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  1. Here's a workaround. It leaves you open to Java exploits found in older versions. Uninstall your current version of Java. Get an older version. Visit and pick your version. Download. Install. Or, if you don't mind giving Oracle your information, you can download an older version at This works for me. Just choose not to update Java until Code Club fixes their issue, and make sure your various anti-virus/script utilities are up to date.
  2. Celebration Map

    Ridgepoint y9,x35 has disbanded.
  3. Boat Bridge To Exodus

    It looks like your proposed plan is well west of my location, but whatever the decision, I'll be happy to donate dirt, surface mining, tunneling or road building to this. As an alternate route - I've already tunneled a large area south of my deed. A tunnel parallel to the mere canal going north and then a highway along the coast to my deed would put you within a a few dozen tiles to the server lines. Most of the tunnel is already made. Just a section from the old Ridge Point to the other side needs to be completed. From the former deed of Ragetown the tunnel continues to my place, exiting on the water. EDIT: Actually now that ridge point is gone, there's a straight route of mixed tunnel and surface road from it to the north coast where my place is, except for a section of 10-20 tiles that can be flattened and paved easily.
  4. Celebration Map

    Your alt can join my deed temporarily so you don't have to run so far every time you die. Send me a PM in-game if you want to do that.
  5. Celebration Map

    Ragetown at Y6,X35 is disbanded.Thistlinde at Y8,x34 is disbanded. Neither one is terraformed. Thanks!
  6. Celebration Map

  7. Lf Tree Killer

    I guess that is what I'll have to do since after 10 casts the tree still stands. It's unfortunate that a reliable way for a deed owner to destroy an enchanted tree has not been added to the game.
  8. Lf Gold Altars

    PM Krio/Kria
  9. Lf Gold Altars

    Y4,x36 celebration - I'll be on for the next 8 hours.
  10. Lf Gold Altars

    I'm looking for someone on Cele or willing to travel and place three gold altars. I have the gold on-site. I'll pay 1s for each altar.
  11. Lf Tree Killer

    Thanks for the replies. I've got someone coming to take a look at my weed problem.
  12. Lf Tree Killer

    Don't say that. I can't hear you.
  13. Lf Tree Killer

    I'm looking for a priest two kill three enchanted oaks. Price is negotiable based on how many tries it takes. Please PM me here or in-game. I'm on Celebration.
  14. Celebration Map

    At around y4,x36 I've added addtional tunnels to add access through the mountain and raised a enclosed public clay area (green circle). Also, Mountain watch has disbanded.
  15. Dump Based Celebration Map(Discontinued)

    Here are some updates for the area around the north of northmere canal