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  1. This would be beyond the scope of the main namespace (especially since I could see this turning into a place to advertise one's events) but anyone is free to write about past events in the Lore: namespace!
  2. This would be great for the wiki! We will definitely work on adding one Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. The Table of spells page is all up to date, and has been triple checked by the Wurmpedia team to be sure it is. If you would like to edit the wiki, you can fill out this form and we can set you up with an account: Thanks!
  4. Thank you, we have been working on it - we didn't get much notice before the system was released as we have gotten in the past, so we haven't gotten it updated as quickly as we would like. We also don't have as many active editors as we would like to have, especially when it comes to big tasks like this. It may take some time, but we are working on it.
  5. Can you let us know what info you see that is incorrect?
  6. Closed the topic as the edit is not needed/valid. Thanks!
  7. If that was on the Large cart page, it's been fixed, otherwise please link the page you saw that on
  8. I think they just got mixed up when making different sections dyeable, like bed sheets and the wood of a bed. Anything I noticed that has only the fabric dyeable says "paint wood"
  9. I have a "flag" that says Paint wood when it should say flag or fabric
  10. Close please

    I can help you on Pristine - pm me in game or forums
  11. Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online don't always line up the same - you can't always trust the WU code to tell you WO mechanics
  12. Thanks Moogien! I'm going to redo that page now. Even the first line is misleading - just typing 'irc' signs into the server and #wurm, so the rest is not necessary! Thanks for the info!