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  1. WTB Steel Backpack

    Looking to acquire a steel backpack. Must be 10ql. Not sure what to offer on price, so willing to negotiate.
  2. The glow rune on my tool belt is no longer casting a light. Tested with two different tool belts with a brass jackal rune on them. Also tested with a lantern in inventory. Once dropped they (both belts and the lantern) give off the appropriate light, but when inside an inventory or equipped there is no lighting effect.
  3. Supreme Strange Bone

  4. +1 If we can only have one, I would prefer a single story short chimney.
  5. Selling All items

    Christmas Saddle Sacks 2s? CoD to Maxthx
  6. WTS Ciray 2 bill isk

    If I'm doing my math right... Then you are offering to sell Ciray for the equivalent of about $40. Would you accept PayPal instead?
  7. Tested this with two 75ql forges. One rare, one normal. Getting the same results. They burn for exactly the same amount of time.
  8. Sea Serpent located!

    [11:51:13] A mature sea serpent is dead. R.I.P.
  9. The State of Raiding

    Pretty much none of this is correct.
  10. The State of Raiding

    2007? That was over a decade ago... "Granted it's very outdated in terms of deed design and method of entry, but it still holds the same principles and values." Are you joking? I mean sure the American Civil War is definitely the same core principles and values as World War II. Two sides... different governments... wanting to do things their own way... shooting each other... with guns... and cannons... Very similar yes. Wurm in 2007 was as comparable to Wurm today as flintlock pistols can be compared to automatic rifles. In 2007 there was no multistory housing, there was no horse breeding, there was no rare system, there was no real game market and actual dollar value attached to items, there was no proliferation of drake and scale, there was no moon metal. The loss of materials and items in the modern Wurm is a very big deal, in fact its almost the defining deal with how the current PvP world is built. So having your deed broken in to and having all your stuff stolen is a very big deal. Losing your animal breeding operation is a big deal. Having to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment/rare materials so you aren't completely outclassed in weapons and armor is a big deal. In the past you could literally just replace anything. You could replace the PvP sets of an entire kingdom within a single day with a solid effort. In the Old World of Wurm PvP it was not a big deal to lose everything and was very fun. But that world is gone. Stuff is important. Losing all your stuff is a big deal. Making it EASIER for enemies to take all your stuff is a big deal. I feel weird having to point this out... but making it harder to defend yourself is a terrible way to promote PvP. Making it harder to build, maintain, and defend deeds is basically telling players not to bother trying to PvP. Because everything you do will be broken, destroyed, stolen, and then mocked for even making the attempt. Should that always be a possibility/threat? Yes. Does that mean it should be made so simple it can be done in a single afternoon by half a dozen people? No.
  11. The State of Raiding

    You are asking for this because you have failed to raid a deed. A deed which was actively defended... for days. I understand that you are frustrated with your failure. However, you are also asking for this when you don't have experience defending a deed under the current system. So you can not have a balanced perspective on this matter. Sounds like you really only care about making the game better for yourself, not better for the community. Bugs should be fixed, but raiding mechanics do not need changing. There are other, vastly more important, PvP features which deserve attention at this moment.
  12. The State of Raiding

    Raiding is not supposed to be easy. Its supposed to be hard. Please stop complaining about features any time you dislike the outcome of in game exchanges.
  13. Drake Adventurer's Hat

    Drake Leather Duster that goes in the cape slot.