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  1. Discuss Epic plz

    Lot of good suggestions in this thread. This is probably my favorite for overall player retention (both old and new) while still improving Epic drastically. Just remember that characteristics also have a huge impact on overall game play as well as PvP (iirc zeke mentioned this) and they could also use a boost. Other than that, taking care of the aforementioned bug fixes, fixes to the systems that are already in place but aren't functioning correctly/well (valrei etc.) would be great. If a server consolidation is chosen, and Epic gets a full map reset with all three kingdoms (plus PMK's) into one map, you should really take the time to create a custom map. And a lot of TLC should go into that map. I'm not implying just placing clay, tar, etc in nice spots around the map. I mean the map should be created with PvP in mind, (choke points for battles etc.) This has all been suggested before and there are some really nice thoroughly written posts on it. This is a good read.