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  1. That was genuinely funny as hell to read. Thanks!
  2. Med axe, silver, 70ql, 62nimb, 61LT, 75coc, 60ms - 7s COD Hogg :)
  3. Interested in Goldenwing, probs will have to negotiate price of delivery in-game. I'll try to PM you whenever I can when online!
  4. Aspiring dragonslayer here. I'm just here for the glory. Aerys in-game.
  5. Hey, found a bug with the fishing pole and can replicate. When attempting to fish without a line, it gives usual event messages, but the pole stays in your hand as if you're fishing and you can neither put anything on the pole or drop the pole after this point. You need to relog to fix the issue.
  6. Honestly, for years people have been screaming from the rooftops for Wurm to get proper advertisement. It goes largely unignored. Damn shame to consider new things like this without that in place. Emails to old players and the occasional article on a gaming website aren't enough.
  7. AO is full of the coolest of dudes and definitely on the rise. Great time to join them.
  8. Like this update. Always thought legendary monsters should be a legendary struggle to deal with, rather than a janky fence-around to deal with. Look forward to hearing more about Frontier.
  9. I started here and loved it. Absolutely great place to find your feet in Wurm. Super helpful little commune.