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  1. Achievement Reports - For The Wiki

    Gold achievement Crocodile Dundee popped up. Checking my achievements window it says 200 next to Crocodiles killed. Wiki just says a large number.
  2. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    Will wood types get a similar update to the metals?
  3. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Got with Killroth long enough to catseye across the bridge and put up a waystone. Hadn't considered paving the bridge before. Did some testing and can still pave after it's catseyed. Will have to think about it.
  4. When picking sprout from hops trellis, I get hops seedlings. But when picking from rose or grape trellis it gives me the sprout instead of the seedling. I do not currently have any ivy trellis to test those. Less importantly, the keybinds for prune and pick sprout don't work with trellis.
  5. While collecting lingonberries, I had been automatically hitting my collect sprout hotkey while harvesting from habit, and to my surprise my inventory had a couple. Presumably they still have the sprouting age category and just don't display? The sprout cannot be planted on tundra, but if you plant it on a grass tile it instantly turns it into tundra. Edit: I've gotten sprouts from age categories mature, old, and very old so far.
  6. Game Constantly Freezes for 1 sec

    I started getting that after the cooking update intermittently. Doesn't seem to happen as much in the new clients, but I've had it happen a couple of times. And yes, 64 bit java. Happens on both the stable client and the low memory client.
  7. That does resolve it, thank you.
  8. When I started running multiple accounts I went through and turned everything off....just because mainly. I should look into what is safe to turn back on, but it's more fun to play than to get lost in the forums. Turning GLSL back on fixes the hair colours, and presumably any other colour issues I hadn't run into yet, but did not fix the crash bug when set to Core or Extension. The good news is I can see the rare glow again after years without it....just not on any items that I happen to be wearing.
  9. Logging in, all my toons were showing with white hair to each other. Trying to check through the character window, the paper doll comes up fine, but when I click show player it instantly crashes. Crash Log
  10. Tending my little fruit orchards on Xanadu, and I noticed some of my raspberry bushes show as harvestable. 3 out of 49 show [20:00:56] You see an old Raspberry bush. The bush has some juicy raspberries. When I attempted to harvest one, I got yield as expected but on examining it didn't show the message as 'all the raspberries have been picked' Logging out for /lotime doesn't affect it. I have 2 still showing as harvestable near the deed Haven Heights if it's useful to examine them in game.
  11. Gardening Nerf?

    I think this issue keeps getting glossed over and I don't see it being addressed by Retrograde or Keenan. If they want to make the argument that this was a needful change....well I don't really have a dog in that hunt, but the issue of timing and communication is always crucial. 42 may not be that long amount of time in the scheme of things, but a lot of things can happen in that time. Losing an entire season because of a completely avoidable decision handed down from on high is a pretty big deal. I have somewhere between 40-50 trellis I made over time as people in my alliance gave them to me, mostly because I generally enjoy the Nature based skills. If you want to say that amount is abusing something...then you should have communicated earlier that it was an issue. Ultimately, my main reason of concern is the other recent addition, the Almanac. I wanted to make a gift of a complete almanac to the members of my alliance and had been collecting enough reports to do so, even to the point of hiring priests to wild grown enough raspberry and blueberry bushes. Now I'm going to be short of Hops reports and have to either give the whole thing up or give out incomplete gifts. Thanks?
  12. Patch Notes 18/MAY/17

    The /almanac command doesn't work if the almanac is in any kind of sub container, even just in an inventory group.
  13. Stack Moving Error

    When moving a stack of crops in my inventory to a satchel, seemingly at the same tick as harvesting a tile to increase the stack, I got the error message: [22:05:37] No item found with id 5132674964393730 I tried a few times to reproduce it without any success, so it's not a huge issue obviously, but I know this issue pops up seemingly randomly. Using client 3.99zj if that matters.
  14. Throwing in my 2 cents from a similar bug. When a sub-recipe is created it doesn't seem to have the identity of the player. So if you don't move to to your inventory, such as by transferring directly to a barrel on the ground, it may not get tagged.
  15. Sub-Recipes No Ownership Set

    When cooking Steak and Fries I had the unusual behaviour of producing primarily 20ql meals despite using 60ql steak, 99ql fries in an 80ql frying pan in a 60ql oven with my 94 HFC skill. After some back in forth in the CA Help channel we determined that my specific method of cooking it caused it. I would put the filets and raw fries in the pan, then drag the steak and cooked fries into the oven to keep warm while I cooked the next batch of sub-ingredients. Since these items had never been in my inventory, when I later drag them into the pan they don't have my identity on them, so won't use my HFC skill. I can of course avoid this by dragging them to my inventory at any point, but I wonder if this is intended behaviour.