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  1. Hi looking to buy a skin or maybe a helm if the I like the specs. Send me a message on the forum or in game raphvw Thanks
  2. @Mowglia you nailed it I think!
  3. Rift 26 Nov 2021

  4. It's best to come from the west, because there's a road that comes really close to it. But it is accessible from East too. We made a safe mine up the hill and everybody is welcome to make themselves a sweet spot for their tents.
  5. Rift 15/11/2021

  6. Hi, was this bug looked into? I have the exact same issue!
  7. Rift 8/11/2021

    North of Halifax here the community map link I used for the image http://xanadu.yaga.host/#3669,5041
  8. Xan Rift 01/05/21

    Community map coordinate: 5655, 3240
  9. Happens all the time to me too. Fixing it would probably get rid of a lot of /support calls!
  10. +1 I started going back and forth recently and its sad that the time I spend on both cluster doesn't add up. I'd love to see non drop items follow the char too (unused merchant contracts, spyglass, sleep powders!)
  11. Bump at least 2 3x7 plots available.
  12. I am a casual player that played EPIC a while ago. EPIC was different, hunts were a kingdom thing. Everybody was in the same alliance and the timings were clear. Here on freedom (SFI) I keep seeing uniques slayed on niarja that I have not heard of at all on any in-game chat. I think something should be done.
  13. This new coastal settlement is looking for active players in or close to GMT -5 Timezone. We actually have 4 active players in the deed and 10+ in the alliance. The settlement is part of the Epic Remnants alliance and situated on S14, Xanadu. Want to make your own deed in the area? Please do!! The area is great and there is a lot of coastal lands available. Contact me to join the alliance. If you want to contact me: PM on the forum Raphvw ingame Discord @ raphvw#2291 Au plaisir!