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  1. Yeah, I remember getting an email on that.
  2. Same, I was in the middle of spinning cotton and listening to a podcast. I need my wurm fix, I gotta get my fix man.
  3. The name of the game is to work a stock market, determined by me and what I see PCs and selling/buying for. You don't need to respond to this, just keep track on pen and paper (Or notepad). I will update the stocks on these days Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday Rules: 1: You start with $500 (Universal currency, do not try to warp it to your loyal currency) 2: Do not cheat. 3: Prices are based on my decision, does not reflect whatever price you think they are Agencies Explaination: You are given 3 choices of investment agencies, each with their own pros and cons. Agencies: Mibu Domain's Trust Pro: Extra $200 for opening an "Account" Con: Must pay %5 of payback when selling a stock Pagani and Sons Pro: %25 off first investment Con: Must pay $50 maintenence fee every time an investment is either bought or sold. *Exclusion of first stock bought Foxden Bank Pro: Extra $25 for each $100 profit Con: Must pay %5 when buying stock. Beginning stock prices: Wood Scraps- 0.50/u Planks- 5/u Iron lump- 15/u Charcole- 20/u Steel- 40/u Stone Brick- 25/u Logs- 10/u Rowboat- 100/u Small Sailboat- 250/u Caravel- 550/u Corbita- 450/u Private Island- 350/u Guards- 200/u *More may come as the market evolves*
  4. I finished my CocaCola earlier in the day XD, Yeah it was a major mistake on my part. I was ignored multiple times and sniped but I never got muted.
  5. I have no idea where to put this. I am sorry for me behavior last night, I was under the influence of alcohol. I prepaired sticky notes on my laptop screen for apologies, mostly legible. 1. Sorry Pagani for lieing to you about me not being drunk then saying I was going to pretend I was drunk. I have no idea what I was thinking, I caught myself in a spiderweb of lies I guess. 2. Sorry to Freedom chat in general for speaking too much of my life. I was too open whilst sober and while under the influence, and should not have been so angry. Although on a side note where do you guys draw the line? I cannot be mad at an elderly relative but you guys will happily make fun of the Mentally Disabled. 3. I am sorry to my D key, for some reason it is broken and needs to be pressed extra hard. 4. I am sorry to my body, mainly my liver. Never again will I drink so heavily, especially if I made it myself. I apologise for my misconduct, and I don't expect you to forgive me, but I feel as if I should put it out there. This will never happen again, as this was mainly a one time thing as a celebration. I don't even like the stuff much, especially because of this DAMNED HEADACHE.
  6. I had some lessons from a professional Comic Artist, but last I heard he moved to BC to get a head tumor fixed so I only got a few lessons, and they were all hand drawing lessons. I also had some expensive anime style drawing books but they are at my mom's ex BF's house. My art teacher is amazed that I can whip up a quick drawing in 3 mins, and have it look slightly good. What type of Comic, because I can whip up a quick prototype.
  7. Airsoft!

    I just got thegun, got to miss school for the day. 275 fps Takes .12 gram pellets 15 round clip Spring operated Stinger P91 handgun w holster Slide safety I also bought a geltrap for target practice
  8. Airsoft!

    Last time I played paintball, I was in grade 5 at the local paintball field for a friend's birthday. The management was horrible, the buildings were breaking (I fell through a floorboard), and they made kids sign a contract, something the parents have to legally sign.
  9. Airsoft!

    So tomorrow I will be getting an airsoft gun, as well as a tent, a knife, and other outdoor gear. Dispite me being a indoor nerd, I enjoy spending time in the "Wild" (Campsites). I also enjoy firing airsoft guns and I will be happy to get my own.
  10. Good job to rolf and everyone. I am glad it did not happen during my playtime. This game is my vice.
  11. Either bugfix some games I have, Play Wurm (If it is online), Find tricycles on Kijiji, or stress out over homework.
  12. Read everything and think a littke before putting up a -1, I know I am beating a dead horse and many players get irritated when this is brought up. Unlike past ones that I've read, this one will contain legitimate points. We need wurm to have an offline mode or separate client. It would be great thing for players who either do not have a phone capable of network tethering, unstable Internet, or even who cannot find decent settling land and have an urge to grind or build. Me being an old supporter of an early (And I mean really EARLY) java based building game where I was constantly told that it wouldn't work, would flop, the market was too smart to eat it up, and now it is one of the most popular games on the Internet (You know which one I am talking about). It was a great and when my internet was being weird, it worked offline. What is stopping wurm from being offline? Common arguments: Argument: Wurm is a social MMO, there is no point in it being offline Counter: It still has the chance of being social, a developer could add in an IRC type channel for people to chat in, and even add cross client mailing when connected to the Internet. Argument: There will be lost money with this Counter: Not necessarily, the devs could sell this as a monthy subscription (Or to purchase play time even), even having a dedicated login server to log the time and stuff, having the client talk to the server online, and having a ticker count time while offline. Argument: There will be exploits, bugs, and cheaters Counter: That is a given in any game, and is unavoidable. It will rely on an honest community to report the bugs. So that is my suggestion, I am probably leaving a good portion of stuff out, but feel free to leave your feedback.
  13. Still haven't heard back from the guy, and he has no pics on kijiji. If I don't get it, I am gonna see if I can get an adult Tricycle, and mod it.
  14. I just responded to an ad on kijiji, the guy is selling a Green Machine tricycle. I plan on modding it to withstand a 220lb man, and redoing all the colors and getting a better grip. Base price is $30, and I may end up paying extra to get it driven up to where I live. I am so excited I cannot sleep (Or maybe it is the 5 liters of CocaCola I drank today)! If I dislike it after I mod it, I will be able to hawk it off for a few hundred. I doubt that I will dislike it.
  15. After seeing this, I was inspired to start Coal Making. Hard work, how many hours did this take you?!