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  1. If you out here doing what it does and doing what it did, you already out here knowing what it is. Scrilling
  2. My eternal rest was interrupted by the cries and prayers of desperate mortals wishing The Crusaders would perish. Only the enemies who oppose The Great Crusade will perish. Join the only kingdom who have the great blessing of every god or be devoured by the Eternal Army of Zest.
  3. I have to disagree with this statement. Seeing that you're a "veteran" player you would know the game hasn't kept up with the players. It took years for horses and boats to release, hell the fighting system was released unfinished close to 9-10 years ago and has remained the same with small tweaks to focus levels and special moves. Rolf had the ability to save the population when Epic started but he chose to keep Wild/Chaos because a few cry baby people who don't play anymore or are dead wanted Chaos to still be a thing. Then we follow the Epic road for about 3 years and it dead ends because of OP items that are only attainable if you play chase the monkey for 12 hours a day and lack of content being added or fixed. Bravo, developers of Wurm Online Rolf left you with a mess..
  4. This game has the correct player base now, but when you try to spread it across 12 maps (13 if you count GV) you won't have enough jelly for your toast.
  5. I believe Western Union works as well. In terms of silver trading to receive euros from individual players etc. But for payments to Wurm I believe PayPal is the only way
  6. Or just play the game? Go out and look for uniques like every other normal person has for 11 years. @Threapwaaahh
  7. Bump for a kingdom that doesn't live 35 minutes from the action or 2 tiles off of HOTA.
  8. People out here making mortgage payments on stuff! Bid on this bone who needs a house?!
  9. Bump! Can't believe no one has snatched this up!
  10. The account has sold. I am no longer in control of this toon, the buyer wishes to remain private unless he states it publicly. Thank you to everyone who I've had the pleasure of playing against/with, it's been an absolute ball!
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  12. Fixed OP sorry and thank you!
  13. Thank you to everyone on Chaos for making the game fun and enjoyable. There is a good community of players there regardless of what forum posts or Discord posts are made. My playtime has severely dropped and don't see it coming back anytime soon. Skill dump: Inventory: Asking price:450e I don't need opinion from our local experts on price of accounts, keep your comments to yourself regarding that. If you would like any other information pm me.
  14. Probably should throw another shrimp on the barbie if you catch my drift.