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  1. same issue here cleared the cache and tried reinstalling java, still not working
  2. [02:33:00] You have received 1000 karma for 'Repair 6000 fences, floors or walls'. you sure you're at 6k fences?
  3. never forget
  4. Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in wurm. Join today and be part of a community where you can speak freely about matters which do not belong on the forums.
  5. that feature has been broken since they added it people complained that it was broken since day 1 but it has so far been ignored
  6. yes pls no pls I really don't want to play the changethetitleforwhateveritemyouarecurrentlyimping game
  7. I would like to thank the dev and gm team for bringing all these people together This is truly an amazing community Thank you
  8. Why not allow them to be deeded over if you follow some rules? - Has to be able to be accessed freely by anyone - You cannot use the KoS feature
  9. it was annoying as ###### when you had to hug walls to repair i'm all for a fix that only changes it for slopes like this though
  10. ye the mechanic really doesn't make much sense anymore after the change that made drake/scale much easier to make and maintain due the imping/loot drop changes +1 actually I don't think the mechanic ever made snse
  11. yes pls it was incredibly annoying having to constantly log in alts on enemy homeservers to check if the missions were doable/when they expire etc
  12. I often put these things off until the very last moment Will there be a few days notice before the event closes?
  13. It uses your weapon skill for damage and I think also for hit chance (hazy memory)
  14. plump helmets pls
  15. pls