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  1. Thanks for keeping it running, I hope it can live on...
  2. My Deed name is Hazedome at 651,905
  3. Lots of lag, what a shame was working so well before the July updates.
  4. Thanks for the nice comment Shmeric. Sadly, not enough interest so I have disbanded the deed.
  5. Yes we have great neighbors and here is another link to pics: http://imgur.com/a/JO3Cx#KkGXznc
  6. WTS Hazedome(O16) deed on Xanadu - Very close to Hammer Lake Canal entrance allowing easy server hops. Good farming areas, stables for horse and tree groves all over Huge main castle Utmost iron quality 1-3k left Great hunting Buildings – Castle, pavilion, workshop, warehouses Some mats, furniture, bsbs etc all set up ready to go. Not a huge amount of stuff but it is tidy so that’s a bonus. Size is 25 x 32 Monthly cost is 1 silver, 67 copper and 90 iron Upkeep left; over 200 days (just over 14 silver) rare mailbox 96 cast tree groves and horse stables 30s/e or best offer Can PM Hazeknight or Tribblemaker Various pics:
  7. Will all existing Stone slab floors be converted to Sandstone slab floors? Doesn't seem right to not convert them, people built Stone Slabs because they liked the texture pattern. Or maybe add a convert tile command for a month that allows the tile to be switched to sand or stone.
  8. Two days this week XAN is offline around 1200 z and I get no play time. There goes my premium time wasting away....Should give us 2x the time credit rounded up to an hour when server is down. Oh, and give us our 5 hour sleep bonus..
  9. It's down and it can't get up....
  10. I like the boats +1, but going faster can cause issues with syncing you with server
  11. it is terrible. it shouldn't be that hard to setup automatic lag detection and automate lag notification so that corrective actions can be applied.
  12. Xanadu Lag

    it is terrible....
  13. Interesting idea. not sure if teleporting would bring a horse....I like the idea of different classes. Have pre-registration where you register your horse name and horse speed\traits. Require horse at each checkpoint. People would be able to switch out horse gear during the race, so I would suggest keeping the horse speed as the class separator. As for wild horses, that might allow teleporting to check points, no named horses means no validation.
  14. After the March 14 release, when I try to drag and drop items, the game often looses focus. Symptoms are; Item is no longer selected and the mouse starts spinning the toon Item is not moved Item is moved and dropped in other containers Everything worked fine prior to the release but now, when I use drag-n-drop I don't know if it will work, if it will spin me around in circle or drop my items in various other locations that the drag-n-drop moved over. Occurs on 2 different PC's so it doesn't appear to be PC issue.