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  1. Looking for a supreme pickaxe as stated. Would prefer bare but will offer on imped/enchanted/imbued. Also need about 8k source. Prefer in liquid
  2. still selling
  3. up again
  4. tip top
  5. closedddddddddddd
  6. +1 to a team skirmish but -1 as to the reason why. I personally feel that team fights don't really teach you much. I just think it'd be a fun mechanic to have. Tho nothing stops you from going to a pvp server and just backing off when a person is down.
  7. up again
  8. removed
  9. temporarily removed info due to pending sale.
  10. buying 50s more
  11. Name is actually Maizie (Female Avatar) Rock on PoL (Can Enchant Grass) Will come with a Small Sailing Boat Has 987 Karma [15:44:57] You have premium time until 7 Jan 2018 11:56:35 GMT
  12. that's one hell of a nice deed
  13. step 1. acquire drake step 2. acquire da woomanz step 3. sell out and play minecraft
  14. I'll take it.
  15. up again