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  1. Welcome to SBL Horse Market, Self Serve only. We're easy to find on Xanadu, S14, then look out for 2 red Colossus. Remember where you sailed for the Lunalong? or follow Jpoppers Cogs to get here. There is a Cog with red sails on at all SF Isles leading you to the right place to cross, they'll have names like "Release to Xanadu v14" etc. All Cogs with red sails are on the north of your Isle. It's also possible to find us by using Xanadu's Highway. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#3113,7053 4 Speed horses as of 15/01/2022, 50 Copper each, regardless of color and additional traits. Thank You for shopping at Silver Birch Landing
  2. Hi Dale, can i please have Silver Birch Landing added at /#3114,7054 ? Oh, and Perlias request above for Freefall is /#3013,5664 - the request for Perls Harbor is at /#3005,6005
  3. No cheese transformation this time - sofar
  4. There's a few benefits keeping the skins a one month only item. One benefit is that players have to buy premium to get the item, or even premiums to get more than one skin. Limited time benefit for the company. Another benefit is that as it's impossible to get the item other than from other players, in-game silvers are needed, not all, but atleast some of those silvers from some of the in-game buyers have to be bought from the shop. Limited time benefit for that item again for the company (on that particular item). Still..... it's possible to buy premium and silver, incl combinations, in the shop, why not skins too. Keep the current monthly skin for marks an in-game item only. As a new skin is launched the former moves to the shop for a price the company see fit. Which i said sometimes in September is still valid, more so than ever. The staff of the Dragon skin i've seen go for 10-12 silvers a few times on SFI by now, no doubt it'll become even more expensive in the future, some other items less so. Get that app running (or created) that monitors Trade and have items in the Shop for sale for 25-50% more than ingame, giving everybody a chance to buy it. Won't destroy the in-game market this way - only open up the possibility for players the spend on what used to be impossible, and thereby increase revenue even further. Or even use this oppotunity to sell other less desired skins at a reduced promotion price, oppotunities are endless really, All this said, i wouldnt like to see this implemented to the wrong items such as recently seen in auction - Blood of Angels (charge)- clearly a rather unique item that used up a lot of in-game currency, which again had to come from somewhere. In-game maybe, but if thats the case others will have bought silvers using rl money. Balance has to be right but surely there's a revenue here for the company if it's done right
  5. Congratulations Crimsonearth, i've been sailing past a couple of times as You were building. Looked interesting the first time, sailed around it the second time and by then i knew you were close to open . Will surely come visit shortly.
  6. Merry Christmas everybody not needed - thank you for the offer though
  7. Welcome back and good luck in your hunt for a place to settle. I am on Xanadu and i very very rarely have any issues. Now and again a little lag \ latency spike for a few seconds, but thats it.
  8. Looking more and more like it's Cheesoween here
  9. The PMK Cheese is currently missing from https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Player_made_kingdom I'm not part of the kingdom, but i believe it was founded in Wurm year 1103 Cheese - Recruitment (Cha) - Wurm Online Forum Thank You
  10. Congratulations Erhid Can close please, nice and smooth it all was, except the size of Xanadu
  11. (Not so) Gentle BUMP! (Still lookiiiiiiing)
  12. Goldumbra: I'm now mature so i'll bump myself for that shiny new home, "BUMP"
  13. I need a home! Starting bid: 4 Silver Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted Pickup only from Seal Sands, Xanadu How to find us: Thx to Jpopper, it's very easy! If you’re not on Xanadu… Step One. Travel to Xanadu. There is a cog with red sails on all South Freedom servers now showing where to cross over to Xanadu V14 for your sailing convenience. They are on the northwest side of each server with names like “Release to Xanadu v14”.
  14. Thank you again Stanlee and crew:)
  15. As is now so familiar with a Stanlee event, Stanlee and crew again delivered a very smooth event. Thank You very much Stanlee and co.