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  1. Sold!

  2. WTS: Black Scale Set

    Still for sale.
  3. Sold!

    It's made of Iron, comes at 91.89QL [11:14:54] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [87] [11:14:54] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [11:14:54] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] [11:14:54] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves mining max ql [100] Open to offers. Only accepting Euro or Silver.
  4. WTS: Black Scale Set

    90QL+ on all parts 80+ WA on all parts Dyed gold *Does not come with shoulders or helm* PM Offers
  5. Sold! Can close

    yes it is
  6. Sold! Can close

    sold already
  7. PC: Character

    Hey sorry, it was just a pc. Try offering on Pupeq's character.
  8. SOLD

    He has the following tomes; Smoke of Sol/Slime of Uttacha/Green Tome. Great titles like Wizard, Winner, Clairvoyant, as well as 100+ more. Op forgot to add this
  9. Sold

    Sold out already sorry
  10. sold

    gl friend
  11. PC: Character

    Curiosity satisfied
  12. Sotg weaponsmith

    It clearly says Appleman idk what he means
  13. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    I'm truly disappointed in you Necroe. I know you read this thread and you know what you've done. Idc about all of the lies you have told us or any of the other garbage you've done. How ever, how can you steal from a person who literally gifted you a drake set you once lost at Edoras out of his own pocket? How can you steal from someone who gave so much and asked for nothing in return? Wtf is wrong with you?
  14. Sold can lock

    Still for sale and updated OP
  15. Sold can lock

    Up again