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  1. When toolbelt in in vertical orientation the further one goes down the belt the more skewed the image mapping seems to be. Below the lines are approximately where my mouse is over the scissors and the hatchet at the bottom is about 1 slot off the bottom of the graphic
  2. I had the first Journal entry and needed to ride a cow and on Jackal i happen to see one so i hopped on, got the 1 hour sleep and Title, the latter of which also appear on Jackal, but not on Wurm. Is this intended? Should we make sure we get our Journals complete on Wurm or forever lose the titles?
  3. I move aside everything from wurm jnlp and then reinstalled the new wurm client. I do not have the issue anymore since 9/17. I do however crash whenever there is a hiccup with the connection, where before i would just get the "trying to connect" screen, so that may be an issue on the new client not handling the lost server connection very well
  4. 20+ times today (40 if you count alt, they crash at same time always), i removed from my etc/hosts as test i had there from year(s) ago and seem to get better briefly . i just switched to the win client today or yesterday, it has been bad trying to do anything with crashes
  5. I have not seen this suggestion in a while, but could we finally get a hitching post. With Jackal we finally have a land where Inns may make sense, especially on the frontier, and having a hitching post instead of someone having to put inside of a semi secure or overly secure fenced are would be nice. Something like 2 rope tools with a pole between them, something that can be secured in public with a max number of spots but no permissions off-deed (other than cannot unhitch someone else's animal), maybe require a horse to have a bridle for hitching. this would be good for Inns, waypoints/safepoints, maybe outside towns or fortresses
  6. Probably been asked for, but if we could get a left/right single door wall, that would be awesome. Or even better a way to modify single doors to move right or left. Another great thing would be a landing with banisters for the spiral stair case so one does not accidentally run off the end and auto cutout of banisters when they are in front of a doorway.
  7. update, no damage since i locked my chests 1 year 46 days latter
  8. [19:31:12] You get an Auld Lang Syne. Thank you. Thank you to the Wurm devs and staff for all the hard work in 2018, looking forward to another year. Happy New Year to all.
  9. FYI, this was fixed with i think the last update
  10. For some reason i can lead it, thought it was one of mine until realized it did not have saddle. no sign of tracks of person or horse and seemingly appeared in middle of road. i will put in a pen for now, ping me im or in game to claim [10:43:07] Horses like this one have many uses. [10:43:07] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Nightshade Hollow. [10:43:07] He is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [10:43:07] This creature could use some grooming. [10:43:07] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. [10:43:07] Its colour is blood bay.
  11. both my SMCs on Release have taken a lot of damage recently. One of my SMCs just went 10 to 16 damage at some point over the last 2 weeks, the other went 2 to 5. Only one of them had damage at beginning of last year and the chest was over a year old before that first tick, the ticks are all >2.00 so it is very irritating to see the ticks. Neither of my LMCs have damage at all as of a few minutes ago Add: Neither of my SMCs had a lock...i just locked them
  12. I reported this before posting here and was told to go ahead and post it. The items were i rare iron lamp (A), one rare copper lamp(B), a rare coffin (C) and normal coffin (D). I am sitting on a wagon, the coffins are in the wagon I took (key bind take) lamp A out of coffin C and dropped (key bind drop) it on the ground *lamp A still showing in coffin C *lamp A is in front of me on floor I took (key bind take) lamp B out of coffin C and dropped (key bind drop) it on the ground *lamp B still showing in coffin C *lamp B is in front of me on floor I shift select all items in coffin C (including the ghost lamps A and C) and dragged to coffin D (i intended to unload the empty coffin where the lamps were dropped) lamp A and lamp B disappear from in front of me and appear in coffin D *not repeatable at this time I have seen the ghost items thing a few times much more often recently, but the key difference is that the items are always really in the spot they were placed, i.e. in this case they should have remained on ground in front of me, but they seemed to have been in two places at same time....what would have happened if i had not wanted to unload an empty coffin.... nothing was actually duplicated, but the number of independent steps and indicators that the items exist twice such as my log showing the "you take a lamp" and "you drop a lamp", but then finally appearing in the coffin are suspiciously similar to common duplication glitches.
  13. Wurm VR

    i have not personally tried it, but you should be able to setup vr with vorpx. I have been meaning to try, i have Oculus and if i have some time i could flesh out a settings file and post somewhere. As i understand a settings file can be used by Oculus or Vive with, i suspect, minimal tweaks...assuming someone else has not already done this.
  14. The one below is another form of oddity in mines, may be client side though, but i was asked to add (I think Gaffer was just showing off his abs really)