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  1. The Wurmpedia doesn't have bugs listed on it - bugs need to be posted on the forums for developers to review and identify as intended or to repair when they can identify the issue and fix the problem. In this case, it has already been reported in the appropriate forum. If staff responds to a bug report informing that it is not a bug but is an intended feature, it may then be put on the Wurmpedia. Thank you for your report, though!
  2. Bring Back Heirlooms Section of the Wiki

    There were pages removed that were full of broken links, abandoned, or had no real place on the wiki at all. However, most pages were moved to Lore, Historical, Guides etc. namespaces that were created to clear them off of the main namespace. Go under advanced search to find those articles. The Main namespace is reserved for current accurate information about Wurm Online, not for player history and stories. They shouldn't belong on the Wurmpedia at all, but we created namespaces to separate them so players could keep their stories.
  3. Fixed, thanks!!
  4. Stone Fence has some odd collision as well:
  5. Wall Items

    +1 lamps too!
  6. for future reference
  7. The dye page states it needs 65.000kg, meaning 65 kg and no more. I believe I have heard dying a colossus is bugged atm, so you may post a bug report in the appropriate section of the forums if there is no current bug listed for it. I am not a dev so I can't change what the game has. This is correct. The dye page says, and links to, Colossus, not any of the "colossos of fo" -- no notes here saying it is dyeable, and it was not on the list I got from devs of which items are dyeable, so it is not available to be dyed. Hope this helps.
  8. Images Needed

    The following need new images. Please post some images here and Assistants or I can upload them and link them up. Note: Feel free to take images from Wurm Unlimited or Deed Planner if not from Wurm Online. Thanks in advance for your help! Providing ImagesYou may also post screenshots that are needed to this thread for an Assistant+ to format and upload onto the wiki. Your images should not have any mouse-over (blue outline) in them, should be well-lit and not too dark, and taken against an appropriate background. When taking a screenshot, the item should be alone in the frame. Try to use a contrasting background that isn't too busy, such as marble or stone slab or even wood flooring if the item is lighter in color. Please ensure that your game settings are set as high as possible for textures and anti-aliasing. You may post full screenshots here for an Assistant+ to format, or follow the guidelines below. Item and Creature image guidelinesFirst ensure that your game settings are such that texture quality is set to maximum before taking a screenshot. When editing the screenshot, the resulting image should be of decent resolution, having a ratio no greater than 1.6, and cropped so that only the subject appears centered in the frame. They should be well-lit as to not be too dark and set against a background that helps visibility, and should not contain a mouse-over hover. The image should be compressed as a Jpeg (JPG) to reduce file size, but still maintain a high degree of image quality. -------------------------- Images Needed:
  9. Slate/Marble "wall" veins

    There is much inconsistency with cave vein/wall names! Silver vein, Sandstone, Slate wall ... The problem is, a slate vein and a slate house wall are both called "Slate wall", which makes the wiki a bit messy. They should be consistent anyway, for consistency's sake. Can they all be veins? Silver vein, sandstone vein.. or even just silver, sandstone.. something consistent! Hoping this can be changed before I flip the wiki upside down, haha!
  10. Merchant receipt for sold items

    Not related to my post. The main point was to find out what was sold.
  11. I have a merchant where I sell items for myself and players in my village, then give them the money if their items sell.. But the only way to know is if I take a screenshot and compare it every time I have money in the merchant. I think it would be nice to either be able to see a list of items that are sold (including the rename text if possible, or just the item name, enchants, ql, etc) from the merchant contract, or even a little item in the merchant (like a little paper with the info and selling price, after merchant cut). Would help solve the mystery of what was sold for those who don't have a mixture like this.
  12. Market Stall movable

  13. Seryll lumps get eaten by crate

    I have a seryll lump that gets its weight halved each time it is pulled out of a large crate. Same with BSB
  14. Sand wood to prep for dye

    So now with the great wood colours, dyes are a bit different than they may have been, and will kinda blend in... So what if we had a sander (or used metal brush or something) to prep something for dye. It could maybe make a wood colour 50% whiter/look kind of faded, which will make your dyes show up a little stronger. Or could even sand the wood and leave it for a faded look? I dunno but could be cool.