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  1. A rather good server, worth to settle in!
  2. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Esp would benefit from a forced redraw that the user can request. 1) when teleporting to a new server/map the highlights of the old server/map remain though they are now an irrelevant past 2) after reloading new settings from config file they don't take effect in the immediate location An another benefit would be a 'color' that does no highlight at all. Example: leave all peaceful and some weak conditioned unhighlighted and highlight only mobs of your current interest.
  3. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    that was what I did :)
  4. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    Seems to be working well in linux mint too, no crashes no peculiarities. My use of colors: * one for peaceful * one for aggro * one for uniques & ambushing (ambushing is a server specific class of mobs) * three for conditions (I grouped mobs as strong, normal, weak) * two for items I tried to set 'colorAmbushing=200,200,200' but it didn't work so you probably have a set of fixed mob/item names/classes inside program and no possibility to expand that from the config. There are two ways of definition. They give different possibilities 1) assign a color to a mob or item or condition (the current way) 2) assign a mob/mobs or an item/items or a condition/conditions to a color (this makes server specific assignments easily possible)
  5. The GTS 250 is really weak, I agree. I got a card form 2014, only four years old, second hand, nvidia GT 730. Theoretically it's about equal to GTS 250 but somehow it brings a betterment. The new renderer is still quite unusable but the GT 730 gives about 10 fps around buildings using the old renderer. It's playable. Server population influences the frame rate too, the 10 fps is with app 30 people logged in, higher fps when less people in. WU is no longer a game for "any old computer". The last two renderers seem to require rather recent gaming class graphics hardware.
  6. Before the patch, the old renderer behaved ok when there were buildings nearby, no pretty trees though. After the patch it too causes the framerate to drop down to 1fps. This happens even with pure WU, without any mods installed. So I suspect that the developers did it once again. They brought in a renderer which uses/needs some GPU capabilities that older cards simply don't have.
  7. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    It would be useful if ESP could provide some auxiliary highlight colors of items and mobs. One may want to highlight greenish and angry mobs by their own color for example, and do similarly with some particular items too.
  8. The new client renderer in patch behaves in a bit unsatisfactory manner. The frame rate drops to 1fps when there are buildings nearby. System is linux mint 17.3 / NVIDIA GTS 250 / nvidia binary driver version 340.102. Too old graphics card?
  9. Valrei International. 064

    No pretty trees here in WU with the current renderer because of low framerates. So I hope the new renderer will perform even with older hardware. linux mint 17.3 / Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 / Intel core quattro
  10. Britannia Reborn - PvE, 16k

    The map was good. Perhaps someone will open a new server using the map one day.
  11. Valrei International. 058

    Well new terrain textures would really do good. Rock tiles particularly need work. I suggest bumb maps and a set of different rock texture maps which would be randomly attached to rock tiles to give variation to mountains.
  12. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    About corpses: I added corpse to the specials and so they should be outlined in yellow. Some mobs do that like the peaceful blue ones but many aggros don't, like huge spider, fierce large rat, hell scorpious, champion huge spider and wolf for example. About the tiles command: What a happy bunch of people we would be if the tiles command would/could show in colors what ores are found in the rock layer underneath each tile!
  13. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    The mod shoved in one v1.5 server sharks and squids on dry land, as if swimming down in water depths. Normally it doesn't do such strange things. It might be in conflict with some other mod on that particular server?
  14. Valrei International. 056

    Very nice armour on the troll! The various armour pieces should be added to troll loot, rarely gotten. The green jacket could perhaps give it's wearer some special nature related power or ability.
  15. (New Wonders)

    Well I think that the anti cheat mod is a server killer. Players will leave for servers that don't use this particular mod!