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  1. Teeth, glands, unicorn horns etc, tools, charcoal, many other items which a skill can gain from, this is by no means a useless spell. Natural Substances, First Aid, Repairing, Metallurgy, Coal-making, just to mention some of those somewhat hard to grind skills that can benefit from Sunder, sometimes in combination with other ways to bring quality down like for instance catapulting metals down, at some point that is no longer possible and sunder can take over
  2. Us epic players might want it, might not - a major step like that surely shouldn't ask for forum yeah or neah voters. It should ask for in-game epic voters, after everybody in-game on epic have had a chance to vote, not everybody on forums, then ffs might be appropriate if ignored, not before if at all.
  3. as mentioned in the header, on deed. All permissions, natural death of animal, Desertion, my deed.
  4. The Corpses highlight but when right clicked to take them into inventory nothing happens. Can cast spells, butcher, open inventory etc on corpses. Also get an option to push or pull on them, but nothing happens. Seems like all action with a corpse on deed inside buildings that have anything to do with moving them doesn't work. Not even a text line of any type received when trying.
  5. 8 months Mclovin, wasn't it march\april ? And the players choice, you do mean the epic players that near daily read the forums or? Don't make a mockery out of all the epic players that for a long long time haven't bothered reading forums any longer because all they see are rants, dragging the game down with a one sided mind and continuously repeated so called facts about this and that all the time. There's a lot of those players around, a lot. All those players are worth exactly as much as all those posting on the forums. just because somebody shout the loudest most frequently doesn't mean they're right. It surely doesn't mean they're wrong either but i honestly thought only workhorses had blinkers on.
  6. Cooking, really no clue, might be worth it. Surely will be for the recipes, just don't make it more taxing time wise. And sacrificing rares, why even try to spoil how it works, a useless rare will just become totally useless. This is a grinding game, but even a grinding game has it's limits as to how much a grind it is when it concerns attracting new players. These useless rares, which in many cases are the first rares a new(ish) player encounter - why make it so they'll feel they have achieved - nothing?
  7. Thx for the replies Warlander and others, was just curious what it all meant in years to come.
  8. Java slowly to be retired by Oracle according to BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-35427685
  9. Hey, Malchimus here.  Hope you are doing ok.  We miss you.  If you have a chance, could you add Granther to my house and make sure Malchimus, Hansster and Granther all have load/unload option selected in the house?  Thanks.  

  10. Tower Bay Bridge in it's finished height and length
  11. I've been dredging a lot in the new model sailboat. It's as easy as before, drag it, look for the corner your heading for, swim to the corner, stop dragging and jump on as passenger. That way your always above where you want to dredge. And if you're in doubt whether you have been swimming far enough, board as passenger then jump in the water again, it's only after the sailboat have moved there is an issue looking beneath, i haven't tried a rowboat but it might be the same situation there. Maybe have a knarr parked next to it in case you need to dredge a lot, knarr's can be reached from afar
  12. First part of a bridge spanning roughly 150 tiles over Tower Bay on Desertion.
  13. An archived topic of the mixing and improving of dyes might help you http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/81050-different-dye-colors/
  14. Intended or not intended, the name mooring rope is a clue in itself. And even though it was a popular non-intended feature it's still a little step in the right direction, one less non-intended feature to be fixed