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  1. I love this, but please please please we need at least a temporary 30 day window option to convert our old (rare, supreme, fantastic, runed, enchanted, blah blah blah) items. I love this update, I fully support this update, but please let me keep my beloved items moving forward with this update.
  2. This would be a wonderful addition to the starter tool set and is probably a long time coming as a suggestion.
  3. My large model bison (special event) become normal sized when hitched to a cart, which is normal. But when I unhitch them from the commander seat they remain normal sized instead of reverting to their large size. I fixed this by re-hitching them then unhitching them while standing instead of in the commander seat.
  4. While dragging a small cart you can move during a meditation action without canceling the action.
  5. The island created with my recent usage of a Wand of the Seas is drastically limited in rock layer compared to other Wand created islands. After doing a comparison of my island to others created with Wands of the Seas, mine spawned a rock layer roughly 20% the height. Of the six Wand spawned islands I was able to locate and observe, the rock layers varied from approximately 150 dirt to almost 250 dirt in height above the water level. With no correlation to the depth of the water they were used in. The rock layer of my island is barely 30 dirt above water level on average. Not only does this severely limit the depth to which I can create mines, but the overall number of tiles above water level is less than half of those spawned by other wands. The dirt layer spawned is comparable to other wand islands. Both in height above rock and in radius from the Wand usage location. So only the rock layer spawned is outside of specs. This is a high value, single use item that has failed to produce proper results on usage. When I first used the Wand of the Seas I was extremely disappointed in the lack of rock layer I received, but I did not question whether or not it was appropriate. However, upon seeing other Wand Islands it became clear that the island I received is drastically outside of the standard range this item is supposed to produce. If I had just received a low end rock layer within the standard variation associated with this item (which is approximately ~150 dirt above water level) I would not need a bug report. However, I received a rock layer that is about 1/5 the size of the smallest observed rock height and about 1/7 the size of the average rock height.
  6. Looking to acquire a steel backpack. Must be 10ql. Not sure what to offer on price, so willing to negotiate.
  7. The glow rune on my tool belt is no longer casting a light. Tested with two different tool belts with a brass jackal rune on them. Also tested with a lantern in inventory. Once dropped they (both belts and the lantern) give off the appropriate light, but when inside an inventory or equipped there is no lighting effect.
  8. +1 If we can only have one, I would prefer a single story short chimney.