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  1. I love the fact there are mods made to improve the actual gameplay of the game and make it more fun. I love the fact that you can be on multiple servers to satisfy whatever wurm itch you are feeling. I love the fast that you don't have to pay a monthly fee. I love the fact that you can test things out on your own personal server before dedicating months or even years to trying something out like you would if you played wurm online. I love everything about wurm unlimited, except the bugs, but what is wurm without bugs?
  2. [RELEASED] Live Map

    THis seems to be broken for me now, anyone else? nvm, just had to update the client loader!
  3. Hey no worries, what you have so far is amazing! Keep up the good work.
  4. Gave myself 99 masonry and a 50ql mallet. Spawned some 50ql bricks and made a tall stone wall. Here is the result: 51 ql walls!
  5. Even if it isn't true (which it is). Everything else still applies.
  6. So let's play this game, 1-4) You guys mined into reinforced tiles (a bug that was being fixed that day), to get the artifact. Alright, that is shady but if that is how you want to play the game then go for it. Should the GMs have gotten involved in it? I don't personally think so, but if they felt that you abused something then that is up to them. 5) I know nothing of this outside of occasionally hearing Pagani complain in private about how burt doesn't really help much and about how he can be difficult to work with and that he was going to be training up some new GMs for some multi GM events. 6) I remember Rudie saying that the artifacts should have been put back in the ground so I don't really know why they weren't. I do know that he was getting ready for work right before you guys raided us. 7) It's annoying to have the whole server against one kingdom but that is just how it is, I think some people were a bit discouraged but we knew that alliance wouldn't last that long and that things would turn back to normal eventually. 8) While true this has nothing to do with it. 4v14. Should we have just died and had people lose champ lives pointlessly? 9) I had already left TS at this time so I don't know if this is true or not. So you bring up a lot of things to sort of flex your PvPenis in order to justify you guys completely ruining the server. Let's be honest, you guys raiding and taking the artifacts was not a big deal, some people in mexico overreacted but once I logged back in I saw that the damage could have easily been repaired within an hour, maybe two. But what you guys did afterwards was what was bullcrap. Using admin powers to make a bunch of people demigods? Teleporting people to you and lowering their skills and then killing them and then teleporting them to you again? That is BS. Did mexico overreact about the artifacts and the raid? Yes. Should burtmaklin have had his GM powers taken away? I don't know, that is an admin and GM issue, we as the players shouldn't be involved in that at all. Should you guys have abused your ill gotten admin powers to completely ruin the only fun PVP server in WU? Nah man, that's shitty. I'm not even going to go into detail how you use your modified client to make things bigger so that you can find and target them before we can even target you. There were wrongs on both sides, but you were the guys who screwed the whole server over by doing all that BS after the raid.
  7. Interesting concept, i'm enjoying it so far. Won't let me log in. =/
  8. They are figuring out what they want to do afaik
  9. Look like someone gave the trump guys admin access. They started teleporting people and changing peoples skills and making everyone a demigod. Guess the rumors were true, you guys do ruin every server you go to.
  10. Feel free to add Jinx if you are JK and we can try to set something up.
  11. Have to say, I am really liking this server. Very smooth, active GMs, and I live in US west and don't really get a lot of lag. +1
  12. Is there a way that we could change the location that the find on wurmpedia option for items and things points to so that we could manage our own wiki for our own servers?
  13. Ah awesome. So could you do something like delete an entire diety? What about creating a new one?