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  1. I'll do 3s. Yeah the statuette did sell back then sorry.
  2. To be quite honest ceilings in this game are just so bland in big rooms. You often have everything cluttered around on the bottom floor. While you look up at a plain ceiling with nothing for the eyes to focus on. I'd love to see some Chandeliers added to the game. Just an idea for implementation, have them hang from the ceiling of say the 2nd floor. So that they appear under the second floor. Obviously they should only stick out slightly on the 2nd floor. So that they can still be hidden by a rug/furniture ect. Yet be fairly easy to spot and pick up. Could do various styles/colors to give a bigger range for JS and BS as well.
  3. Thanks boo, you're the best
  4. Can a brother get an ip
  5. Shame on OP for not labeling this as "Bed bugs."
  6. So I strong wall the tile south of this one. Collapse it and come inside to sac favor to find that. The tile corner has gone all the way down. Not only that but the ceiling as well making the entire tile take the corner of my house into the water. The tile that was collapsed was just regular cave floor. This tile was prepared reinforced cave floor. If you need to find me just follow the trail of people flocking to see Jesus the merchant NPC.
  7. Woah dudeski, take it easy
  8. -1 20% more DR still isn't going to save you. Meanwhile it's just going to raise the entry bar to pvp again.
  9. Sold out for now.
  10. up again
  11. bump again
  12. bump again
  13. 2g being sold only have 1.08g left