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  1. I understand what your saying but just cant see why having neat 'endgame' features gated through largish community events is a bad thing, ive not seen so few of the resources spawn at a rift that you couldn't get some stuff if you wanted to. After that its just a matter of personal choice.
  2. Other than Xanadu where would you be spending hours in travel time? Your not FORCED to spend ANY time on this feature same as pretty much anything else you do in game. Its really no different than unique hunts and its all elective.
  3. He did bring up his problem but let me reiterate for those with reading comprehension problems, with as resource intensive as building is it shouldn't be substantively easier to destroy than to build. And honestly the build costs are fine as long as we don't see devs pay attention to people like Mclovin who is apparently looking for the title of 'Man Who Killed Two PvP Clusters'. Let me break it down further, there is a vocal subset of the pvp community that wants pvp to apparently play like a CoD game, this simply isn't the game for that yet recent updates have catered to this mentality to the detriment of the pvp community. To any devs who might read this consider the implementation of some kind of arena system? for these types if you want to keep them in the game but your implementation of changes recently has led to a net loss of players on the pvp servers.
  4. I would agree with many commenting on the difficulty to reward balance with cooking as it currently exists on test. Also I have only made a few recipes so far but am curious are any on the combat skills represented on the random skill list for foods and if yes has thought been given into how that might impact pvp? And I have seen that ice is needed for the larder? How does one get ice in that case?
  5. How about changing the ingame icon for SotG as well... garbage in=garbage out and the icon for SotG says the same thing the wiki did,
  6. After reading through this thread the thing I take away is that people are complaining about the difficulty of a skill that at high end required many other high end skills to give high end results right? To play devils advocate I will point out that this fact remains true for the life of a steelsmith and at 58 coal making myself I can using 70ql mats hit 50+ql piles frequently and with walnut logs get 61-62ql coal maybe 1 pile in 7. My metallurgy is only about 47 but I can use that 50-62ql coal to maintain a villages worth of spare plate at 70ql and everyday plate at 80+ql with access to 90+iron. Now perhaps my living on Chaos alters my perceptions but this is a grindy game anyway and my results do not seem unreasonable to me. Is the purpose behind the people pushing this thread to secure an easier way to make money off actions in game?
  7. since its fairly obvious a particularly buggy release of pvp content was done what are the odds we could get a patch for pvp servers to be no drop/skill loss/affinities loss for a while, and let us meet open field to murder each other to our hearts content while finding whatever other bugs managed to slip through?
  8. and how would you know that unless your being given information from player devs? The corruption that you don't even bother hiding is why this game is dying.
  9. Unfortunately this harms everyone, as I said test trying to tame even a REGULAR horse now on a new toon, MASSIVE increase in damage even in drake or plate. Stupid decisions were made and Retrograde and Buddha?sp have failed in their responsibilities and have actually made posts in recent days that amount to attacks against the players for being dissatisfied with their decisions. I have recently paid a years prem on 2 toons and bought 100s all on the games shop because I wanted to support the games development. That all ends today.
  10. True enough, bottom line is I FOUND the game to fill a niche I have never been able get anywhere else, the past few weeks have proven the devs think its dev vs. player and you know what, they can explain to Rolf why they won their battle.. Good Game Devs, you beat the players, you happy now?
  11. Try taming HH in plate or drake now, lol better hope you succeed. Stupid design decisions just put the final nail in this games coffin, thank you devs for making the decision to close this chapter of my gaming life so brutally easy. I unfortunately just bought more time ingame so I suppose will maintain a token presence but your game is no longer worth my dollar.
  12. It is puzzling the decisions they make on what to 'fix' and what to ignore despite the number of things that are true issues to smooth gameplay. I suppose there might be an actual reason to yank the rugs out from under us with this that makes sense, but in typical fashion they certainly have not communicated it to us.
  13. I hear the rage over HH nerf has caused the servers to crash, ohnoes!