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  1. COD to kyperitus please: Saw - 90's coc Shovel - 90's coc Thank You! Never Mind, No longer needed.
  2. +1 Really don't see the point behind mail restrictions at this point. Everybody just uses the alt to get around it anyways. Would be a nice QoL improvement if it just didn't exist.
  3. I've always gotten a little annoyed at the event messages linking to the stream, only to get there and it be a Retro stream and not a wurm stream. The streams are generally still pretty good quality, no complaints there, It just seems unprofessional to have the channel be "Wurm Online Official" and use the game to advertise it in such an official capacity but not actually be talking about the game in any way shape or form.
  4. things like true strike, continuum and stone skin i believe show in event. there are some other actions that are pvp related that also show in event that i just cant think of off the top of my head tbh. But besides just being able to float event tab and combat tab, you could float pm's or trade chat and global chat. I think it'd just be a nice QoL addition that's already half baked into the game as it is.
  5. Allow us to float *ALL* the tabs in the chat and event side respectively. Currently, as far as i know, you can only float support and friends list tabs. It would be nice if you could float all of the different tabs. I for one always wished that I could float combat so i could keep an eye on combat AND event at the same time for PVP purposes.
  6. I'm having the same issue, game crashes to desktop with no error after about 15 or so minutes of playing. really hard to do anything when you know you only have 15 minutes before you have to relaunch the client.
  7. [23:21:21] <Woodenfarts> #BushDid9/11 [23:21:30] <Woodenfarts> Kyara was an inside job [23:21:45] <Woodenfarts> Disintegrate cant blow up support beams
  8. "Wurm's an old man game" Fixed your grammar for ya
  9. I could see this being mitigated a decent amount by only allowing 1 vote per client ID or mac address (or both being cross referenced for this even). also, with the new account sharing restrictions and, I'm assuming, a system being put into place to monitor this, it should be fairly straightforward to keep that from happening to a large degree. I love this idea and would be incredibly excited to see it added to the game.
  10. fun server to mess around on, friendly players, friendly owner.
  11. it's not really an issue for me personally, as you said, it's fairly straightforward to just rollback a driver, i figured i'd make a report regardless however, in case other people ran into the same problem or in case this issue doesn't get fixed in some reiteration from AMD and the wurm devs end up needing to do something about it. Eventually, it will get fixed one way or another I think. Just figured I'd bring it to the dev's attention.
  12. I just recently updated my drivers to the version specified in the title, and am getting some really strange visual bugs and a guaranteed client crash. here are some images to show the visual bugs and I'll post my console.log as well. My system specs are: I7 3770k processor, vega 64 graphics card, 16GB of ram and wurm is running off an SSD. https://gyazo.com/38adcd20c46bc6982704e48a48413e1f https://gyazo.com/c6988d7369f859651b408b03d96be512 Picture after the crash: https://gyazo.com/5284127f06126a8755b838b9af6be40f The crash isn't just a wurm crash, when it occurs, my graphics card also crashes, causing my monitor to turn off from loss of signal and then spring back to life when the card recovers. I'm assuming that is what is actually causing wurm to crash, however this didn't occur before updating my driver to 19.11.3 Here is the Log file: https://pastebin.com/pTUMdNhG
  13. 10/10 want to see a 20v1 with huge axes now though.