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  1. Done, thank you!
  2. Hey CopalHeart! Welcome to Wurm! There is no place this is written at the moment. I will add that to the guidelines soon, thanks for pointing this out! The meditation questions are on the wiki in spoiler tags on a separate page, so that is okay. Other than that, we are not posting recipes as it is still fairly new and we want to allow players to discover this for themselves, at least for the time being. As far as I can think of, I believe that is all we are avoiding, other than the different mechanics of Wurm Online vs Wurm Unlimited, which is not on the wiki. Another thing I will add is that the ingame help pages are not being updated for now, since the system for how the client will access the wiki will be changing in a near-future update. Thanks for your question We always need more help with the wiki, so anything you have to contribute will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Ok the cake is not a lye, but it is a lie. I made me some delicious plain sponge cake and sliced it up cause why not. So I ate it and it gave me no temp affinity Baked a new plain sponge cake, left it unsliced, and it gave me an affinity. Intended? Unintended? It's a lie. TLDR slice of plain sponge cake - no affinity plain sponge cake - affinity
  4. Please provide some information so we can add this. Images? Creation? Usage? Examine message? Anything? Otherwise this comment doesn't help us improve the wiki.
  5. Thanks!! It's been updated to that now.
  6. 6.5
  7. The ingame help pages are out of date, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. With the new GUI under development, the Wurmpedia will be integrated in a more usable way, and will leave these pages unnecessary and unused. For this reason, we are not going to be focusing our efforts on updating them all to reflect the main pages, so please be aware of this when editing or viewing them with the ingame wiki search. With the low numbers we have actively helping to maintain the wiki, it would simply take too much time to update the pages, and we would likely be nowhere near done by the time they become obsolete. The namespaces that are used for the ingame wiki include: Astrology Creature Item Religion Skills Structure Terrain Wound
  8. Great, thanks! Are you able to check the examine text on those?
  9. Those are great, thanks! Awesome.
  10. We are missing a few of the new fence images (and their articles) Pottery iron fence gate Rounded stone fence Rounded stone iron fence Rounded stone iron fence gate Rendered stone fence Rendered iron fence Rendered iron fence gate If you have any of these, please share some images and we can plop these pages up and upload the images. Thanks!
  11. The Wurmpedia is going to be better integrated into the Wurm client with the new GUI, which is why the information in the "Find on wurmpedia" has not been as updated. The Wurmpedia itself is mostly up-to-date now, and has been under major work to ensure older pages have been corrected. With the GUI update, this will no longer be an issue.
  12. Haha was just going to link them for you. There is also a doors page These are missing the newest ones though. All the new masonry types can be added to the Stone house page. I have moved Stone house to Masonry house it could definitely be reworked to include all the new types as well. Great ideas guys!!
  13. There was a DNS issue at that time, which was affecting transactions as well. Should be fixed now.
  14. satire

    I vote for Firestarter, sorry Keenan. He does not let us yell in Wurmpedia IRC channel.