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  1. This is a myth that players have been spreading for a while that is not the case. Staff that were handling the wiki over 6 years ago had removed the ability to register for a wiki account. For over 4 years now, players who were not brand new to the game were allowed to request an account be created. Then approximately 2 years ago, the restriction was removed so anyone may request an account. The wiki itself was not up to date due to shuffling web developers not having the resources or time to be able to update this in the back end, but there has always been a form to request an account be created for you here: Settlement and Player pages are only created by settlement and player owners. If a player doesn't want to put their settlement on the wiki, that is their choice. No editor or staff member will modify a player, settlement or user page without express consent from the owner (exceptions apply such as vandalism, broken links, formatting changes, or other discretion of Wurmpedia Staff). As such, these namespaces do not serve as up to date or accurate information but more of a forum for people to advertise or describe their villages. Anything on the Main namespace (that is, an article that does not have a prefix + a colon before the title) is maintained, verified, and updated by players and staff.
  2. 10s, 5s, 5s -- Sent! Thanks -- Sent! Thanks Sent ! Thanks!
  3. We may shrink the deed and keep some stuff, declutter the valuables and start kinda sorta fresh. We are massive hoarders and have hoarded all our stuff for like 6 years LOL
  4. I guess it's not so much a moving sale as an attempt to get a bit of cash back before RMT is disallowed, the deed is too large for us as we aren't as active as we once were, as beautiful as it is I can't justify the 15s a month haha
  5. Moving Sale - Everything must go! Check out the items listed below, or pop by MOP at S22 Pristine to see what you like. Mailable items will be mailed, non mailable items must be picked up. Below find (most) of the items that we have stored in our 3x3 Vault HOTA Statues Wagons Unique Items Rare Furniture Non-Rare Furniture Skulls Rare Tools Enchanted Tools Rare Weapons Enchanted Weapons Horse Equipment Rare or Moon Metals Jewellery Rare Clothes Potions Dragon Flesh SLEEP POWDER - 50 AVAILABLE (sold ppu) Shoulder Pads
  6. Welcome back Zachariah! There have been a lot of changes while you were away. Projects are done by and led by Wurmpedia Assistants. We have been working on an internal system to organize these projects, and the forums are not used as a means to move projects along unless assistants request help from editors (which is usually done within our Discord server) We don't keep history on the main namespace, as may have been the case many years ago. Articles contain current information only. The Fine fishing rod was removed from the game some time ago. Items removed from the game are moved to the Historical namespace, seen here: You can consult the Wurmpedia editor's handbook here for more information on namespaces and how to edit the wiki Please also familiarize yourself with the Wurmpedia guidelines before editing. You can find them here. If you have any more concerns, feel free to consult a Wurmpedia Assistant, myself, or Wolfey for assistance!
  7. This would be beyond the scope of the main namespace (especially since I could see this turning into a place to advertise one's events) but anyone is free to write about past events in the Lore: namespace!
  8. This would be great for the wiki! We will definitely work on adding one Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. The Table of spells page is all up to date, and has been triple checked by the Wurmpedia team to be sure it is. If you would like to edit the wiki, you can fill out this form and we can set you up with an account: Thanks!