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  1. Do the account holders of the player gods get their accounts back?
  2. So....question, where is all this lore that's so important? I've never run into in-game anywhere.
  3. Just a few minor issues to throw out there: Toolbelt slots are shared between Jackal and freedom. After I finally made a worthwhile one over there I reset my normal tools and came back to Xanadu with empty toolbelts. Presumably this would also apply to hotkeys and skill trackers. I know there's ways in the client to toggle different sets but I had no reason to think I would have to save old copies. Titles. I accidentally completed some journal segments on jackal. Didn't think much of it at the time, just some extra sleep bonus, but upon returning to Xanadu, I don't have that title now even though it shows the journal segment completed. Both of these issues are exacerbated by the extended stay on jackal because transport time back to the lodestone. If I had been able to return more normally some of this would have been caught earlier.... I really think Freedom Beacons should be able to take you back, it being in the name and all. Jackal Lodestone > Jackal and Freedom Beacon > Freedom.
  4. How do I access the new low memory client? Currently running linux, executing the linux download installs the regular version of the client at version 4.1.67 but gives no option for the low memory client. Clearing my cache and trying the jnlp from before http://wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_lowmem.jnlp gives me the 4.0.94 version of the launcher. The downloads page does not mention a new low memory client anywhere that I can see.
  5. Please add Rolando, Nahjo, for Fo's Holy Crop 88 Channeling
  6. I was praying to Nahjo....maybe I need to take up the free respec.
  7. I haven't seen any comment on this anywhere so I thought I'd ask here, what is the purpose of this change? The in game wiki is....was....awesome, you could quickly check a small fact without having to tab out or launch any external programs. Is there any way to bring it back? Some obscure settings I'm not seeing?
  8. So did this get lost in the mail? Should I send it somewhere else? I ask cause 100 Restoration title got put in even though it happened a full month later.
  9. So I recently achieved 100 Forestry and wanted to suggest a title for it: Lorax https://imgur.com/a/UD4RRQF I started recording my harvests at 99.509 skill. From there to 100 required 540,259 fruit, with the last tick requiring 38,531 by itself. All with sleep bonus and an affinity meal.
  10. I am confused. Several times there have been references to 'abusing' LT with no further details. I've seen similar sentiments in other major changes in the past. Obviously there's a major difference between how the devs and players see certain issues, but we never actually get the devs side of the issue so we're left arguing with each other on one hand and a blank wall where the devs would normally be. How is it ever possible to abuse LT? Is it doing something that wasn't intended somehow? I only do pve myself so I can't speak for pvp, but all LT has ever done for me is save me the 10 minutes of having to run away and heal repeatedly. Edit: MrGary posted while I was typing....If this is the actual concern I can easily see LT being effected by the healing debuff but there's no reason for LT to block actual direct healing by adding to the debuff.
  11. Gold achievement Crocodile Dundee popped up. Checking my achievements window it says 200 next to Crocodiles killed. Wiki just says a large number.
  12. Will wood types get a similar update to the metals?
  13. Got with Killroth long enough to catseye across the bridge and put up a waystone. Hadn't considered paving the bridge before. Did some testing and can still pave after it's catseyed. Will have to think about it.
  14. When picking sprout from hops trellis, I get hops seedlings. But when picking from rose or grape trellis it gives me the sprout instead of the seedling. I do not currently have any ivy trellis to test those. Less importantly, the keybinds for prune and pick sprout don't work with trellis.