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  1. I know you post the skins and thx for that, very much appreciated actually, even was a request from me in an other topic - thank you for listening . Does not change the fact though that it should not be you posting an appology, but maybe Samool should have included in that statement the progress, or lack of that and reason(s). I am responsible for a very busy stockroom/warehouse rl. I've lost my dad, had other colleagues with covid, others again having to isolate due to other members in their homes. All that does not change the fact that the warehouse still have to operate on a daily basis. If that means i have to hand over responsibility to someone else, call in other colleagues, ask for a colleague to stay back another hour or 2 if possible, so be it. Or something totally different... but.... none of those options include silence, none of those options include leaving the communication to a newly recruited Community Manager. No digging at you Demona quite the opposite, without You we'd probably not even know if that competition was even going to be honoured
  2. I've been holding my tongue this long but..... probably like the other contestants I'm starting to wonder what, if anything, is going on with this. I know it stated straight from the beginning it was the developers deciding the competition, that however does not change the fact that other than Demona jumping in now and again smoothing the non-communitation waiting time over a bit, there's been no communication or even news sofar. . I feel sorry for you Demona, taking over a new role (and as in most jobs) getting thrown in on the deep end ASAP the company goes silent. I might just have ruined even the slightest chance to win our category. Where we placed our farm was a longterm project, the competition made us speed that process up, so it is very frustating after this long time not even to have heard a single tone from the developers. We have by now combined out newly developed farm into our main deed, competition or not. Animals needed saving. I just wonder how hard it would have been to send a message to the relevant person posting the new skin that: "September's Monthly Skin The Staff of the Dragon, adorned by a tiny little replica of its namesake, has arrived! Available through the month of September in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a metal staff to give it a unique and fancy look. And may we please announce the Develpers are now all checking the entries for the Creative Constructs! Design Competition after returning for their summer holidays" or something like that. Some form of official communication would have been nice, not from Demona on forums. Thx Demona by the way, without your messages i'm quite sure everybody by now would have thought the local pub would have benefited from the competition money.
  3. I'd really like to buy this statue - It's the one statue my wife keep talking about. Please pm me in here or in game. Happy Wurming and thank you
  4. Grumbles to himself........ "check if there's a reply before posting next time"
  5. it's possible to buy premium and silver, incl combinations, in the shop, why not skins too. Keep the current monthly skin for marks an in-game item only. As a new skin is launched the former moves to the shop for a price the company see fit.
  6. Need to remove 6 tiles of tar, please cod to Elrohiir
  7. Congratulations Deflector of Oblivion
  8. which UO shard did you play on originally?

  9. I met my wife over 20 years ago in Ultima Online, in many ways a similar game to Wurm Online yet so different, but two major things they both have: community togetherness and freedom to create. Community togetherness in UO was in a big way created by the game developer, every now and again an event would appear on a grand scale where you simply had to team up with many other players to push the event's zombies, trolls, ettin's etc back. Here in Wurm we have rifts doing the same job, though a lot more controllable here than in UO. I've attended many a rift on Epic, still have my first rift on Freedom to come though - sorry Xanadu. My first try at Wurm Online goes back many years, and back then it was the absolute freedom to do what you want when you want if you want, that captured me. I remember the patch where tunnelling into a mountain became possible, only increasing that freedom. Sadly that same patch literally killed my old pc's capability to play Wurm, so I left shortly after. Long have I forgotten my account name for that avatar back then heh. I play Wurm because it's quite simply the best game - and have been for many years - where my wife and I actually interact in a game and play together more than just logging in to a game together. I count tiles for a highway to a deed through a mountain, she helps mining it out, she creates a ship, I mine the lead for the anchor etc.
  10. I might be wrong, but I think TheTrickster mentioned bronze because I called it a very Romanesque shield (looks wise), and bronze was the main metal used for their non-wooden shields. Besides, there's no metal penalty using bronze vs iron, only vs steel, but then the deal with metallurgy kicks in any way as it does with bronze.
  11. yes. large metal shield only. And bronze seems like a perfect choice TheTrickster
  12. Here's the shield close up. Very nice shield in my opinion, Very Romanesque Shield.