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  1. m8 any sane person is already bypassing the imping hell by using the legal macro that mashes every single imping action at once (if their ml allows it that is)
  2. Will this system be applied for epic -> freedom too?
  3. I'd recommend that you create a simple queue macro so you don't have to click so much Combine it with Wurm Assistant to alert you whenever your queue finishes and it's an ezpz button press every few minutes From the wurm rules: >Use of the 'G' keys on a G series keyboard, mouse, or other similar product is permitted to send multiple actions simultaneously (without any default, built-in, or added delay timings) in order to fill your in game ACTION QUEUE provided you do NOT use any sort of repeat function. Just make sure that you aren't using any delays or anything
  4. Exquisite meditation rug QL_80 CoC_90 0,8s cod Sockwork
  5. I assume a feature like this would keep the window open but either hide the contents or not update them if you are too far away It's a very nice QoL feature that i'd love to see in the game
  6. if wurm is even still around at that point lol
  7. I don't support improving meals but i'd support something that perhaps makes use of the crafting menu or adding in new keybindings that allow you to move activated items to a selected container etc Just anything that won't kill your wrist from the repeated movements
  8. The system seems a bit backwards It rewards faster actions, but if I am doing fast actions then it's very likely that i've already grinded up the skill to a point where I don't really care much anymore about affinities When I am actually grinding a skill, I go for as long timers as possible This is when I want and could use affinities This is also where I have the lowest chance to gain one ?????????????????
  9. >Firstly, we’ll be introducing the ability to gain new affinities via the use of skills, with a small chance to gain any affinity of a skill you’re using, including characteristics, parent skills, and sub skills. how small is a small chance? rare-tier? supreme-tier? fantastic-tier? thx
  10. Memleak

    The action I was doing: The result: I basically enter and leave our exit mine to constantly reload players and whatever else This causes this rather severe memleak I'm getting these nasty freezes all the time after just doing this for a couple of moments also thx Edit: Some updates Edit: After leaving capital area (about 200 tiles) Edit: I redid the test by just running in and out of Rome's local (about ~10 players) and the same issue is happening After about ~10 runs:
  11. hello noticed recently that items attached to players are shaking a lot it's very distracting thx [20:21] Noizhead: yeah it started with the engine rewrite [20:22] Noizhead: like stuff is slightly out of sync when moving with the models they're attached to
  12. Because the mechanic doesn't make sense? I can sit and grind any other skill without constantly moving around When grinding these two skills though I need to constantly move around and also keep track of what tiles i've already been on, which just makes the whole grind annoying
  13. hello idk why these two skills have this mechanic but it makes them incredibly frustrating to grind basically have to move tile every minute or you stop getting ticks thx
  14. I'd like to see Life Transfer, Mind Stealer and Venom changed into double-digit favor spells I've never understood why it's just these three enchants that require linking to cast increase the dispel timer/difficulty when casting on an enemy player there's currently no way to punish people for just freely dispelling every opponent they face which means that many buff spells are completely worthless to cast thx
  15. So, any word on what will happen to people that grinded heavily on both clusters on the same character? A formula being figured out for that too or are we just stuck with the whole "higher skill replaces other skill" thing? I'm mainly worried because of the body stats If i'm 60 bstr on epic and 60 bstr on freedom, it will really sting to have wasted so much grind on nothing