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  1. Getting the inbreeding warning on unrelated hell horses. Both sets of parents are dead so neither displays them in inspect but I keep records and know they're not. Presumably whatever check doesn't know what to do with unlisted parents, no wonder I've been getting such bad foals.
  2. Honestly? No, you're really not. It's not really your fault since you're only allowed to pass on what little you're getting from above, but there's no actual information being transmitted. Considering how detailed some of the testing abilities for normal players are on the test server the fact that no effort was made to test animal breeding is laughable. Even just allowing spawning of animals with random traits (and gender), while frustrating would massively contribute to testing different aspects of it, many aspects that wouldn't be tested normally even. If the pride of whomever dumped this massive load on us wasn't clearly so tied to it, I would be demanding a rollback on the whole patch. Clearly nothing was tested sufficiently, if at all. While we've gotten used to beta testing because of the team's sheer laziness, nobody is willing to pay you to do your alpha testing.
  3. Turns out, that it was up on the test server. Nobody thought it was important enough to mention. I'm not clear on how long it was up, probably not long enough to test the breeding itself. Funnily enough some issues on the live release aren't on the test server when I tried to confirm it being up. A few are fixed now with this latest patch but the whole thing is pretty silly at this point.
  4. I guess we were all expecting some communication about the issue, but in retrospect that was ridiculous of us. Of course since the most important part of the patch was breeding it needed to have been open 10 days or more beforehand for people to test gestation.
  5. So it looks like the test server is up right now with at least some of the recent update, and oddly enough some of the bugs in the live aren't in the test client. No telling how long it's been up or when it had the horse update added, maybe long enough for us to have done some breeding?
  6. Wait wait wait. All of us were begging to be allowed to test this, and the whole time it was up on the test server?
  7. This, being the most honest communication I've seen in some time, is exactly why nobody trusts the dev community anymore. Stop dumping untested changes. At the very minimum sit down and actually think them out fully. If such vague information as was released in this thread allows the player base to point out obvious problems then there's definitely a problem. We've stopped bothered to ask that you actually communicate back and forth with the player base before massive changes, but at least take the time to do everything right on your end before leaving us a buggy mess to slog through. You have a test server. Use it to test instead of using the live servers to test. Edit: Nobody expects perfection, but when there's very clear steps to improve on what even you admit is a problem, and you refuse to even attempt them, that's on you.
  8. Is it too much to ask that such a drastic change be up on the test server for long enough to test the generations out?
  9. I use amphora racks, can fit 15 satchels to a large amphora, 12 large amphora to a rack. Works out to 18k fragments in a pretty small footprint. I think technically with some jiggering you can squeeze more in, but that's already a silly amount so I haven't really tried other sub-containers.
  10. On Things Current

    Of course I understand why moving into the future you would want a single unified client. But we've already got a new client, we've had two new clients in fact. If you can't get a client right then don't remove working ones until you actually do have it right. Do remember that I specifically don't want new features to the client, that's exactly my whole point. Don't update it at all, but there's no need to remove it until whatever version of new client you're working on isn't a buggy mess. Edit: The only UI change I'm remotely interested in, is bringing back the in game wurmpedia.
  11. On Things Current

    Clearly it's the second option. Mind you I'm still mad they got rid of the old client that was actually low memory. Getting super tired of the memory leaks. Not everyone wants fancy graphics, The lowest graphics on the new client are about even with the fanciest on the old client. I miss my old low quality client.
  12. On Things Current

    Why? Just...why? Stop taking choices away from players.
  13. The broken affinity checker https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/ seems to be down. Is there an alternative for all the returning players to check or should they just all automatically select the fix affinity in profile?
  14. On the linux client after this patch all crop tiles render as the just planted seed furrows. Mouse over tooltip reports correctly so I can still farm.