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  1. I hate rifts, but.... you barely touched rifts and next day got deep change suggestion for it?
  2. Darnok, you are making tons of suggestions. I wonder, how do you estimate chances of implementing those suggestions. Do you think that devs gonna implement most of them or maybe just one of them? Or maybe they gonna choose from tons of other players suggestions, that were wrote over the years? What are the chances? Or maybe you just like to post anything and defend those ideas till death, for the sake of arguing? Good luck.
  3. Easy to learn - hard to master rule seems to always been the best way in mmorpg.
  4. Yeah, thought about that and couldn't decide about a solution. If it's easy from the programming point, it would be nice to despawn them too and set data in database, so they could return. If not, I guess it would just be unhitched.
  5. There were already many topics about vehicles/ships cluttering the servers. Many people do not want increased decay for abandoned vehicles/ships neither ability to lockpick them after some time, couse they afraid that if they come back to game after a few months, it will be gone. On the other hand, many people do not want tons of those cluttering many places, especially starter towns. Those two matters can be combined. Void mechanic (PVE only): - player is inactive for some time (let it be 3 months or any set time) - his vehicle/ship is off-deed or in starter town in that time - given period of time passes -> vehicle/ship goes into void, thus being removed from server and left in database (with everything inside) - when player logs in and tries to manage this vehicle/ship, he gets message like "Due to your inactivity, your vehicle/ship went into void. Do You wish to summon it right now?" - when player click yes, it will spawn at his current location It's only for PVE and hard to abuse, couse it needs a long time to despawn the vehicle into void.
  6. Skin is nice, but for me it does not fit for battle staff, rather for mage staff, so you can cast some spells. I really do not see striking with end shaped like a figurine of dragon.
  7. I saw Black Dragon Hatchling on Desertion today : P
  8. Add repair button in crafting window instead having to right-click the tool to repair it.
  9. Isn't receveing of the key message should be posted on twitter?
  10. Well, I was in slaying on Desertion when everything lagged when there was like maybe 20 people in local. It wasn't nearly as bad as you described but shows that currently game have big difficulties with more players at one place.
  11. My one rule

    Only Darnok and Drayka could handle such big dose of overthinking.
  12. As we tested on my place, bug was present for bridges (flat and arched) high above the ground, without any fences underneath. Both were +10 tiles long.
  13. Instead of Wurm you can put any other mmorpg game name.
  14. I'am gonna sound like an old record. We need additional developer that would take care exclusively of all those small suggestions and small fixes players suggested through last years. Quick and easy changes that would bring a big improvement in quality of life. That would bring much more joy for players then larger updates once in a year.
  15. I'am able to demonstrate this. When someone wants to see top of my deed I usually take him on a cart, and each time he disembark at the highest tower, he just being throw up in the air and lands with a lot of damage. On the way to the top, cart passes through various big bridges on great heights, maybe that is the couse. Interesting thing is, the same happens when I ride them back. When they leave the cart, the same thing happens, despite they are on the low ground. Maybe cart gets bugged on the way in both directions. I will be available in game in 10 hours or so or we can set an hour/day by PM.
  16. So, what percent of Wurm players gonna use VR functionality?
  17. Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
  18. I'am a simple man, I see wolf, I give +1.
  19. Bending game world to our will. Not many games have that. Most focused on characters and conflicts.
  20. I'am not tracking how often we get SB as a compensation but I think it was like 1-2 times a year tops? Sometimes maybe even less. So even if we get Marks in exchange, I doubt it would affect any market significantly.
  21. It is still visible after buying, but you cannot check it on anymore. The same with 1 more cared animal etc. Would be nice if we could buy additional hours, let's say each next for double price of the previous.
  22. And then Votip said, let there be a coin bag. And it was good.
  23. Another bug regarding peat is that now we can forage on it. Maybe peat now is traeted like grass thus spread issues? I foraged few tiles and got garlic etc. Also, do we get any peat removal from GM side? Transmutting so many tiles would be dramatic if we need to fix this by ourselves.