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  1. WTB Red/Blue Tome

  2. Please Lock

  3. Please Lock

  4. Please Lock

  5. Wardrobe Shelves

    Wardrobes are great and I really appreciate them. But I would love the ability to sort my clothes and armors. Since we can't use containers inside the wardrobe it would be nice to have 'shelves' or 'hangers' or something to separate different sets into easily managed groups.
  6. Let's Pray for Opportunity

    Our hearts and prayers go out to Opportunity during this dust storm. It could be weeks before we know if she'll pull through this.
  7. WTB Red/Blue Tome

    Bump, updated.
  8. WTB Red/Blue Tome

    Bump. Willing to purchase other tomes if you got some lying around.
  9. WTB Red/Blue Tome

    Willing to Buy Red Tome Charge and Blue Tome Charge. Forum PMs more reliable than In-Game. Will offer competitive pricing on either or both.
  10. Remove Horse gear from Bury All

    Standing on a deed where I do not have permissions. Testing used with a venerable sheep corpse. [19:08:00] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. attempt to pick up [19:08:10] This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it. attempt to dig on a normal tile [19:08:18] You start to bury the corpse of venerable sheep.attempt to bury all on corpse [19:08:25] You bury the corpse of venerable sheep. successfully burying sheep corpse with rare 100ql silver barding on it The barding part is hypothetical. Everything else is accurate to testing.
  11. Remove Horse gear from Bury All

    +1 This would prevent enemy kingdoms from destroying your horse gear while in combat out of spite, among other issue. Plus it would be nice.
  12. [Fixed] All stumps are Birch

    Since the April Fools update all stumps have the model of Birchwood stumps.