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  1. yeah, they don't do the stuns anymore aswell
  2. They become super nerfed as zombies, tested myself with the scale of libila. Pet trolls are much stronger then them.
  3. why are people saying that you have to hunt for skill gain now? You can still pen train, you just gotta swap the animals out. people were already doing this, because stance skill caps out at 15mins/3hours on each animal
  4. so umm, now that shield training is like this, can you make it so we can get shield bashing from bred animals? I don't even know why you don't already, it literally makes no difference. Currently you have to go look for wild animals if you want to grind shieldbashing.
  5. An option to set a display for it would be a nice quality of life improvement.
  6. Will probably make an appearance with jukimo, can help out with most things. https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Jukimo
  7. -1 its fine as is, stop trying to change chaos.
  8. So you agree that the way the loot system currently works isn't the problem. And that there are other things that can be looked at.
  9. seems to me though that you wouldn't even have an issue with this if rez stones weren't a thing, which i've been in favor of removing rez stones for ages.
  10. How often does that happen compared to kills when hopping? Not very often. I've been playing on chaos for the better part of 4 years now, and I've never seen someone instantly die and lose their ###### to an enemy group. I've seen a few people getting bugged in doors and stuff, but majority of the times, it has to do with them doing it to themselves, like walking into a locked door, or falling ontop of a fence. Sure it might seem annoying the current system in some instances, but its for the best.
  11. If you kill someone you should be entitled to at least have a chance at their stuff. The epic code makes it so that the zerg who can hold the ground always walks away on top. Chaos supports a chance for the underdog to compete and get a chance at loot. There's so many random things that can influence the situation and made the epic loot code bad, like just 1 toon in a nearby longhouse, or in a mine hop. They just changed it according to patch notes that both mines and surface act the same, so if you kill someone mine hopping then you wouldn't be able to get their stuff. Which is completely retarded.
  12. Well I mean, you do have several servers you can go play on with those mechanics. Chaos has been the way it is for a reason, and that's why it still has players. If you keep asking for these awful changes to happen and they go in, and they happen, don't you think chaos will turn into the same thing epic did? Just leave it as is and stop trying to change it.
  13. -1 too many exploits still exist around the epic loot code. Like the fact that anyone can equip gear from the corpse, or that the person who died can still pick their stuff up. Please stop trying to change chaos into epic. If you like the epic loot code so much you are more then welcome to go play there.
  14. and yeah the stun on valrei creatures is rediculously broken. 20 dmg thru 90ql drake on someone with 50 body.... thats just absurd.... and stunned for 10~ seconds or more