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  1. [18:58:38] <Conatas> (Cad) has anyone seen a minimum skill for hay bundles? [19:24:56] <Conatas> (Cad) ok hay bundle went from Red you can't make, to 6% at 10 thatching skill [19:25:30] <Conatas> (Cad) 28Q hay 20q string Tried on a skill 1 Thatching alt with 90+ ql hay and string, impossible. Just to be sure that there actually is a minimum skill level creating Hay Bundles.
  2. Shipyard Pub Arts and Crafts (Pottery) Distillery Library Archaeology - maybe set up as a museum Wainwright Fletcher Alchemist
  3. I'm in! [18:40:08] You dig a hole.
  4. Congratulations indeed !
  5. One source spring found in the southern part of Xanadu, 0,01L was all it had.
  6. We now have skins and each month we get a new skin too But that said, it's in the beginning of the latest monthly skin release a bit of an unknown as to how it looks etc. I'd like to see that it becomes part of the Valrei International announcement from Demona what the new item is going to be, picture etc. As it is right now the guessing game is on until somebody post a picture - this addon to the game is a little appetiser to keep the premium going - help that along by showing the new item in the international Also will allow the poor wiki administrators having a change to be more up-to-date on that front
  7. Easter Dragon

    Thank you Stanlee, i think it's over 4 years ago i last joined a unique slaying - and even though a lot of players turned up it was very calmly controlled "Tip's hat".
  8. Skill transfer both ways, SFI - Epic access, NFI - Epic access, possibility to join Epic directly from Steam (if it isn't already, no clue as I don't play Wurm through Steam), rewards or events only possible on Epic after having joined a kingdom where the reward somehow can be brought back to through the portal to freedom and that way interacting the clusters. Or something totally different.... There's plenty that could be done to turn Epic around, one way or another. +1
  9. A horse is a grazer yes, but a horse is also a herbivore, and herbivores can soon eat fruits too
  10. That would actually make perfect sense as the only way said player in the first place could get their own property on another players deed is by transferring it in the first place.
  11. your calculations sound spot on, just remember that if you calculate to the very limit of 20 slope on all 14 tiles you have no margin for error at all. As for the ever higher dirt pillar, yes a 2x2 can easily be done by always dropping in the middle and flat raising as you say. Drop a bsb on the tile of dirt that eventually will be the dirt wall and fill it there, it will be in the perfect location to open at the top so you simply drag out dirt as you flat raise the pillar, no need for a ramp that way and you can climb up and down empty.
  12. Thank You, and oops, so it is, 3045, 7140 its meant to be, butter fingers from my side.
  13. Hi, please add Seal Sands, located at 3045, 7240. And while doing that please remove Rama next to us, it's not been there for months, 3105, 7147 - thank You for doing this essential work for the community of Xanadu. Happy New Year
  14. Teeth, glands, unicorn horns etc, tools, charcoal, many other items which a skill can gain from, this is by no means a useless spell. Natural Substances, First Aid, Repairing, Metallurgy, Coal-making, just to mention some of those somewhat hard to grind skills that can benefit from Sunder, sometimes in combination with other ways to bring quality down like for instance catapulting metals down, at some point that is no longer possible and sunder can take over
  15. Us epic players might want it, might not - a major step like that surely shouldn't ask for forum yeah or neah voters. It should ask for in-game epic voters, after everybody in-game on epic have had a chance to vote, not everybody on forums, then ffs might be appropriate if ignored, not before if at all.