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  1. Inspiration source (thread) for future PMK's and their artwork and concept. Will continue post my own makings and if people want to submit their own creations they're free to do so!
  2. Dislike. No server merge and only opening up the possibility for non-prems on Elevation out of all the speculations we had.
  3. Discuss Epic plz

    Merge Epic to one world!!!
  4. Discuss Epic plz

    I didn't bother reading other's whineouts but why wouldn't anyone read my suggestion list? None the less... Hope for a server merge with all servers on Epic!!!
  5. Discuss Epic plz

    These following ideas come from others but also a compromise of my own. Illustration showing the following ideas: WORLD MAP: - Merge Epic into one larger map, much larger than Xanadu and make the world surrounded by various sizes of peninsulas, islands, marshes, mountain passes, high risk raiding area, tighter paths and deeper undiscovered wild lands. PMK allowed. Don’t make the map rectangle it’s unwanted. Grey circles are mountainous regions in various shapes and sizes. Just an example.- A monthly fee should be required for playing Epic but after the first subscription players should be able to receive a free time playtime for another 30-days, only once, with their skills and abilities limited (as it is without premium). That would encourage players to see the living world from a 60-days perspective and if the game is truly something for them. Once the free gameplay has ended the account will become locked for further time until a new payment has been issued. - Every kingdom has a limit of how many guard towers they can build, that will encourage players to plan better in teamwork, locate themselves and how to increase their safety for their regions. It will contribute the entire kingdom to try capture other guard towers more frequent to obtain kingdom influence which should be some sort of reward and to achieve even further. Losing a guard tower should also have it’s own penalty that effects the entire kingdom. This is not demonstrated in the picture. - Template kingdoms should have their starting positions rather near each other while facing the undiscovered lands ahead of them. All three stranded on peninsulas, surrounded by water and a narrow sand trail that connects them with the massive continent and race for conquest. Each template kingdom will be surrounded by natural disadvantages and strengths that could contribute their cause in both attacking and defending property. For example, Black Legion has lands covered with many streams, rivers and shallow water while JK has access to deeper forests and MR has a more hill and mountainous regions and scarce woodlands.- Encourage more players to actually form player made kingdoms and successfully withhold them for a longer period, it should be worth it and today it isn’t. As a player made kingdom you should be able to submit your own architectural style, clothing, horse tabards, sails and most of all rename titles after their own wishes. More player made kingdoms means more frequent events, more capturable towers and higher risk of open conflict and competition. - Every kingdom should receive it’s own PvP, PvE and KvK missions that could be done as solo, grouping or with an army. The bigger these missions are; the greater are rewards. Titles, masks, shoulder pads, coats or even a cape could be the possible item reward. GENERAL: - Players cannot pledge alliegence more than twice to a kingdom. It would be good to have such a skill penalty for those who choose to switch kingdoms on their third time and that a major one. - Reduce skillgain speed by a 1/8th would do good. PERSONALLY: I left the game when Challenge was released. It feelt that you’ve abandoned Epic entirely and I’m up for all major changes regarding Epic and hope really you remove those “home servers†because otherwise Epic isn’t fully a ‘open-world sandbox experince’ since the world contain several worlds or servers. Smash the servers together into one major map and bring more conflict and force other kingdoms to it’s knees. That's the only way it should be done.