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  1. Rift 14 - 07 - '19

    I am also there. Had been a long time until participate at a rift. Really looking forward with having a good fight with you guys
  2. Mouse grab issue

    Confirming this as well. It worked fine on Wednesday, but seems to be bugged with the new client yesterday. OS: Fedora 30 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 Might be some weird Division by zero stuff. Maybe new launcher having own environment and some issue with . , conversion or something. At least these are the usual reason other games suffers from this kind of issues. Its especially well reproducable with two clients. When switching to the other monitor and clicking first time into a client, the position seems to be set to 0/0.
  3. Sold Please Close

    I would be interested in the 55s if that's still available.
  4. WTS Dirt (Xanadu)

    I would be interested in 15 crates of dirt. Send to CalebXephrime (Xanadu)
  5. Xephrime Supplies Our village is located in South Lomere near the big steppes. When we initially settled there, it was pure wilderness and no existing road system. As last stop before the real wild land starts, we setup a small supply shop to give the brave settlers the best chances to survive outside there. These days are gone for sure, but we are still a good place to visit and browse for nice stuff for your village to fair prices. On our deed, you find our personal merchant "Gloria" with a nice sort of different stuff to buy. As we avoid the travelling to the market, we give the prices to our customers and we are sure you find some nice stuff to fair prices. When being nearby, we are worth having a short step by and browse a bit: Most of our stuff does have some small cast on it giving you some COC or WOA extra to prices that are normally charged for blank tools! If you didn't find something interesting for you, don't hesitate to ask and we create it for you to a offer you cannot reject! Bulk Materials Coming soon Ships Coming soon Extra Services We are not just selling stuff, but also having some nice extra services available for our visitors!
  6. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    I'll be coming also to the event.When not getting lost during the travel, I can do carpentry and blacksmithing to 80. Would be interested in some slave work at the weapon forge to get my skills there up a bit. Please also book me a room
  7. WTS 5 silvers - Paypal verified

    Finished the trade with the post starter. Fast transaction and worked flawless. Would do it again!
  8. WTS 5 silvers - Paypal verified

    I would be interested.
  9. WTB 50 Silver - Closed

    Would like to buy 50 silver. One transaction prefered. Let me know your rate. Would like to pay throught paypal.
  10. WTB 50 Silver - Closed

    Not needed anymore. Bought 50 Silver from "Pankivtanke". Transaction worked fine, nice player, would buy again!
  11. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Basically in the neighbourhood. Just arrived there and did check-in in the Inn. Can help with tools blacksmithing and carpentry. Nice to have such an event somewhere near this time!
  12. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add "Xephrime" 3831 -7351
  13. WTS 25s for 1€/s

    Ah sorry, not sure why I didn't get a notification. I am at the moment just having 25s left.
  14. WTS 25s for 1€/s

    Want to sell 25s @ 1€/s. Preferring verified Paypal, but also accepting BTC/ETH
  15. WTS 25s for 1€/s

    Bump. Still 25s available
  16. WTS Selling misc old stuff

    Bump. Added also a Corbita.
  17. WTS Selling misc old stuff

    Hi there, I am cleaning up my warehouse a bit and selling some bulk stuff: 200x ropes (32ql) 300x Bricks 600x Rock Shards 900x Colossus Bricks 2400x Sand 300x Mortar 1600x cotton (72ql) 300x Dirt 294,94l Red Wine (65ql) 13,4l Red Wine (70,44ql) 1x Corbita Additionally I am selling the following stuff: All items are pickup in South Lomere. Expecting market typical prices, but open for offerings from your side, especially when taking bigger amounts.
  18. WTS 25s for 1€/s

  19. WTS 25s for 1€/s

    Even tho a single buyer is prefered, partial sells can be done.
  20. WTS 25s for 1€/s

