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  1. Total member count so far since yesterday: Around 6
  2. Use of discord is no longer required.
  3. The use of discord will only be for updates. There is a possibility to use steam groups as well.:) Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Having playing quite a bit of WU on Otherlands and taking a break, I decided to come back with a bang with an idea that sparked in my head. As I am a huge fan of home brew DnD. I have started a server called: "The Journey" Having said that I have started a server, the server is still in testing phases. I have chosen the Riverlands map for gameplay. Though in the future, I would love to have new campaigns on different clusters if this becomes a success. Normal Mods (Crops won't die, Bag of Holding) etc will be on the server. With more added. Further mods will be discussed with the group that is playing. Times for events will be held weekly for major events such as dungeons or whatever it may be. I will take place as the DM with my wifty ebony wand, but will also be playing as a player. And no special treatment will be given to my self nor any spoilers will be handed down. A basic run through of how you will start: Everyone will be able to ride horses and man carts. The starting gear will be basic ql tools and such. Deeds will be free, but it must stay in RP. So mostly everyone will be placed in the same village with the same "purpose" in mind depending on your characters ambitions. Wurm gives us a lot of RP tools we can utilize to make a grand RP experience filled with events. Of course this is Wurm, there is no such thing as turn-based, so that will not exist. The event times will be on weekends either Saturday or Sunday and the time will be fair for both EU/American players. I AM open to having two groups, one for EU and one for American that "co-exist" in the same world. There will be minor events if server population is right during the week when major events will not be happening. How skilling will work? The multiplier will be set to a fair level to 5x or above depending on what the server community decides. BUT!!!!!!! Each player will be able to choose 1 skill (excluding any fighting skill) up to level 60 and up. You will also be able to choose one of I like to call "sub" skills for your main profession. You are free to grind up other skills on your own time. This will bring people together and rely on each other in the community depending on how things are run. This may change in the future. There will be no minimum or maximum players required for the story to take place. Though it would be keen to see at least 10 minimum. BACK STORY The back story is quite simple. A religious group that practices polytheism is exiled to another land, to set their own rules, their own laws, and to find peace. But are there inhabitant of this new land they have struck? No map has ever recorded such island. Finding the mystery to the island and it's possible inhabitants. Learning the traditions and adapting, co-existing, or forcing their beliefs is all up to the players. Players will need to make their laws, choose their leaders whether it be a High Chief, or King with Dukes. All is up to the players. PvP might be a possibility due to revolutions. Politics will take a place. ALL RP WILL BE TYPED IN LOCAL in an appropriate RP manner. What does the server need currently? Someone who is more tech-savy than me when it comes to servers. Though I am sure I can do it without pressing the big red button that says don't push. Early members who are able to help me construct villages and such. You get to use your ebony wand of course. A chance to let your creativity flow! Wurmians who are interested in joining the epic Journey that awaits them! If you are interested in being a founding member and helping to construct the land with creative people alike and are interested in being part of something new, please feel free to add me here: Steam: Sunwolf75 Discord: Email: If you are not able to contact me by those means, please feel free to send me a PM on the forums. Thanks and I hope you will join the adventure with us! I am open to opinions of the community as well. Please feel free to leave your feedback EDIT:THE USE OF DISCORD IS NO LONGER REQUIRED. A STEAM GROUP WILL BE IMPLEMENTED INSTEAD. THERE WILL STILL BE A DISCORD FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED.
  5. Hello fellow Wurmians! My gaming community and I are looking for dedicated, ambitious members for a brand new role play based WU server. The server and the community are called Wurm Unlimited Role Play (Wurm Unlimited RP) or WURP for short. We have a website that is currently under construction, but with some news, and the rules in place. Other aspects of the website are still under construction. We do have a facebook group: RIGHT NOW THE SERVER IS 100% VANILLA! The server is live now, but however will not officially release until mods are installed, lore is established, starter areas are built, and server tweaks are fixed. This means that anyone who applies on our forum (which is also under heavy duty work) and gets accepted, will only be assisting on server building and tweaking rather than personal gain before official server release. This means everyone in beta will have easy-quick admin rights to tweak the map and such. Once server goes "live" then everyone's stats will be reset to the default (default stats will be assessed by beta community) with a fresh start. This will give those with a creative and builder's mind to put in their own piece of the server's story and lore. With all that in a nutshell, I am sure you catch the drift. Now to get to the features! -2 PMK (Player made kingdoms) will be established. More may be allowed in the future if the community decides upon it. 10x Timer, 6x Skill gain (as of right now, beta community will assess this) -Unique prisoner of war system (within the games limits with special rules and regulations) Example: If you die in battle, your gear is lost. However, if you feel that your side is losing, you may surrender. If you surrender, You are not allowed to be killed unless of course for example you try to escape. When you complete your prison sentence (max 3 rl hours, and all "cells" will have a bed if you need to log off...WOO sleep bonus when captive!) all your equipment that you had in battle will be returned to you and you may return home. -The kingdoms will not always be at war, more of the lines of peace. -If you are logged out and fighting does commence, do not worry. Your home and assets will be safe. Attacking player housing and land is not permitted. There will be special area's where pvp will be held. (forts, choke points) which the winning side will have in their possession to use as they please. -Fights and pvp events will commence when both kingdoms agree to a place and time. This will give you a chance not to compete in pvp if you do not wish to do so. -Each kingdom has their own political views and policies. -Many mods will be installed on the server that are suggested and discussed by the community during and after server beta. -Random player killing is NOT allowed. Everything must be roleplayed -KoS is NOT allowed. Everything must be roleplayed. -Teamspeak and a working microphone is REQUIRED for all members. Communication is key, especially in beta. Many more features included! And most of the features above will be discussed and debated with other community members during beta. Our teamspeak is as follows: Server IP: There is no password. Feel free to join as you wish! Remember a working microphone and Teamspeak are required to play WURP! Please contact Opexx, Menasor, or Haywire for information in teamspeak. Website is currently down due to some issues, but the link to our forum is as followed to apply: Remember, the forums are still a work in progress and will be assessed by the beta community. Thank you and I hope to be Role Playing with you soon! -Sunwolf (Opexx)
  6. Hello there Could you please add 'Murican Freedom (x-29,y-4) right on the coast line in the middle of where it slopes down Thanks a million!
  7. Great neighbor and very fair businessman! Bump!
  8. A new deed that currently has two villagers (including myself) and looking to expand. Want to show how much freedom you have? Join us! We offer teamspeak 3 which is great for the grind, and helps pass the time. And easier to communicate and talk about freedom! Beer, guns, and bibles all included in our recruitment package. If you're looking for a group who likes to pop a top and have a good time, then this is the place for you! We are extremely noob friendly and willing to help anyone out. We are also part of a growing gaming community that plays other games as well. We are located at D13 in the north! Contact Sunwolf in game if you are interested! Or if you just wanna hop on to our "public" ts, feel free to! 'Murica