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  1. Oooh exciting!!! Can't wait to replace my brass oil lamps with actual tea pots Curious to see what kind of effects coffee will have. Fingers crossed the new dishes will come with a way to preserve food as decoration. Those muffins look delicious!!
  2. It totally makes sense that we could uncover stuff while raking fields. Archaeology fragments could be another fun possibility but I think coins would be more rewarding for a moment of inspiration. Things come up on farms in real life all the time. It's usually old broken glass or plastic trash, but people find buried artifacts and coins too. There are loads of cool stories about this kind of thing if you google "farmer discovers old coins". Even if the outcome is just a small increase in harvest quality or yield, a message in the event log saying something like "This field looks especially healthy/productive/whatever" after a successful roll, would be a lot more satisfying than the way it is now where we feel like nothing happened. But I prefer the coin idea personally
  3. The idea is actually to lead the animals that are pulling the cart, not the cart itself, right? So you can walk on the ground at normal speed and have the animals pulling the cart behind you, so you aren't slowed down by dragging the heavy cart yourself. Would love that option very much!
  4. The problem with hiding the colours is then the damage isn't noticeable anymore, so you may not realize that something is reaching the point where it should be replaced. The orange and yellow numbers do serve a good purpose by letting you know something needs to be done. They are great to have for other items and I wouldn't want to turn that setting off. Turning the colour off also doesn't fix the problem of not being able to fix the items yourself, you'd still be looking at damaged items all the time.
  5. Yeah I have my non-repairable stuff hidden in containers or groups within my inventory. The problem with hiding those items is then the damage isn't noticeable anymore, so you may not realize that something is reaching the point where it should be replaced. The orange and yellow numbers do serve a good purpose by letting you know something needs to be done. This also doesn't work well for items like the measuring jug that is regularly accessed in the inventory, the tent which you may want to access quickly when needed, or items in other containers (pottery bowls in an oven for example). I don't personally even use mend because I don't have a vyn priest and it's not worth asking or hiring someone to fix all this stuff just to have it turn yellow again in a day or two.
  6. It's like having a notification on your phone that you can't clear away unless you ask (or hire?) someone else to do it for you. I don't think someone needs to have a "mental issue" to find something like that annoying.
  7. The spell can be adjusted in some way to keep things balanced. Regardless, mend doesn't help with this problem anyway since the items take damage so fast, you're back to looking at yellow numbers again right away. The problem is constantly having to look at damage in the inventory and not being able to just repair it when you see it like we can with everything else.
  8. Isn't it already, since it's the only way to repair those items?
  9. If the spell could be adjusted so that it repairs without quality loss instead, then it would be better than normal repairing and still good to have. That's how I would have intuitively expected it to work in the first place.
  10. It's pretty excessive to get a Vyn priest to fix your pelt or whetstone every time you use them, so you're still stuck looking at the damage number all the time even if you do have access to a priest.
  11. Exactly! And then we wouldn't have to look at the yellow/orange numbers all the time. Good point about the starter kit, I didn't think of that.
  12. Most if not all of us keep at least a couple of these items in our inventory, pelts are probably the most common example since they decay so fast out of inventory. They take damage very quickly, and the yellow and orange numbers draw our attention to warn that there is damage, but there is no way to clear the warning aside from finding a Vynora priest to cast mend (over and over again if it's something like a pelt that continuously takes damage with use). We just have to look at it all the time. I think it's fine that we can't improve pottery and pelts, but broken pottery can be pieced back together, a torn pelt can be sewn. I don't really see why tents shouldn't be improvable but we should at least be able to fix them when they take damage. Edit: Include whetstones too
  13. Love the idea of having it as a temporary craftable skin for containers. It could work like sealing barrels, so the contents can't be seen or removed until opened (but it shouldn't have any influence on decay). After opening the skin disappears and the container is back to normal. This would be great!
  14. Game design is all about getting people to behave in particular ways based on rewards and risks or threats so no I don't think that's a losing battle at all. It just has to be done right so that players always feel like they are doing something enjoyable and/or in their best interest in some way. The player shouldn't feel like they are cleaning up. They just see that they are getting skill ticks from this action of chopping stumps, and the "side effect" is that they would happen to also be cleaning up. The skill gain just needs to be balanced correctly so it's worth the time. Even if they still don't, then as you said other people would see the opportunity to benefit from it and would hurry over to utilize it before it's gone. Either way, the outcome is that the stumps would no longer be seen as trash, and they would not be spoiling the landscape for very long at all.
  15. While I love the coin thing with corpses, I think skill gain is a better incentive in this case. When people are grinding fight/weapon skills they go through a steppe or desert area and mow down all the creatures but often don't bother to bury the corpses despite the chance at getting a rare coin, so I don't think it would incentivize them to spend the time clearing stumps either. I bet they would bury them all if they got some fight skill from it, but of course that wouldn't make as much sense as getting woodcutting for clearing stumps.
  16. Yeah, I've accidentally put my name on things several times while out exploring and randomly examining things. It's a little embarrassing when it happens on an active deed lol I totally agree we should not be named as the creator for items we didn't actually make and I like the idea that the names on old items are lost over time, but still possible to recover using restoration. That would add a greater sense of depth and history to the world, and it would expand archaeology/restoration to make those skills even more interesting. I can totally see people playing as historians and setting up cozy antique shops where people can bring old items for restoration to find out who their original maker was. Love it!!
  17. I wish there was a way to improve the turning radius when riding horses. Maybe this could be a new speed trait like "It seems very agile", or it could be linked with bridle quality (or even both).
  18. That's true. You can even clear four stumps with one action if you dig in the middle and drop the dirt. However, people often get tunnel vision with woodcutting and can't be bothered with these actions no matter how quick and easy they are because it's not helping them reach their goal. If a player wants to maximize their skill gain per minute, they mindlessly chop and drop everything in a vast area as fast as possible without looking back, and the game rewards them for this. Then you have situations where someone logs in to find the nice forest next to their deed completely trashed and reduced to a depressing stump field, just so some other player could get another decimal point in their woodcutting skill. It causes endless arguments and conflicts because people see things differently. If people were also rewarded for cleaning up the stumps it would help a lot to reduce the bad feelings caused by woodcutting.
  19. So you would not like the opportunity to gain a little more skill per tree?
  20. Couldn't agree more. Woodcutting tends to cause drama, partly because of the horrible mess people tend to leave behind when they do it. It would make sense to get woodcutting skill from clearing stumps, and it would be really good for people to have some incentive to clear them. Maybe they could also produce some wood scraps matching the quality of the felled tree, which would be great for making paper.
  21. I keep accidentally opening the manage animals window to check the tile per creature ratio even though I know perfectly well that it's under settlement info. It doesn't hurt to have it on the settlement info page too, but it would be very nice if animal management could be done from one place
  22. They could remove it from the saddle but would have to wait for the bag to decay to access the contents, same as with other locked containers.
  23. This would be so nice! Lots of good reasons mentioned already. It would also add more flexibility when traveling with others. You would have the option to ride together just for part of a trip and go separately later, or arrive at different times but leave together.