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  1. wow, you found something i made. That in itself is rare since i usually had other people make me things after constant whining . I no longer play unfortunately due to more reasons than id like to mention. Feel free to shelf that or hunt down anyone that knew me possibly?
  2. Ive done this a few times and almost always get 60 damage wound haha. timing it right is all the fun!
  3. This idea is neat, however, should not allow for storing in containers on pvp. Which would mean priests would need to be protected while using up the favor. Only problem i see there is that you may or may not be within influence so casting wont be as efficient. unless people slapped down an altar and imped it ofc.
  4. I liked it how it was, timers between unequipping gear. kind of sorted the boys out from the men interms of channeling if people had to cast with armor on.
  5. THE smartest suggestion towards hota that ive ever seen. Not true, i've raided 3 deeds so far. HOWEVER, they were easy deeds. Raid windows don't suit australians so anything better defended i will never be around for. BUT this has caused me to fight people during raid windows in order to take their things. It is working, just needs to be fine tuned somewhat. Can confirm that if we as jk get another full wipe it will almost surely mean we stop playing for some time. We have already lost several crafters. Personally im only going to be supplying food for grinding when needed but have already settled on pve until i get bored and quit. This and one other reason is a let down, already seen it on WU
  6. No. I want that fat skillgain bonus Actually there are several things they could do here... Like adding new content, and more new content, and more n....Even the promise of new content is better than ''hey remember how launch was painful, yeah sleep bonus will fix it'' I dont understand how sindusk was able to provide almost weekly NEW content to WU server that was exciting and fresh and WO takes ALOT longer. I dont understand. The loyalty marks is a nice feature, that almost feels like pay to win on pve buying tomes.. almost ruins the interest in public slayings.
  7. Was anyone even on elevation to notice the change over? lol
  8. FYI Australians literally pay almost double in sub costs due to currency exchange. And most of us are living off government pension due to corona virus.
  9. ^^ Yes they have all heard this before No they dont seem to care, or dont know how to fix this
  10. LITERALLY why i played on your WU server... all the NEW content uploaded almost weekly there at one stage. Problem with that server is it was too fast, to which you agreed. NEW content is what drives people to play longer. And many other things.. fix a few things here and there, add something new, rinse and repeat
  11. literally have depot, old hota, new hota and missions that give sleep powders and other small bonuses would be neat. Right now we only have a couple reasons to leave deed and raiding a base isnt one of them
  12. Never Night

    On Wurm unlimited i had day time permanently set to midday, absolutely hate night time as it currently is. I remember when it was darker, hated it so much i barely played when i first started out due to this
  13. Yeah wow... can this not be a thing? Go back to saccing crops for decent favor.. please
  14. i want to see and laugh at the very next video of someone doing that! ps. no really... im looking forward to it
  15. actually having more fun in this game then i ever have. Defiance is actually super fun! Everything dies at some point, the biggest decision is what to do with whats dead once its obvious? Them older servers probably wont see new life ever again. (change my mind)
  16. ahhh the deforestation. Something human's are best at. We arent all that good at replenishing what we take it's.. almost like Real life
  17. "safe zones" "raid windows" Yeah ill play pve for a month then quit again.... Full Loot (graves with loot timers... yeeeeaaah you've probably got mixed feelings here) Full Raid (no quirky windows); I'd suggest a window of more than 12 hours atleast.. or something unpredictable. Your raid windows wont favor certain timezones which will exclude people from the raiding concept of the game No tomes (you've done that.. congrats) No safe zones (or at the very least a home server unraidable (You've done this too) zone/deed where you can raise some skills in safety before venturing out) You've made some amazing additions.... and added things that aren't even necessary. I suspect alot of hate for the raid window, maybe alot of hate in the future for the tombstone addition.. I personally wont bother with raid timers and pvp fights with the gravestone. That pretty much eliminates me from pvp. You'll have some people who will give it a go.. and some that wont bother returning due to these changes.