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  1. Last night i made the mistake of killing 2 trolls on one of your many deeds on release.I forgot which one it was,but it's by water.If you find dead trolls and a bunch of arrows you know why.

  2. Last time i will bump this. Would be nice for hear it at least confirmed that there is no chance to die on server tick. Would be nice to know what if any the affects actually were. My chars sometimes get it when they are to close together. but once i move away the disease goes away in few minutes to an hour at most. When new players freak out from getting diseased i used to cure the ones who became convinced it was going to kill them, despite myself and others telling them they just need to eat drink and get off the tile where they got it, but now...they are just out of luck.
  3. As long as your a strong enough to "load" the weight. Not going to be loading a corb full of crates [10:56:18] You are not strong enough to do this, you need at least 309.3 body strength.
  4. any comment from devs? is this a bug or intended?
  5. t 11 days later [20:15:43] Hunger value 23461, fat level 30, nutrition level 0.0, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. So for ~25 days this horse has been on a packed tile and only now getting to point where it *may* become starving. I ask again, why is packing needed? Is it so animals may starve to death after 2 months (that is sort of sick even for a game) or is it some unneeded mechanic that just adds *chores* to the game...chore that takes away from enjoying the actually game and provide ZERO benefit. If this is in place to force everyone to level meditation as PoL or buy enchanted grass, then just say so
  6. Heal cannot be used on an undamaged player anymore so first jumped off a first story and then cast heal. the tiny wound was gone, but the disease remained. As far as i know heal was the only way to cure disease on player.
  7. +1
  8. -1 This type stuff, absolutely and perhaps we are headed that way anyway with the Bees hibernating as the first step. I *love* the idea of small ponds freezing, maybe even random tiles near the shores (and maybe we could harvest ice as a better snowball) and would be cool to get some winter cloths (for fashion) But I agree with Yldrania about it adding another level of complexity to the already tough task for some to get started. Perhaps if they add a sense of elevation, then maybe the mountain tops can be ultimate survival zones if you want to be forced to wear climate appropriate gear.
  9. Not sure what you are trying to say Wonka. If house was are treated as solid cave tiles and house floors are treated as cave floors that happen to be 0 || 2 || 33 || 64 || 95 || ... layers high then there is no concept of "non-contiguous floor". Looking at the code it is some conditional checks (wall/house cannot be removed that is acting as solid cave tile among others) and some additional handling, some changes to the render logic and making sure the house wall is solid as opposed to a window or rendering another stone mesh in the window rather than the nothing "under" the tile. one would still have to mine out from the house as oppose to raising the floor up 33 layers. It is 2d no matter in this case, the cave floor can never be higher than the lowest house floor that is acting as cave tile... It appears doable unless a **developer** says otherwise, as so long as the cave floor meets the house floor evenly there does not appear to be any issue with render or collisions, just matter of cave wall and house wall being treated the same with the additional checks/conditions...i am sure i am missing a few things, but really does not seem nearly as painful as adding bridges to mines
  10. (complex option) if the wall where the green arrows (in the first image) was a house wall then making that edge float on that wall as if it were cave wall/column would be the ultimate, but that may be too complicated. (simple option) What i am suggesting is mining from the house floor out and the house floor is treated like a reinforced floor that cannot be raise or lowered as if i were mining a wall from a reinforced floor So for example imagine my character is standing on the first floor of a house (despite the artistry my char is currently standing on a flat reinforced mine floor and mining down to the left would produce something like the image below
  11. well the cave tiles are not like overworld tiles as there is a ceiling in caves, and the cave tiles do not have edges (would be awesome to be able to make fences in mines as guardrails for slopes). As there is a normal case where an edge is independent i cannot see how this would be impossible willing to bet significantly easier than bridges in caves in a shorterm
  12. If asking to colorize please make concrete green or something as it also looks just like clay and mortar
  13. This seems like a somewhat simple thing, but hard to say. If i build a house next to a cave wall, then climb up to next story and mine out the wall it would be cool if the column treated the floor i am standing on as the new level rather than the ground, such that i could simply walk off the house floor onto the new cave floor. This in a sense is as useful as underground bridges as it would be possible to have a tower serve as staircase to four different floor levels and it would also make it possible to have ramps in mines without bridges. An edge is already independent where a floor meets a cave wall (column), but floor to floor edges are dependent. I was thinking perhaps there was a way for the edge where the house wall meets the cave floor to treat the house wall as a cave wall/column and be at least partially independent, but if not completely independent then maybe it is fixed to 33 layers or whatever level it is broken from, even if it is broken from ground floor. And as a minor add that i throught of after this while trying to refine my title, can we all get the cave floor to level to the actually ground floor floor in the same manner (though if we can can raise floors with concrete next to house walls that would be awesome too)
  14. i have lost 1 enchanted tile in 9 months and it was a champ brown bear in a 3x1 pen. I have however seen animals get disease crowded on a single enchanted tile, which completely invalidates any claim that packing is the mechanic that keeps down overcrowding. it takes a ***LOT*** longer for an animal to die of starvation than disease, i have seen "starving" animals hang on for a long time, but disease i have seen kill in a couple days. I have put 20ish animals in multiple 3x3 pens to grind AH on priests and watched the mechanics at play, incidentally i rarely had packing in those pens and they were steppe, Disease is far more effective at pop control than starving... So what does that mean...disease is better and faster a population control. Packing causes starving, starving can be mitigated by piles of food, grass is largely irrelevant if you have food, and animals still pack when piles of food are present, literally pack tiles with piles of food on them.. Having extremely overcrowded pens with piles of food and no grooming results in death by disease. Having extremely overcrowded pens without food piles and no grooming results in death by disease. Having extremely overcrowded pens with/without food where the ground is packed and no grooming results in death by disease. Put a fat cow in 3x3 packed pen, i would not be surprised if the the cow survives long enough for the dirt to convert and grass to grow I can have a completely packed pen with food piles and extremely overcrowded and cast humid drizzle once a day (as i did in the AH grinding deed) and leave piles of food so they do not starve, and the packing still does nothing but make the deed ugly. Packing is it is far more effective at boring players with another pointless chore than controlling population. So...what is the purpose of packing? Is there a valid, realistic reason to have fat, satiated animals randomly pack tiles on long grass, Below are 3 screenshots of (the only) 10 animals on a large deed that i parked on long grass, each animal is on its own tile, they were fine for 1-2 days, then suddenly packed those tiles, is this really what was intended? If i do not fix those tiles then those horses may starve in another month and that is not even certain as i have seen animal on packed tiles for very long periods of time, but they will never become diseased as they are, i have not moves that wagon in i think 2 weeks and the white one packed the tile after about 2 days, i think. Pretty sure the white one will die of old age long before starving as is the white one [21:23:31] Hunger value 15769, fat level 110, nutrition level 99.0, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. The golden one in front of it [21:26:46] Hunger value 6281, fat level 125, nutrition level 98.993095, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. I implore you, devs, please remove this mechanic or make it more realistic to the situation. a single fat animal should never pack a tile. no animal should pack if pile of food is present imo. Really not sure packing should even be a thing except in cases of real overcrowding and then it should be rare unless off deed or deed ratio is bad. Please fix or maybe explain why we must have packing.
  15. Back on the "bug or intended" thread it was asked if caredfor was intended to be immortal and iirc devs/Retro never commented definitely and it was brought up they die randomly, which made it presumable it was intended, i think i got trolled a bit over saying they were supposed to be effectively immortal in terms of age (thank you very much) Now Retro definitively says supposed to be effectively immortal outside of disease and such... So now, would really be nice, as Evening says, to get some clarification