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  1. Hi guys I'm looking to buy female deers that are traited. At least two. Preferably two different sorts. I would need them delivered also. Located: Across from Vilmanstrand, inside of colossos lake/ Deed Name: Denderwindeke. You can contact Marah in game various hours or message me here. If you have deers available and the pricing. Thank you
  2. Hello I was away for a bit, in the hospital and a deed I had went down. It was located inside Colossos Lake under the name Denderwindeke Point: The horses were named BearSad and EastSilver there were others but those are my two main horses that I got as a gift and EastSilver being the first horse I purcased in Wurm so I would like them back. They are both branded and I found the catapult belonging to a 'A.df'. If anyone has any idea who this player is and can get them message Marah on Wurm or leave me a message it would be greatly appreciated. I have reestablished the deed and have begun to do repairs on the property to have things up and running so he/she can find me in the same location where they left their catapult. Thanks Marah
  3. I am looking to purchase a male and female sheep. I need them delivered. I am located across the street from Vilmanstrand around Colossos Lake where the IKEA Market is shown. I will of course pay a delivery fee. Please message me with your offers. If you only have one sheep that is fine. Age not important. Located on Indy Server.