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  1. Pretty much everything in the poll, unless it involves pvp..not touching that crap
  2. 2x adamantin sent from Skarra [07:31:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. [01:01:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Glimmer lump sent thanks. Btw Skarra is the sender.
  4. Selling them for 4s /lump, pickup on independence or can mail them And they are all gone, please close the thread.
  5. Sent you a pm about some stuff but might have missed it so perhaps i can take it here, If they are still in stock i'd like to buy the following Huge Axe, Iron 85.02ql Life Transfer - 86 Mind Stealer - 81 2.46s 6/2/2016 Two Handed Sword, Iron 90.03ql Life Transfer - 81 Mind Stealer - 96 3.93s 6/2/2016 Needle, Iron 80.19ql Circle of Cunning - 76 0.64s 11/30/2015 if you could Cod it to Skarra i'd be happy.
  6. Wts some stuff i got laying around Mask of the returner - 5s Rare Knapsack - 5s Fantastic Knapsack - 18s Sleeping powder x 26 - 30s Contact either in the post or through pm, or ingame to Jackoneill Can meet up on Independence for the sleeping powders
  7. And now it decided to just start working again...Well that was a couple of hours wasted on useless stuff, now to waste it on not so useless stuff
  8. So like subject says it fails and refuses to update. Tried, rebooting, adding patch server to hosts, removed patch server from host, flush dns getting a new ip, secondary nic, secondary Isp (mobile dongle), tried connecting through friends WiFi. Waiting and retry pack update for 1½ hours now. Unpacked a backup client and replaced the one i used with the same error, manually downloaded the .jar files and added. tried using google's dns instead of standard, tried using workplace open-dns instead of standard. nothing seems to work though so im out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Added error log in spolier
  9. 7:30-7:40Cest in the morning i can rarely load the forum, i usually get that the forum can not be reached. Everything else works fine but not the forum. Then i get the same error randomly during the day as you do Bdew, connection time out. good days it's 1-3 times, bad days its every other reload of say the forum index page(and no not spam reloading the page, just once in a while to update latest topics thingy).
  10. Did this affect sleeping powders to ? Because i bought premium time for 2 characters earlier and i havent recieved any SP (Bought 2x2 months)
  11. From what i've seen so far, nice changes and additions so good job people . One question though, can we change the size of the escape menu ourselfs in any way ? it's a little on the to small side.
  12. loginserver is still down ? im getting connection refused when trying
  13. Recieved and paid for thank you very much