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  1. *Buggy? Name a game released with no bugs. Bugs are a perpetual experience with any software platform *Poorly designed UI? It's not the best, it's not the worst. It gets the job done. *Outdated mechanics? Classic mechanics. *Not newbie friendly? Well boo friggen who. Some of us grew up when games actively abused anyone who even dared to try them and every failure cost you real money. We don't need a game to patronize us, hold our hand and give us a trophy for spelling our names right.
  2. I look at the content of the bad reviews, not the percentages. Complaints about poor graphics are useless. You like the graphics or you don't, I don't get the fondness people have for blockey 8-bit look alikes, but I certainly wouldn't whine about them. Complaints about show stopping bugs are something more concerning.
  3. Not really. Not with Wurm. The most they can do is tell you how to make a shiny sparkly game that holds attention for 2 hours. Wurm is the kind of game you need to spend some time with to really develop a taste for, it's not a casual experience and we're better off if they never bother with people who want shiny graphics over substance.
  4. I had some success running a LAN server on Ubuntu and the WU client on Windows 7 but this weekend I got a shiny new SSD so I reinstalled my WIndows box from scratch, upgraded to Windows 10 and now WU refuses to see the LAN server. It can see a server on the same Windows PC. It can see servers on the internet list. It can't find the Ubuntu box on my LAN that I was using successfully just 2 days ago. I've tried with Windows Firewall off, I've tried opening ports.. I'm stuck and looking for ideas.
  5. I'm pretty sure Rolf started coding Wurm in Java because that was the language he was learning at the time and he hasn't felt like recoding everything into anything else. The multi-platformness was just a side benefit. And that code once run anywhere thing is more theory than absolute practice, especially with more complex programs.
  6. It has to be high enough that boats can sail under it.
  7. Chill. Really, chill. Multiple devs are working on multiple projects and the fixes come at different times. This week just happens to include kilns.
  8. The 'external' ip should be the IP address of your PC. The 'internal' IP, I assume, is for if you have several PC's or VM's hosted so they can talk to each other, over a dedicated network either virtual (for VM instances) or real (multiple physical machines). Personally I keep them both the same for my single server. Having played around a bit with different PC situations, I've found that the Wurm server fails less if steamcmd is kept logged in and running, and then run the Wurm server through a second terminal. You can do that with a command line program called screen.
  9. Just summon a horse and ride it till your foal grows up. It's further down the list.
  10. I had a similar problem, due to having VMware on my machine, it creates virtual network cards and the Wurm server just picks one, not necessarily the right one. Check that the server's internal and external IP address are the same, they should match your computer's own IP on your LAN.
  11. Is there a way to set the quality level and action count on an ore tile?
  12. Some of us have multiple IP's on our machines, due to using VMware or VPN software, or other sundry cases. So yes, there's lots of reasons to want to set the IP manually.
  13. I belive those are the pots in question.
  14. Actually because of optimizations. Every texture has to be opened up and loaded into the video card memory. If you have a new card with 4Gb's of RAM, you can care less, but a card on lower end hardware, or embedded in a laptop has less RAM, it becomes a bottleneck. One group of the devs is working to translate the textures into using more shaders to add colors and differentiate them from each other. Shaders are a bit of graphics art and a bit of programming. I'm sure they'll be added to a big update eventually.
  15. Slowly but surely they've been adding more animations to the game. Eventually you will be able to sit on furniture too.
  16. [22:06:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Sent! Congrats and thanks for buying.
  17. Everything's been sold folks, nothing to see here. Lumps are 3s each. SOLD Leggings are 5s. SOLD Buyer pays COD. PM or Reply here.
  18. I think there's a very good reason that surface mining is so hard, and if you think about it you'd probably agree. If leveling a mountain was as easy as mining a tunnel then we would have no more mountains! They would all be flattened out within a month or two by some noob who can't figure out why he's not making a tunnel rather than being a years long village project. I'm against making surface leveling easier, it's fine as it is.
  19. One, you shouldn't be able to dye glass. However, you should be able to blend various metal lumps into plain glass to give it color, so in some ways it makes sense to be tied to metallurgy at least as far as adding colors to it.
  20. Whales.. When do we get harpoons??? *rushes off to create an alt named Ahab*
  21. PM me with prices. I will accept COD costs.
  22. Hey, you're coming off like a jerk here, so you probably don't know. Seryll was given out on the Freedom cluster when the devs started the premium bonus gifts. It was a one time thing though, and unfortunately there's no other way to get it, so even if you do collect enough to make some armor on Freedom, there's no way to imp it. The OP's just asking for a fix for this, as otherwise anything made from Seryll on Freedom is pretty useless long term.