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  1. I should have a 60 and 70 faith Fo by the weekend. I live on Harmony and don't need the casts but I'm available to help if you can't find others.
  2. Lucky me, I'm registered to vote.
  3. I'm not affected by this scenario at all. However I feel for people who were logged in at the time of the event going live. Then receiving the item while they were afk. Now the items in question are bound to a server that doesn't allow items to leave. Nor most likely will the items ever leave Defiance. Hopefully GMs take heart and help out the what I'm sure is a rather small number of players.
  4. Was the same thing for us back in Macedon
  5. Pvp needs to be more like fortnite and minecraft. I want to be able to paradrop from a flying dragon and be able to crossbow MR while in the air. Meanwhile consuming bangers and mash to give me my banger damage bonus. Dropping down to the ground so I can pull out my sword and shield. I'm a hard blocking noob so I camp that right click and spam my left click as often as I can. Also what are the rumors regarding the diamond armor?
  6. Tbh it's pretty discouraging for new players to come in and slave their lives away to catch up to people. Whom have been here since before the dawn of time. It'll create a massive pvp gap once again that will even deter more new players from entering. Having to wait half a year while grinding vs buying an account to jump into the action. There's a reason why pvp servers never gain any traction from people that actually want to play the game. You either sink a ton of time or a ton of money into the game for usually little action. Mean while yeah a lot of the older freedomers are going to enjoy it. Now instead of people being able to pay for a decent character which could do their work in no time. They'll be reliant on the Wurm established community even more to supply what ever their need is. Now there will be a massive economical gap favoring the older players. There's a reason why people flocked to WO. Burned out on all the content they wanted to do and never came back. It's cheaper, more enjoyable, and they add in elements of QoL that Wurm desperately needed. Baring people from cheaper long term options is going to crush the new player engagement. I wish my friends luck who still play the game but a change like this means I'll probably never come back. Enjoy
  7. Hey bud Galigan here whats the glimmer amulet got on it

    also whats price

    I have no idea other than to price on glimmer weight

  8. Still looking to sell these off
  9. bump we in this subforum now idky