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  1. What specifications would be good and ideal for a Wurm Unlimited server and is there an officially sponsored hosting company somewhere? The few hosts I've found have had different prices of servers for basically the same specs. I'm not looking for a huge map (maybe as small as 2048x2048) and the max amount of players would be from 10-30. Explain good host server specs to me like I was am a noob, and if you know, about how much it'd cost.
  2. So you liked the idea and the original game and will continue playing Wurm Online. You claim Wurm Unlimited didn't meet its "expected qualifications." I'd say do a little research before you spend even a measly $20 if you're going to get so butt hurt after you don't like it and dispute the charge...
  3. thanks, I suppose I have a good reason to go to bed then.... NOT! Omw to Aardwolf!
  4. Don't mean to be too much of a needy, Wurm-crazed man, but when is the exact release date? DLgamer and WO say the 21st, but at 11:31 PM on 10/20/2015 (Central America), the Steam page says "Available: October 21 This game will unlock in approximately 12 hours". Knowing Steam, this is probably an estimation. Do I really have to wait until noon tomorrow? It'll be "tomorrow" in 29 minutes. </3
  5. Need "Nitrogen Gas" and "Acid Overdose" spells.
  6. Waiting anxiously. I'll see you guys on the other side ;3 assuming we join the same server.
  7. It has both PVE and PVP servers, so I'm guessing it'll remain in "Mixed"
  8. This server still happening? Preordered yesterday, only two more days until we get it. <3
  9. Had an unprem'd character before Epic existed but he's long gone now. First real premium long term character was a little over two years ago on Serenity, Epic. Eldurian (not to be confused with Eldarian), recruited me within an hour of logging in on the new character. He invited me to my first real village with multiple helpful and friendly people constantly active. Yes the wiki and help files helped a lot, but I couldn't have lasted this long without Eldurian, Knightwolf, Eyesgood, Revan, and Mostlystarving's help. They gave me experiences and memories that I'll never forget.
  10. You mean Minecraft existed before 2006? It wasn't even released to the public as a playable, downloadable game until May of 2009... And that was the Alpha stage.
  11. Definite +1 Way to beat everyone else at making a planned server. Hopefully will not have a crazy high bonus to skill gain. I don't want to have hardcore skillers get to 90 in a few days and obliterate others while they're still low. 0_0
  12. I think he meant (number*thepercentage) added so at 30 faith you'd get a 0.6+ to ql. Still a bit high if you think about how easy it is to get there as 90 faith would get you 5.4+ with just 0.02%. If the numbers were a little lower, it'd make more sense, and I'd +1.
  13. I've been playing on different characters since early January of 2013. Easily spent tens of hundreds of dollars. All worth it with all my amazing adventures, friendly communities, and battles full of adrenaline. Not only is our player base spread upon 12 servers, but now that we can make our own? May Wurm Online rest in peace.
  14. Send (Saw 71.28ql 70woa) and (Mallet 71.12ql coc71) to Olarbra.