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  1. The one below is another form of oddity in mines, may be client side though, but i was asked to add (I think Gaffer was just showing off his abs really)
  2. I had a character that was invisible to all my other characters. Glumen is standing on the tile in front of ClericMnuge. All the clients were started at different times and i moved her around for 10+ minutes to see if she would pop into view as i have seen happen a few times recently. One client had highrez settings the others including Glumen were lowrez. I finally made her visible by embarking on the cart in the picture.
  3. Received, thank you
  4. COD ClericGunem Rare Chisel 99w90c
  5. for sale

    bump ty
  6. whats the price on? Rare Chisel 99w90c
  7. for sale

    Rare Small Anvil @ 91+ QL @ With 73 Woa ..................6s 5s COD ClericGunem please
  8. That truly made my day. Thank you
  9. I just realized how positive the many improvements of the past year+ have been and i wanted to say thank you and to be honest i cannot think of a single negative thing to say about the additions. I hope others will add some more and very deserved positive feedback. For me the following are the areas that enriched Wurm so much that i appreciate them nearly every time i am in game: Racks, racks, and storage....every single time one of these was added it made my day. Cooking, love it. love the SB discount for full ccfb, love the skill boost, love the lore, all of it Underground homes, underground bridge, underground fencing, paving, cladding, wide adds so much to what was once just a cave it has immeasurably increased the intricacy of the world New bricks, textures, paving .... again it is difficult to qualify just how awesome these changes were, but they add a level of detail and beauty that did not exist before. I honestly cannot pick a single or even a few things that are favorites without appreciating all the work that went into everything around them, so thank you devs, graphics, and everyone involved in making these things possible and for all the hard work. I looked for other threads like this as there should be others, but the closest i found was about Epic
  10. +1, would love to see more roof options
  11. Last night i made the mistake of killing 2 trolls on one of your many deeds on release.I forgot which one it was,but it's by water.If you find dead trolls and a bunch of arrows you know why.

  12. Last time i will bump this. Would be nice for hear it at least confirmed that there is no chance to die on server tick. Would be nice to know what if any the affects actually were. My chars sometimes get it when they are to close together. but once i move away the disease goes away in few minutes to an hour at most. When new players freak out from getting diseased i used to cure the ones who became convinced it was going to kill them, despite myself and others telling them they just need to eat drink and get off the tile where they got it, but now...they are just out of luck.
  13. As long as your a strong enough to "load" the weight. Not going to be loading a corb full of crates [10:56:18] You are not strong enough to do this, you need at least 309.3 body strength.
  14. any comment from devs? is this a bug or intended?
  15. t 11 days later [20:15:43] Hunger value 23461, fat level 30, nutrition level 0.0, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. So for ~25 days this horse has been on a packed tile and only now getting to point where it *may* become starving. I ask again, why is packing needed? Is it so animals may starve to death after 2 months (that is sort of sick even for a game) or is it some unneeded mechanic that just adds *chores* to the game...chore that takes away from enjoying the actually game and provide ZERO benefit. If this is in place to force everyone to level meditation as PoL or buy enchanted grass, then just say so