    10s sold.
  21. WTS 25s for 1€/s

  22. SOLD [XAN] WTS 16x sleep powder

    Hi, I want to sell 16x sleep powder for 1s each. Delivered to any starter deed or place connected by highways.
  23. Hi folks, Xephrime was closed for about a year and is back under old management now. The settlement is currently rebuild and will be fully rebuild soon. So take care at the construction site if you're visiting us The settlement is being located in South Lomere (T16) south of the big steppe where wild horses and bison graze. Do a relaxing walk in our walnut and lemonwood forests. We are always looking forward to visits out here! The area is connected to the Lomere Highway system and can be safely accessed. We are offering supply for new settlers to a fair price as well as having something for the more experienced explorers. While not offering high quality stuff, we are having competitive pricing and willed to do trades other than coins. If you're interested in this offer either contact me in game or write me a PM. All prices are meant as pickup in Xephrime. Available Ships 1x Row Boat (Cedar) 45c 1x Sailboat (Cedar) 1s 1x Sailboat (Cherry) 1s 1x Corbita (Cherry) 4s All of our ships are sold together with a mooring anchor and being 40ql+. Just buy and sail away! Tools (blacksmithing) 40ql 4c 50ql 9c 60ql 20c This offer is for tools using blacksmithing skill only. Tools requiring weapon smithing skills might not be available at these qualities. If you're interested in multiple tools, some discount can be negotiated. If you are a new settler nearby, I will make you some tools for free. Don't be shy and come introduce yourself to us! Bulk 2400x Sand (95i/each, 95c/k) 300x Dirt (95i/each, 95c/k) 600x Rockshards (7,5i/each, 75c/k,33ql) 900x Colossus Bricks (22i/each, 1,98s/k,25ql) 1500x Cotton (10,75i/each, 64,5c/k,72ql) 1800x Wemp (10,75i/each, 64,5c/k,72ql) Large Crates can be offered for Transportation at a rate of 9c per crate. Accepting crates for exchange! Enchanted Tools Rope Tool (chestnut), 31ql, COC 80 (90c) Pickaxe (iron), 55,9ql, COC 49 (35c) Carving Knife (iron), COC37 (40c) ... and more soon The enchanted items are available on the personal merchant near the deed token. The content is added regulary and there are some tools and other stuff like anchors, ropes available to prices often lower than nearby markets. So if you're nearby its always worth to browse by and check for some souvenirs Payments All prices are meant as pickup at Xephrime. The settlement is accessible by Lomere Highways and by the sea. Mailijng is possible, COD must be paid by customer. Payment is expecting while handing over the item. Preferred payments are coins, but we are accepting alternative payments as well! Sleep powder = 95c Gems = 1c/ql Iron lumps = 35c/100 (75+ql only) Wood = 35c/100 (75+ ql only) We are also open for other trades. Please do not hesitate to make other offers. Additional Services Free Beds In the first floor of our staples there is a small comfortable room with 4 beds. If you are traveling and need to sleep, please come to us and take a bed. Also if you are a new player nearby, be welcomed to use the beds and avoid wasting your sleep bonus! They are free. Just enter them by the backentrance and find a free one. The construction is still ongoing, so expect it being a bit chaotic at the moment Free Thatchering You want to get rid of the wooden shringles on your roof and have a more natural looking one? But you do not want to grind for a skill not having any real use? Don't worry if you are living in the Lomere region. Contact us and we'll do for a 4th thatched roof for you - for free! Free Carpentry Service You're living nearby? We are offering help for our neighbours requiring some higher carpentry service in planning your building. Just contact us and we'll be glad to help you in constructing your home! Free Ship Improvment Your new bought ship is already sunk? Your ship building skills does really suck? Don't worry! I am offering for the next time a free ship improvement service for the south bay region in Lomere. If you're within the region defined in the following image, contact me and I will improve your rowing boats, sailing boats and corbitas for free. Just make an appointment or ensure that I can reach your boat and I will imp it up to 35ql for free. No hidden costs, no drawback. If you're from outside the region, I will improve your ship, if you bring it to my deed as well. Use this limited service. Interested? Contact me via PM.
  24. Xanadu Map

    Please add Xephrime: The settlements "Azgardia" and "Yatiskulla" are not existing anymore.