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  1. Awesome Server, with a Pvp Server attached. Also the start of an econemy. Good time to get in and on as the server builds the less prime locations slip into deeds.
  2. I have a neighbor, While i was looking for a coastal Deed. I found a nice place near a Friend. There was a deed not to far from us but not to close either. With several unfinished building out to keep people from deeding to close to their deed and to keep the land how they saw fit. Mind you this is a large amount of land they claim to be preserving. They were no where to be seen for 2 months. Left Xanadu because the lag was to much for them. When they get back to the deed I give them the custom \o. Needless to say they didn't except me very well. One even went as far to say I knew someone would come a long and make a mess of the land. I am use nicer words then I got. I also got the We been here since Xanadue been live. Like they been around that long they should get exactly what they want. Like I should not moved anywhere anywhere close to them because with their game time they own everything. I took my deed making sure one of the unfinished building sat under my perimeter. once it vanished i extended my deed 8 tiles to the next building they had sitting there unfinished building, with like 2 stones in a plan just to keep it there. It two fell under my Perimeter after adding just 8 tiles. So they built a new building just one tile outside my new Perimeter and labeled it We are watching. I have not seen these people in 2 months but they seem to think just because they been there so long they can take up land they are not building on just to keep people a way.
  3. No word on when they will fix the Player verses Environment issue with Mobs on Xanadu, Guess we will have to continue to play Player verses Cows and Bulls in the southern part of Xanadu, While all the environment is in the north.
  4. Okay, well I got two of his horses. If he gets one before they die.
  5. Lockehalfblood, I found 2 of your horses out by the coast line in souther xandue. you can Contact Sirdirty Or Korock in game. I Have them on deed and will take care of them until you contact me to get them. One of them has a saddle on it.
  6. What i find funny is i was online after the patch, log for an hour and come back to this error. So glad i paid for premium time and a deed when they can't even get a launcher to work right.
  7. So the man admits to stealing peoples stuff. Sounds like an open and shut case to me.
  8. It not Just Stamina that is effected, crafting, and opening gates door or inventory.
  9. Grooming Brush c74, and c79 1 silver each Cod to Sirdirty
  10. When you can have all your work and Money taken from you over night while your not even on is what keeps me from doing any sort of PvP. Griefers and Asshates that think they own everything and everyone. Makes it hard to want to be on an island like this. On top of that you pay to be permium, you pay to set up a deed and you pay to maintain a deed. Some people look at this as just a way to suck money out peoples pocket any way they can. With no way to make money then from other players It is even harder for the average to make coin to maintain their deeds. After a person shells out 20$ every two month for premium, then has to buy 20$ in silver to keep their deed running, it gets kind of old.