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  1. What is the point in creating a new character on epic now? New players might go "Oh, faster skillgain and pvp, everything i've ever wanted from a game like this!" Then a few months (or years) they tire of pvp and want to try out the much larger pve part of the game, but nope, they are now forever stuck on epic unless they completely grind a new character from scratch. They get stuck in the same trap epic players have been stuck in. Why are you so stuck with the idea that the best way to get into pvp is to increase the skillgain? Are you not considering other ideas which may be much better suited for the future of the game? You could do something such as turn off 2x and curve for epic and let players freely cross and grind wherever they please. Then instead of looking at ways to make the grind faster, look at ways to make the grind less needed. For example: Players need 31 body control in order to ride a hellhorse. Hellhorses are considering a major part in land pvp. What changes can one do to make people reach this value faster in order to particpate in pvp? Yes, you could increase the skillgain so people reach that value faster, but when doing so you also completely remove their ability to freely move between the clusters. Another way to fix it would be to simply lower the value. This option neither messes with skillgain or difficulty, which means there's nothing stopping them from freely crossing between the clusters. The same thing can pretty much be applied to every other skill. Another example: Players need an average of about ~50 body strength to be considered "average" in pvp Body strength gives them various bonuses to actions, but mainly to DR% Again, you could increase the skillgain so players simply get to this point faster, but cantmovebetweenclustersetcetc. Or again, you could just lower the bonuses from the skill to put people on even footing. How many players do you think regret starting on epic? Knowing that this whole time they could have been on freedom, a cluster with options of both pve and pvp, a cluster with an actual market and a massive playerbase when compared to their own tiny cluster. You're recreating that same nightmare for new players that choose epic after this update. Please reconsider. thx
  2. hello can we discuss why characteristics are affected by the epic 2x skillgain now thx
  3. idk why you're bringing up body stats since they're not affected by the 2x gain but ok Bix has been constantly farming everything from farming (except 0.005% which goes to our enchanting supply) he uses for huge hfc sessions he's been doing this for ages, even after hitting 100hfc
  4. body stats aren't affected by 2x skillgain though ????????????? and that's bix you're talking about, one of the most hardcore grinders in the game
  5. instead of messing around with the skillgain, consider the following >DR stacking >tomes >moon armor >dumb stuff that prevents newer players from participating in pvp DR stacking is trash, remove as much of it as possible sources of DR stacking >meditation paths (sotg etc) >tomes >moon armor >rarity >body str remove most of that and now suddenly 95% of the population can fight on more even ground new players can enter pvp as soon as they get the very basic fighting skills and won't be towerguard-tier ###### rework tomes so getting a single one doesn't turn you from average to godtier (slime etc) make them more fluff stuff, maybe focus on cool titles and effects on valrei board instead maybe, idk remove stuff that limits people from entering pvp HH body control requirement etc
  6. >going the lazy npc route >not just going the EVE contract route wtf are you guys doing
  7. hello remember to convert to mr before using the key or you'll never ascend to full god pls just sac it
  8. Why do you believe that cutting pvp off from freedom would stop any of that? >No more complaining about people hiding loot Merchants and alts >raiders stealing uniques Wouldn't cutting pvp off from freedom just increase the intensity of unique hunting? Deeds, expansions, res stones, various equipment, etc are usually all funded by kingdom funds that come from sales/statues/kingdom stuff/whatever By severely limiting the ability to trade those things, i'd imagine people would go for uniques on freedom even harder to fund their kingdom >most griefing in freedom would stop I have no clue why you think it would have any effect at all Most pvp players already play on freedom either by sailing over there or using an alt, this wouldn't change after cutting it off There will always be people that grief, there's just no way to stop it >and all the PvP folk can play together on an even ground. just gonna ignore this part lol idk why I even responded to you, guess I got triggered one too many times by your anti-pvp posts
  9. it works on epic i've abused it plenty :- )
  10. same issue here cleared the cache and tried reinstalling java, still not working
  11. [02:33:00] You have received 1000 karma for 'Repair 6000 fences, floors or walls'. you sure you're at 6k fences?
  12. never forget
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