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  1. Well I think that the anti cheat mod is a server killer. Players will leave for servers that don't use this particular mod!
  2. Don't know if it's just the olympics but the server could benefit from some more players. A tip: Find an abandoned boat, ship, cart or wagon and claim it to yourself. I don't think abandoned deeds/buildings can be claimed.
  3. The map is of enormous size and a traveller can easily get lost. But it is also monotonous like an endless sameness. For this size a hand crafted map would be a necessity I believe. There once was server with an equal size map from the game ultima online: britannia. It was a good map with enough variation in terrain.
  4. Visited the server and so soon the winkshir guards promptly attacked me, I had to flee. You say this is a PVE server but I wonder if this is a PVP server though.
  5. Servers that are run by one person tend to be shortlived, newer play on those. Gaming society servers last much longer.
  6. It would be estetically nice if outside lights (sun, torches, lamps etc ) would light cave and tunnel interiors through whatever openings and entrances there happen to be.
  7. Thank you for this mod. It is handy on pve servers where I participate. On one of them rift happened. So i added "rift" to the specials but the rift objects didn't become outlined.
  8. May I guess that this server sits in an older laptop in a living room and is not on 24/7? What kinds of players would bring you enjoyment, eremits, talkative, silent, foreign, us or what?
  9. Would it be ubiquitously useful if we could see thin lines to show the limits of a deed and even underground too?
  10. What about seryll, adamantine and glimmersteel, how does one get them in game?
  11. There are a couple of bugs. I use a linux mint 64 bit OS. * coming out from caves the cave tiles display doesn't disappear until I walk far enough from the cave * the texts in the small on/off switch window are only partially visible, that is too big sized for their buttonbox * at least once the mod shoved 4 hitched bull outlines in front of a stationary large cart. When I drove the cart away, one pair of bull outlines remained visible where the cart stood.
  12. Thanks for this mod!
  13. Has this been suggested before? It would come handy if one could hire a tower guard at any guard tower. This guard would follow the player and attack any hostile entities without asking. The hired guard would expire after a set duration of time or when killed.
  14. those colored spiders look a bit like plastic toys
  15. original

    Reporting an error: I can't make concrete. The 'concrete' choice is not visible when I try to create concrete from lye and mortar.