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  1. I've bred 5 horses with an appaloosa male X appaloosa female, and none came out appaloosa, which is disappointing, especially since the male has died now. So now there's an even lower chance of getting an appaloosa offspring. Same with my black silver female. No better luck so far with my skewbald pinto female, either. The only one that has bred its own coat color is the piebald pinto. You'd think if you had 2 horses of the same color, you'd have a very good chance of breeding that color.
  2. For the longest time, I couldn't get chickens to lay eggs on Xanadu. Like one chicken would lay maybe two egg in its entire life if I was lucky. I finally stopped keeping chickens, because it wasn't worth it. But during that time, a couple of chicks did hatch from the few eggs. Then we moved to another location still on Xanadu. At first I was ignoring the chickens but there were tons of them where we lived in the new area, so I reluctantly built a chicken coop to house a few chickens, but I wasn't planning on paying much attention to them. Occasionally I'd throw some corn in there if I felt benevolent. Well, these chickens laid eggs left and right. Not like 10 at a time, but one or two a day, which was far more than they did at the old place. So now I have a coop next to my house and feed the chickens every day and collect the eggs. I don't know if it was moving or if they changed the algorithm in the last few months or what. However, even though I get tons of eggs, not a single chicken has hatched from them. So before I got chicks but almost no eggs, and now I get eggs but no chicks. Weird. This is better, though. What's the point of hatching chickens if they don't lay eggs?
  3. Maybe I have a bug, because it doesn't work this way for me. I make 10 pizzas exactly the same way once every few days. All 10 of those pizzas give the same affinity. A few days later when I make 10 more pizzas, using the exact same baking sheets, oven, ingredients, recipe, exactly the same, I get a completely different affinity. The only difference between them is the day they're made and possibly the crafted ingredients, like the passata and dough, are different qualities.
  4. We made a Season calculator for our village website. On the home page, you can see what, if anything, might be season right now in Wurm, so you don't have to log in to find out. AND I made a calculator to tell you when something will be harvestable in the future, so you can be sure to log in that day if you need something, like grapes or apples. Currently harvestable: Go here to see what's harvestable right now: Future Seasons: Go here to find out when something will be harvestable next: These are based on the calendar by Yaga on Wurmpedia's Time page and Seasons page plus some additional observational data.
  5. So glad I found this! Thank you! No more wandering blindly through the woods. Clear Lake Manor: 6085, -6594 Clear Lake Nature and Culture Center: 6104, -6641 Ferndean Manor: 6152, -6627
  6. I'm not sure what multiplayer versus single player has to do with it. This could be as simple as adding wedding arches and a wedding cake and allowing people to pretend to be married. Or it can be as complex as the developers think they can handle. Since some of the functionality I suggested is already present in the game, I don't see how there would be much to add. Just a few extra data variables to connect relatives to each other and some flags to the skills list to flag whether characters have genetic bonuses to a skill. If you had actual children, though, as in they look and act like children, that would be more complicated. About bridges, that was a change to the underlying game engine, so I could see how that would be particularly difficult to code.
  7. Okay, let's talk about other games. The Sims is a multiBILLION, that's Billion with a B, dollar franchise. We wouldn't want Wurm to steal any of their success. That would be terrible. In fact, why not remove everything in Wurm that already exists in other games. Cooking -- Sims already has it. Get rid of that. There are hundreds of other hack and slash games, so why have aggressive creatures in Wurm? Why not play World of Warcraft? If you like the Sandbox aspect, why not play Minecraft, or the Sims? If we only include things in Wurm that don't exist in any other games, there wouldn't be a Wurm game to play. The problem with the Sims is that you don't get to leave your house really. You can go to the park, but that's boring. Why not take this game and add to it some things to make THIS game more enjoyable, rather than telling people to go play other games? Unless the makers of Wurm are just into excluding everyone who doesn't play Wurm for the reasons they want them to play it. Hey, I have stock in EA, so the less competition EA has, the better for me.
  8. Okay, now the olives are harvestable again, and it's the first week of Raven in Wurm. Even if it was a late harvest from last month (Fire), it should definitely be over by now.
  9. We were finally able to log back on and get help. So everything's fine now.
  10. I was exploring along a bridge in my cart where I guess the building is falling down. There was a 1-square building where 2 bridge parts meet. It looked like it was all clear to go through to the other bridge, when I and my friend and both of our horse carts apparently fell down into the building and got trapped inside. It seemed like there was infinite lag. I tried typing /help into the chat bar, but nothing happened. Then I tried typing other things into the chat bar and nothing happened. So I logged off and now can't log back on. My Wurm client says "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." Please help!
  11. People should be able to get married and have children. I have to say that I'm preferable to this, because I play with my own husband. It's odd that marriage isn't a thing in this game already. Other MMOs I've played have weddings. So getting married shouldn't be that big of a deal. Some new objects to build. Wedding cakes. Wedding arches. There are already gold rings. Children is the big change. I think it would add a LOT of interest and complexity to the game, and tug on our innate biological drive to procreate. I'm a girl, so maybe that has something to do with it. The children could have AI and just follow the main character around and never grow up, but it would be less interesting, I think, than having them be alt characters for the player. They could be born with affinities or skill bonuses based on the parents' skills. So it might be advantageous to play as a child or grandchild or great-grandchild of your first characters. I don't know if any of you have ever played the Sims, but they have a fairly advanced program for children now. The kids can learn different skills in each stage of growing up so that by the time they get to be adults, they've had a head start over their parents. The Guild also does this. If you give your kids certain toys, they will have more skill advantages as an adult. Like say, giving them blocks to play with as a child might increase their carpentry skill. Of course, in Wurm, everyone will be giving their kids the best toys. 90QL blocks with COC or whatever. And we already have puppets and yoyos, so there are a couple already in the game. Then if you create some really good offspring, you can sell those child characters if you want. One problem might be the advent of game prostitutes, or in other words, people that sell themselves to others for sex because of their superior genetics. So one way to avoid this would be to require that people live together on the same deed for a certain period of time, like 3 game months or 2 real weeks, or maybe they have to spend so many hours playing together at the same time, and be married or something before they can have a baby together. So if someone WERE to try to sell their genetic material, it would at least be a bit of a hassle. It wouldn't be like they could just go around having children with every other player in a 5000 square radius.
  12. Maybe the last one was a late harvest, and it's just still going....
  13. It says there that it could be plus or minus two weeks. This is 4 weeks after the last most likely harvest time. Plus, it really was harvestable 4 weeks ago, because I already harvested the olives a few days ago. If it's an early harvest for the next one, then it's 12 weeks early, so it can't be that. There seems to be an extra harvest time in the middle now.
  14. I see that olives are harvestable. My time in Wurm is [13:35:41] It is 18:16:04 on Luck day in week 1 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1064. Unless I'm reading it wrong, according to the chart on Wurmpedia, olives aren't supposed to be harvestable in the first week of the Bear. Is that chart still accurate?