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  1. Hi, I'm looking for Nirav or anybody else who moored the sail ship called Windsong at J20 (ingame map) close to the Colossus. Accidently I closed him on the lake so he/she wont be able to leave it using his/her saiing boat. He/she sailed through my non-public cave canal while I was not playing for a few weeks. Today i put a mine door on the cave entrance then came home and realized theres an unknown sailing boat on the lake. So he/she wont be able to leave the lake. All I know about Nirav is that he/she founded a deed on 3 march: The settlement of Lyric Beach has just been founded by Nirav. I asked several times on chat if anbody knows anything aout him/her, but didnt get any answer. Tried to write pm but he/she was offline. I wrote a support ticket about this situation and i was told to write this forum topic. So if anyone knows him/her pls tell him/her to write me a pm on forum so we can find together a perfect time when he/she will be able to leave the lake again. I'll check my pms daily. Thats all. Thanks. ----- Solved. Thanks.