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  1. affi meals

    I would like a tasting kit to kuja plz
  2. I have a deed called Karin at this location http://prnt.sc/e19mep where the red lines are if u are able to add it to the next update, thanks in advance.
  3. I have 60+ carpentry its not that high but can help out if your needing the help just let me know
  4. Thanks a lot Zakerak for imping my ship for me will pick up later today.
  5. im going to be heading over on my account kuja once get logged back on
  6. #3 2.5s
  7. where is the race being held at?
  8. im coming with my account kuja
  9. Make destruction of longhouses easier, focus on less tedium when raiding and promote faster raids. -1 I don't find this a good idea at all
  10. bump
  11. Price have been reduced.
  12. Hey, I live at c16 on deliverance and offering Genesis Casts to make your horse happy Price is 30c per cast. will do casts anywhere on deliverance or south of independence If you want a happy horse message me on the forums. or ingame on kuja.