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  1. Vandalous Thief

    Found them, cool, thanks:)
  2. Vandalous Thief

    I did take pictures with the in game "screenshot" function, but haven't bothered to find out where those get saved to yet. Regarding shaming him, I only did so after asking him to stop and he started bashing the small cart. Anyhoo, as he may have wished, I did not enjoy not being able to use my cart while he was in possession, bashing it. To maintain equilibrium, a counter act, namely this thread, was required and has been useful to my needs.
  3. Vandalous Thief

    I caught Mojorisin stealing my cart. Upon confronting him, he started to destroy it. After a bit of shaming he logged off. Beware Mojorisin, his unjust behavior is not befitting the spirit of Jim Morrison.