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  1. Then of course you shouldn't really bring this up as an argument really - there used to be a full cluster for pvp which died and people demand any information, not miracously having it fixed within a month. Really? Pretty much everyone I know that was concerned with epic and PVP in general was doing so while working their asses off on Chaos to get some fun out of this game before they go insane. Then you could get hired by Ubisoft or another publisher making half assed DLC moneygrabs. The mob that screams the most is the bigger one and it's the PVE one. This is why the focus is on providing more content and keeping them involved + spending more silver coins on the deeds. Just because if the mechanics were there, PVP would run itself and would generate cash for the game makers anyway. And this was the mob that didn't even want epic players among them, just because they were afraid that it would ruin their precious (already dying anyway) economy. Also consider this: next time you sell 100k dirt to random char that has 1 month of playtime, remember that it might be a pvp player just using an alt so that noone notices that he is bringing it to build yet another money sink of a deed on chaos, thus keeping the freedom economy alive. This cluster cannot really function without it having a PVP outlet that will keep buying stuff. You mean buy you gear? I don't see how people who invested years upon years into epic can get knarrs full of rare gear back on freedom just like that. And for me? Even though I lost most of my gear on Epic due to decay already as I was forced to move, I would reprem and get back there if the cluster was to be alive again. Not with deed chess, not alive for half a year. Like really getting back on track and being this beautiful mess it used to be.
  2. Soooo, don't tell me later you didn't ask. This is one of the most frustrating things. Years ago, when I started playing Epic, I thought that I will never join a PVE cluster, because why should I? Everything I needed was there. However, due to lack of focus on pvp, communication (people are sometimes still joking about the bridge update, so what? It has been implemented, it works for the most part, but at least people knew what to prepare for), and (in my opinion) ability to gain new players, the Epic cluster went stagnant. Of course, if you keep playing against the same people, you will get tired, especially when deed warfare began over hota area. PVP Focus: When I came back, I was forced to join freedom and then chaos due to lack of any activity on Epic. And what happened now? Deed warfare. Of course Chaos is a great money sink, but I felt for many years that the PVE mechanics are taking over PVP game, which renders PVP useless. My first encounter with PVE mechanics was when during a raid on enemy deed, we realized that you cannot attack or get some of the enemy hell horses, just because they are branded. We had to resort to using aoe spells just to kill then and have them stop attacking us at all times without us being able to retaliate. Then of course comes the deed wars - you need to drop deeds every time you can or else your enemy will bash 1 tower, unlink stuff and put a deed in the middle of your area. Of course, you can raid them, but if you don't have 20 people at hand that can constantly sit there and grief the deed, it's not going down. I am fully aware, that the deeds are a way of game earning money, however, it becomes ridicolous that the group with bigger wallets can just do whatever simply because they can afford getting more materials and deeding over bigger area while others cannot really do much about it. This was the thing that made me quit now and I just wish the premium expiry notices came in less often because I'm not reading that stuff unless I hear the game picks up the pace and it becomes relevant again (+ it's annoying to get mail about the cash you wasted for last 2 months of prem). Communication: In my opinion it would be better to even talk about points of the game that you cannot really change in the nearest future and talking to the community. Currently, there is a plague of early access games. I followed a lot of them and came to 1 conclusion: the ones that were successfull (of course, they first need to be legit, not frauds just collecting cash on kickstarter) were as close to their communities as possible. They were releasing update after an update, even making polls or asking people how do they think mechanics could work. This way, devs were getting another point of view allowing to rethink their implementation and the community felt involved in the game creation. Of course, this would be a hard process here, because the community is already fed up with everything and toxic in many ways (I've been barely cheking out forums because of that), but as Sindusk said - keeping everyone at bay will just kill the rest of the people that feel involved to the game or just cannot bring themselves to sell out everything they worked on for the last years. Good luck running your servers with noone buying silver then. Secondly, when people were screaming that we need to do something with pvp, there were even some talks about the current state that didn't get us anywhere. However, fully admitting that there is a problem with PVP led us to: Highway system, new archeology skill, head bob (that was a funny thing, being in voice comms of discord and hear people logging in to "WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION AND HOW DO I TURN THIS OFF"). This was all while saying that PVP is still important and relevant. How would you, random citizen feel if they do this to what you are interested in? Gaining players: If you don't start getting fresh blood into the game and advertise, it will just stay the same bloody mess it is today. The playerbase will keep declining until you will have to decide on closing a server or two and it will only be downhill from there. Both the ingame economy and pvp suffer tremendously from lack of new players - noone is really buying stuff anymore because they have alts for this and as I said above - if you don't have any new faces to fight against (just same people buying new accounts for the zerg), you will sooner or later just give this game a 10 year break to never be back again. And of course the same bunch of people sitting in the game means the same bunch sitting on the forums, trolling, bashing staff and creating numerous accounts just for that, so at least you can show that there is influx of new players in the game/forums. Congratulations if you managed to get here, I haven't had the strength to read this through after I wrote it
  3. Hello there, I have some mission items for sale. 20c per piece + COD costs (up to 9 items for sale right now). PM Gildi in game, we will sort out the shipping.
  4. Horse movement got a bit broken after the update. Going up or down high slope freezes the game and horses look like they are having a teleporting seizure...
  5. + start working on pvp at all instead of adding highway systems etc please.
  6. Where is that spam at? And for the other things, well - you don't get a fully functioning game, you get lots of possible exploits that people abuse.
  7. I would say that spamming pointless threads with requests leading nowhere needs to stop. We don't have the time to try reasoning in all of them
  8. Niki, if you are getting trolled, the easiest idea is to not feed the trolls. If we are going to have a discussion thread, let's keep on going and make people that want to cause drama get bored with it. I asked a few questions - going to sleep soon cause real life and such, but I would love to hear your comments on my previous post.
  9. Why run or swim away? Why not push the caster or bash him to submission? There are different tactics that can be taken into consideration here. Could you please elaborate on what playing good means? As I have mentioned previously, having to do more really gives us, players, possibility to show some skills instead of having someone targetted and having to waltz around while your group pushes back and forth. I would not bet that much for the fighters or priests. If we are talking offensive spells, no healing, then fighters could pick off the priests one by one. Also, please elaborate on what the core of PvP here is, because I was just thinking about killing the other players character with any possible means as in "Player versus Player"
  10. The thing is, you are not going to have a system to promotes small groups. It does not work that way. Unless you have a tactic genius on your side and manage to pull people to your minehops and keep them there, the group with more axes will win. Because the army with more people usually won. A number disadvantage does not mean that your enemies have to tie one hand behind their backs because it's only fair. War is not fair and this the thing we have going between all kingdoms constantly. War. Instead, change your strategy and start heavy recruitment to even out the numbers and get out to the field then.
  11. Our minds are open. It used to be that you could only cast LoF, no other spells really mattered. Now you can start having some differences, alter your playstyle. Again, nerfing everything to the point it becomes useless and people run with weapons at each other while others try to keep up with healing is just plain boring. PvP should be about people using some skill, having some kind of battle awareness. Nerfing down offensive spells will just take that away. Instead I suggest you get those priests and even out the field. If both groups have them, where is the problem? And don't tell me it would take time. You can sermon out a priest in no time if you have numbers. And everyone knows that TC has those. Or can buy a few 2s alts for sermons fast. I would also suggest you keeping open mind as well because so far you are trying to ridicule every opinion that is different than yours instead of providing valid counterarguments.
  12. But we are going to get blocks on friendly spells as well, as in you have to take your shield down while people archer you down in order to get full heals, right?