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  1. [Done] Still

    Closed the topic as the edit is not needed/valid. Thanks!
  2. Dye amount for Large Cart

    If that was on the Large cart page, it's been fixed, otherwise please link the page you saw that on
  3. Added this note, thanks!
  4. Paint wood instead of fabric

    I think they just got mixed up when making different sections dyeable, like bed sheets and the wood of a bed. Anything I noticed that has only the fabric dyeable says "paint wood"
  5. Paint wood instead of fabric

    I have a "flag" that says Paint wood when it should say flag or fabric
  6. Close please

    I can help you on Pristine - pm me in game or forums
  7. Achievement Update: Clumsy

    Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online don't always line up the same - you can't always trust the WU code to tell you WO mechanics
  8. [DONE] Irc commands not working.

    Thanks Moogien! I'm going to redo that page now. Even the first line is misleading - just typing 'irc' signs into the server and #wurm, so the rest is not necessary! Thanks for the info!
  9. Images Needed

    Pretty sure Campfires don't look like this anymore:
  10. Datamining The Next WO God

    Fill out the form here - and select editor account
  11. Unique Items page (GM-Created)

    Come to think of it, are there any of these limited items that are only from those events anymore? Many (or all?) masks can be acquired from archaeology, and many other gifts given out were made of different metals (for example, I got a tin shovel before) - these can now be created. I'm not sure there are many items that would be exclusive for an article like this.
  12. Unique Items page (GM-Created)

    That would be great! The only thing is it may be hard to document the things that were given in the past, but I'd love to see a page for that on the wiki. Great idea! I can get a page set up for it today, then hopefully we can get players to contribute what they remember.
  13. Datamining The Next WO God

    Our wiki staff work very hard every single day, and they are volunteer staff. No one is on vacation. If you have information to contribute, there are many different ways set up for you to do so, including forums, IRC, and discord. You can also register for an editor account here. Players edit the wiki, and players contribute to the wiki. Staff is here mostly to check edits and to assist editors, but unfortunately many players choose not to help, but instead post wishing others would. Wurm Online is a small community, and help is always appreciated. Fun Fact: The Wurmpedia has over 2800 articles, and 9 volunteer staff members. With the low amount of help from players these days, our Wurmpedia Assistant staff has been taking on all the edits and research, all while helping the few editors we get to learn how to edit. They deserve much more praise than they get!
  14. The Wurmpedia doesn't have bugs listed on it - bugs need to be posted on the forums for developers to review and identify as intended or to repair when they can identify the issue and fix the problem. In this case, it has already been reported in the appropriate forum. If staff responds to a bug report informing that it is not a bug but is an intended feature, it may then be put on the Wurmpedia. Thank you for your report, though!