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  1. "Note to self: don't feed unicorns with gauntlets."
  2. Unfortunately, I priested up like one day before that, so yeah, yay me. Update: It came out that I had faithful off but the thing is that apparently it seems that the faith check for priests comes before the check if you can actually perform that action in the code and that can cause the faith loss even when one is using a pickaxe and accidentally tries to use a dig keybind
  3. Yeah, but that still doesn't change the fact that pressing the wrong keybind shouldn't cause faith loss if someone doesn't even have a shovel in their inventory
  4. Hello I encountered a bug while surface mining which caused me to loose faith and depriest in the end. I was having a pickaxe activated while standing on rock tiles and by accident I pressed the keybind for digging several times, which I have mapped right next to the mining key bind. After a few attempts of doing so I received a message "[18:21:41] Smeagain no longer accepts you as a priest!" which means that the game was counting those attemts as normal digging even without the technical possibility to do so.
  5. +1 it's a must have
  6. +1, a little bit of customization would be nice
  7. +1, that would be great
  8. -1, Seriously, people are given a decision where they want to play, so they decide at the start. They are even willing to pay to be able to use all of the features (or they waste a chunk of their life making bricks to get silver) and loosing any part of this money and/or time is ridicolous. When I first saw this game I called it 'the definition of grindfest' and now someone wants to force me to throw a huge part of my 'grind' away because they want to delete Epic? And I am talking about both skills and items, you cannot take everything with you, you cannot transfer your home/deed with you, so you will be forced to start over and over again. Moreover, we don't if the next step of "fixing pvp" will not be wiping chaos after new ppl create their deeds in there, just because someone feels like this is a way to refresh the pvp.