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  1. Two newbies I was talking with in spawn with said they were quitting because they were tired of dying to the "two headed monster" right near spawn along with drake spirits. Seems like there is dozens if not hundreds of these mobs in the server and are very hard to avoid with small amount of exploration.
  2. They'll probably give all the weapons, shields and armor the same stats, thats the kind of developers wurm has.
  3. How about revert the patch entirely until Rolf & developers bothers to read the feedback and tweaks/fixes the bugs properly before making it live? Making this big patch live after 2 days in test and ignore all of the players feedback just goes to show how incompetent the wurm development team is. It's painful to quit sometimes because this game forces you to grind hundreds hundreds of hours but I think this is the last time I'll play wurm. Posts like these from the developer makes me sick to my stomach, it just goes to show they have to intention of reading any of the feedback.
  4. Big update and putting it on test was a good move, so they can tweak it and get it right.. Making this update live after 2 days is just pure negligence, they didn't read any feedback or go through the bugs and broken pvp mechanics they have caused. It's just beyond absurd and makes me wonder about the competence of the wurm development team. done with this game.
  5. Randomly adds things on test server.. stays on test server for 2 days max and makes it live?! Rolf did you even look through anything? You were recieving A LOT of feedback from test server I don't see the need to make it live. Some things are literally broken and were reported through the test server!!! Some REALLY gamebreaking bugs and now you made them live?! what is this?!
  6. Its a teamwork game, a partner can open up the gate for you. You just want to have all the benefits on your mag priest account. Mag has damage bonus and 75% rez stone which is stackable with a regular rez stone so you can wear that expensive gear without risk. Now you'll be able to lockpick and spell cast just as well as libila so mag will literally be better in every single way. Another thing people never consider is that whitelighters have 3 priests types that can be used to boost each other with passives while libila doesn't have this option. I really feel like people are being extremely bias atm trying to improve their own priesthood, libilas spells do need balancing but so far its gone to the point of making libila the worst option in the game without a single advantage to it. Please think about who you'll be fighting in the future, do you want most players to leave BL and join your kingdom? who will be left to pvp with! As far as these updates go libila is so bad that I'm ready to convert and join up with you gary!
  7. MMORPG missed Wurm

    I can't believe you people think wurm should be on this list, wurm has some of the most BASIC crafting systems of any MMO I've ever played. MMORPG definitely did their research on this article and the games listed have incredible in-depth and complex crafting systems. Hope you realize games like Mortal Online have an much worse reputation on that website than wurm and it's a very small population game, smaller than wurm! Yet it's crafting system is very complex and you can do literally millions of combinations when it comes to armor, weapons, cooking and alchemy all with cons and pros. What is special about wurms crafting system? Nothing, you just follow a recipe like most mmorpgs. Wurm has other cool things like terraforming, and building your own world but the crafting system itself is very basic and poor.
  8. This issue has been dealt with in Epic, the skill curve and the x2 speed make it so everyone can be useful at whatever they want to dedicate their time towards, without large amounts of grind that put players way ahead each other. The curve allows new players to become capable in quicker time and be able to compete with the older more dedicated players.
  9. Libila Spells

    it's usually peoples personal experience which tends to create a lot of bias in discussions.. might want to rephrase your sentence too .. are you reading his posts or not?
  10. Why would anyone be against this though? Even though minor it would be an improvement, the hota area should remain neutral territory.
  11. I think it's only fair that Epic gets the titles, it's a separate server to freedom and it does not affect them in anyway. Epic is not inferior to Freedom, on the contrary it has the fuller version of the game. Titles mean as much as you want them to mean, everyone should just relax.
  12. The quality should only affect how fast you eat while nutrition is based on the number of ingredients (some ingredients better than others + bonus variety factor).