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  1. Horse Speed 15-40kph, Cart Speed 10-30kph, Boat Speed 1-30kph, is it realistic to expect boats to have such a low minimum speed compared to horse carts? In reality, over a long distance, horses cannot manage more than 5kph while ships can average 20kph due to trade winds. The wind in wurm is not realistic in the sence that is often drops to a very low speed for a long period of time. In reality with a combination of trade winds, sea breezes and land breezes, there is almost always a decent wind over any sea, and dead spots are actually rare in the real world. As far as a fantasy game goes the rules are quite different, there are none. So why make minimum boat speed so slow, when the materials required for a ship is much greater than a horse/cart combination? Granted Ships have a much larger cargo capacity but 1kph x 70 cargo vs 10kph x 7 cargo is not a fair comparison when one costs so much more. Also 8 hrs worm time = 1 hr real time, so adverse wind patterns are lasting over one game day, why not have them change more often? This would make sailing more interesting because you might have to change course slightly to take advantage of changes in wind direction instead of sitting there for ages waiting. Ancient ships had difficulty taking into the wind as wurm has modelled with the speed dropping off the closer you get to the eye of the wind, but in a fantasy game, wouldn't it be more fun if the penalty for heading into the wind was not so harsh? Also ships should travel faster when travelling at right angles to the wind than when heading straight down wind. In the meantime, if you are staying within the same server, the best way to transport bulk goods is still a horse-cart combination.
  2. Yes and no... If I was allowed to re-design AH to stop hoarding I would do this: Horses: 'Care for' option should allow players to keep enough horses alive forever to ride, cart and breed for sale if they wish, meat, leather and alchemy items should remain at the current level. Bulls, Cows, Pigs etc: Severely increased meat, milk, hide, alchemy production per butchering/milking. Higher skill results in greater quantity of products as well as QL. Higher skilled players will not need a greater quantity of animals. No In-breeding penalties. All Domestic Animals: decreased timer on re-grooming, more opportunity to increase AH skill per animal. Multiple grooming actions add-up (accumilate), so animals can spend more time untended before becoming diseased, if player is going away for a week. Inversly, Increased need for grooming, so if you have too many animals, even if you do it once every two days, they will eventually become diseased. If keeping horses for transport, less need to breed, if your best horses live forever. If breeding horses for sale or fighting, less pressure on cap from people who need meat, leather, milk alchemy items etc. But you will need to spend more effort looking after your horses if you have many breeding sets, ie. less people will become Horse Breeders (I feel there is already more Quality Horses in Wurm than there are players). If breeding animals for butchering, less animals required for same production output. Skill in AH still needed to get required production (no easy rides). This way, maybe caps per player will become unneccessary, because players would not need to horde animals to attain objectives, problem fixed. Hording animals will only result in an oversupply of goods, will not help you skill any quicker.
  3. How can you tell the difference between these two when examining an animal, besides the colouring? Is the first letter of Diseased a capital D for the condition and a small d for the curable status? Diseased - yellow-green, attack speed decreased, attack power decreased, stamina decreased vs. A disease can be caught by animals being poorly treated and then they may pass to other animals or players. Also, just to confuse matters more: />http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Animal_husbandry#Traits Examining an animal will show traits, if one has the required skill level: 33 skill: "It has some illness." (Usually unridable. Penalty to body strength)* 39 skill: "It looks feeble and unhealthy." (Prone to disease)* --> http://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Disease So +1 to renaming the condition yellow-green diseased to something else like sickly, but not ill, feeble or unhealthy as those terms are already used.
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  5. Soul Society is now an ideal location for new players who wish to build ships or specialise in skills which support ship builders. We currently have in our village/alliance multiple ship builders you can ask advice from, a Sail maker, Rope maker, Tree farmers and many other people who can help in different ways. We are looking for people who are new to the game, ideally between one and four weeks experience with the game with an intrest in the naval/trading side of the game. We are also happy to accept people with more or less experience or different interests into our other alliance villages. Assistance and some training provided, as well as access to resources, loan horses and eventually, your own area to build as you wish, within some small limitations for village aesthetics. Soul Society is a sea-side deed of a six village alliance with plans for three docks, a Guard Tower and more direct road link to Green Dog and our alliance. Our Alliance emphasises personal freedom and helping each other to acheive our goals. No specific skills are required, and village chores or alliance projects are purely voluntary. If you are interested in joining, or if you would like more information, PM Qyrti either in game or in this forum. Alliance Website: http://miya.guildlaunch.com How to find Soul Society using exisitng roads:
  6. Well from my perspective before I started playing, I read the Wikipedia entry and I nearly cancelled the 100MB download for WURM. If I knew there was another 100MB download coming up after installing, I would not have started the download in the first place. I think everyone here has made some valid points, but the Wikipedia entry does not paint a realistic picture of WURM. The Wiki starts describing details of the game mechanics without first giving the game a general overview. Here is how I would describe the game: Wurm Online is a Skill-based sandbox MMO where players are able to build medieval style villages from almost nothing, while developing their character's skills and inventory. The openness of the game allows players to experience a variety of playing styles from Large PVP Kingdoms, Small helpful villages through to Solo pioneering Homesteads. Villages themselves vary widely from Inland Agriculture, Seaside port towns, Mountainous Forts to Mysterious Hideaways. The majority of skills are for crafting the multitude of tools and equipment needed to survive the sometimes harsh environment. The combat system is also skill based and requires a number of strategic decisions to survive either the native animals or enemy players. Most resources are not infinite and must be collected from the natural environment, but modifications like mines and farms are necessary to access many important player generated resources. Thus you cannot survive alone while specializing in one skill area. Finding your way at the beginning of the game can be extremely challenging due to the complexity of the crafting system, the deliberate lack of accurate map information and many villages baring access to resources. Access to fast transport is not available until Horse Riding and Ship Commanding abilities are properly trained and you have the resources to build or buy the necessary equipment. With time it can be an extremely rewarding game if you are prepared to overcome many hurdles.
  7. Just out of interest, has anyone proven one way or the other if rare materials have a higher chance of producing a rare item? It seems from what I have read others say that there is almost no increased chance. It could be that rare materials have no advantage coded in for them yet. Which means creating a rare item doesn't require rare materials, just luck. I have collected several rare materials and have been saving them in my chests, but am I just wasting space?
  8. Well, I am inspired by these stories to think about building a newbie area myself, but my experience was a bit different and I would like to share my story. As an experienced RPGer I got into the game quickly dispite the challenges and had only some difficulty finding my way around. I was extremely frustrated trying to find resources I could use without accidently going on to unfenced settlements. Eventually I joined an existing village and it has been very rewarding. I am not taking anything away from those who enjoy the pioneering spirit, but I prefer to join up with a group. It really is a sandbox world and there is more than one way to enjoy this game. I think new players need to decide what they want from the game before they give up, and if they don't want to live alone, they should talk to some prospective mayors.
  9. I am interested in joining, you have built a great Island Village.