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  1. Truth be told tho there were no black people in midevil europe sorry
  2. Crowfall

    So many kickstarters that dont make it far, its risky.
  3. I don't play the game can I still post online
  4. what cluster is more important? If devs had to remove all cluaters but one which would it be? Which cluster deserves more developer time? Say why bellow
  5. If anyone else thinks of something missing I'll add at just ask
  6. There is a house in epiccc They calll the rising sunnnn Its been the ruin of many a poor noob And gary, I know, I'm one
  7. "Living a secretive life of sex and romance" What the does this have to do with vampires
  8. So jk mr and hots fought each other. Hots raided jkh and jkhians cried. Hots drank the tears. Noobs still rage at the thought of gbelcik. Shankiest built a secret tunnel through jkh and used it to attack the noobs. Cobb and haydn married each other in dragonfire cathedral. Then tonygreen became king of mr and gave himself all the kingdom titles and solod all the other kingdoms. Then wossoo killed the red dragon by throwing a thistle branch at it. And posteh led a jk army to destroy the white light altar because mr champions too stronk. Then bl became too stronk so mr and jk allied. Also nosfirebird used a tamed pig bug to cause the pig to attack people so they gained hunted status. A tragic love story: cornchips and arowhun. Also zombify domed the kyklops on jkh and led it to strongbox cause he was angry at the noobs that made a mess of the place. Meanwhile shankiest turns to jk and makes everyone a tk follower. Also bashur declared war on jkh and lost The end
  9. The site tried downloading maleware on my computer nothanks
  10. Put onions around the edges it scares animals away
  11. Instead of current terrain system it could be made out of blocks