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  1. Up again
  2. Had a hard time taking one picture of my deed to show case it. So I decided to make a short movie about it.
  3. Unfortunately Macedon was made prior to the change of allowing pmk tent designs. Seeing as I handled all the freedom sales I can say for certainty they don't exist! Sorry
  4. Can't win an argument over the internet? Better talk about how big and tough you are irl. Either way, I guess I was right. Physical violence always come naturally to the dull and unintelligent.
  5. That's what people who can't win in real life and video games say.
  6. Did your college education cost 540e? Might explain quite a bit about you I guess.
  7. taking offers
  8. Well you won't need them. I dropped cats eyes all the way up to the closest highway near us. So we're both connected. You just need to drop a waystone on deed and link yourself up.
  9. A very noble and creative way to give people some sight into pvp. I think this is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it progress. I will offer up my services as a PvP coach for any freedom team that is interested in participating. I will offer insight on fighting mechanics as well as priest mechanics.
  10. Looking for a supreme pickaxe as stated. Would prefer bare but will offer on imped/enchanted/imbued. Also need about 8k source. Prefer in liquid
  11. still selling
  12. up again
  13. tip top
  14. closedddddddddddd