smash priest while he can do nothing if he/she wants to finish the cast. Moreover, priest will not punch back during the cast, so for the time of casting, they are a harmless, sitting duck that needs to be protected in order to do anything. And if having priests in pvp would be bad, Wurm would be such melee combat oriented, let's just make Vynora priests, put all enchants on her and remove others because battle priests would become obsolete.
  18. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    So yeah, someone casts a fire pillar under my feet, so I put a shield under my butt and ride on it until the spell disappears? Or throws a magic missle at me, so I will block it with my shield and shrug it off? There is one important word in the abovementioned situation - MAGIC. It is supposed to hurt, it is not even supposed to be fair because people are throwing magic at you. I'm not a priest, run in leather and I have a blast still while pvping. Last fight after the WL artifact charge I saw a few people getting killed in the back. I could not cast anything, so I did second best thing - went into there trying to kill off horses hoping that my group will get back here in time to either save me or kill the remaining TC there. Still worked in a way, bought a minute there. If I were a priest, I would still die, because I do not become a demigod when I can cast a pillar or a heal. The talk of priesthood being forced upon people for pvp was there for years, so it's not a valid point. It stopped being valid a long time ago with people juggling accounts all the time and having an alt for each of the skills available in this game (I ran, run and will run only 1 char, won't be throwing more with the monopoly money my country has). And how do you counter a priest you find while roaming? Dehorse the mother%(^@!$ and bash his face in, that's how. If you think you won't be able to do it, just run, he won't teleport to you. For me this sentence is a counter to what you are saying about the need for nerfing. Played LoL a few years ago and the ongoing theme to just nerf everyone just because this character is OP, we nerf it, then another is higher than the others etc. made this game into snowball throwing contest. Noone really felt powerful and you were left with a bunch of different abilities that did close to nothing.
  19. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    F Always in our hearts
  20. Random Enkounters

    It's not fair at all if your hellhorse cannot fly and you are being chased by someone who has mask nailed to their face. Totally unfair...
  21. Valrei International 013

    "Note to self: don't feed unicorns with gauntlets."
  22. Hello I encountered a bug while surface mining which caused me to loose faith and depriest in the end. I was having a pickaxe activated while standing on rock tiles and by accident I pressed the keybind for digging several times, which I have mapped right next to the mining key bind. After a few attempts of doing so I received a message "[18:21:41] Smeagain no longer accepts you as a priest!" which means that the game was counting those attemts as normal digging even without the technical possibility to do so.