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  1. On Things Current

    Of course I understand why moving into the future you would want a single unified client. But we've already got a new client, we've had two new clients in fact. If you can't get a client right then don't remove working ones until you actually do have it right. Do remember that I specifically don't want new features to the client, that's exactly my whole point. Don't update it at all, but there's no need to remove it until whatever version of new client you're working on isn't a buggy mess. Edit: The only UI change I'm remotely interested in, is bringing back the in game wurmpedia.
  2. On Things Current

    Clearly it's the second option. Mind you I'm still mad they got rid of the old client that was actually low memory. Getting super tired of the memory leaks. Not everyone wants fancy graphics, The lowest graphics on the new client are about even with the fanciest on the old client. I miss my old low quality client.
  3. On Things Current

    Why? Just...why? Stop taking choices away from players.
  4. The broken affinity checker https://trewq.pl/wurm/mealcheck/ seems to be down. Is there an alternative for all the returning players to check or should they just all automatically select the fix affinity in profile?
  5. On the linux client after this patch all crop tiles render as the just planted seed furrows. Mouse over tooltip reports correctly so I can still farm.
  6. Over the last couple of weeks the fairly normal client memory leaks have been getting worse, to the point a client is using 10gb of ram just standing around crafting. I tried all the thing suggested over time in various threads and nothing worked, out of desperation I finally downloaded the normal client (been using the low memory client) and to my surprise it seems to actually be doing garbage collection. The client slowly creeps up on memory consumption as before, but around when it approaches 3gb it collects back down to 1.7gb or so. I know this probably isn't very helpful in tracking anything down, but it's so absurd I had to post about it.
  7. Do the account holders of the player gods get their accounts back?
  8. So....question, where is all this lore that's so important? I've never run into in-game anywhere.
  9. How do I access the new low memory client? Currently running linux, executing the linux download installs the regular version of the client at version 4.1.67 but gives no option for the low memory client. Clearing my cache and trying the jnlp from before http://wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_lowmem.jnlp gives me the 4.0.94 version of the launcher. The downloads page does not mention a new low memory client anywhere that I can see.
  10. Please add Rolando, Nahjo, for Fo's Holy Crop 88 Channeling
  11. I was praying to Nahjo....maybe I need to take up the free respec.
  12. I haven't seen any comment on this anywhere so I thought I'd ask here, what is the purpose of this change? The in game wiki is....was....awesome, you could quickly check a small fact without having to tab out or launch any external programs. Is there any way to bring it back? Some obscure settings I'm not seeing?
  13. So did this get lost in the mail? Should I send it somewhere else? I ask cause 100 Restoration title got put in even though it happened a full month later.
  14. So I recently achieved 100 Forestry and wanted to suggest a title for it: Lorax https://imgur.com/a/UD4RRQF I started recording my harvests at 99.509 skill. From there to 100 required 540,259 fruit, with the last tick requiring 38,531 by itself. All with sleep bonus and an affinity meal.