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  1. vanilla icecream is the best
  2. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Id most likely resub for 12 months if some of the above ideas ever came true.
  3. Make name change Possible.

    yeah no, as much as id like to not be known as me.. I mean it wasnt till 2/3 years later id come up with some WAY cooler names.. im just known by a few who dont see me as anyone else. ^^ and for the above reasons.. yeah thats pretty much why we still dont. I believe very few people have ever had their names changed under strange circumstances.. but no
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I still play, occasionally log into WO then realise its a waste of effort. Even pve is dead compared to what it used to be. You weren't able to get a word into global on xanadu when that launched.. there was a sense that you only traded with the 40 or so locals near you and the mere thought about someone on the other side of the map was non existent/unnecessary.
  5. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    what they tried was nothing compared to what's being asked. Let me summarize: 1. New map 4k in size (totally delete current epic in total (homeservers and all)) 2. Remove almost everything after steel plate in gear (including weapons) 3. Remove tomes completely 4. Remove meditation -OR- Make a new cluster (dont hate) with just one island completely disconnected in everyway possible to the rest of the game Then everything i said above minus deleting epic. Then watch as your subscriber base skyrockets in that server. Spend the year making your changes on epic (which is dead but has a few die hard volunteers for your 'changes' to be tested on). And then give epic a chance to move to freedom with items. Delete epic and save on 4 servers, then work on the 1 hopefully thriving pvp server you started the year before (right now) You'll find everything wrong with pvp is everything right with pve.. its nice to have shiny armours and gear... but it wrecks pvp in this game. Tomes... probably one of the few worst additions to the game. then there is meditation.. I really dont need to repeat what has been said.
  6. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    It's a pve idea which could work well the other way. When people leave pve to go play on pvp maybe then pay for pve deeds... eh effort. Too low on the list of importance to even be noticed... like the thousands of suggestions currently sitting in a dusty part of the forums barely visited by devs
  7. Can Rolf Explain...

    There was that one time that the game was being DDoS'd and he practically worked around the clock to help make it work again with constant feedback and chatter.... i nearly quit the game and that may have saved me 7 or so years of effort... But it was effort well spent. I cant imagine he'd even want to play this anymore.. a game played/worked on over such a long time would really get boring after some time surely...
  8. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    i like the thought,, i really do. Theres just one problem which would need to be thought of first and foremost. Your literally adding a money sink to raiders. Id sit and redrain a deed daily to get my sheckles and pay for premium.
  9. Can Rolf Explain...

    yeah was looking into the types of conversations that were had at the start of these forums... then i noticed that one and how close it was to the exact day.
  10. Revenant - Modded PvE/PvP (3x Action, New Skillgain)

    it was designed for pve players to enjoy pvp without loss of effort to maximise fun/lure some pve players who wouldnt normally give pvp a go. As sindusk has mentioned many times before, its not for everyone. quite a few people get demoralised from the loss of hours of working imping gear to have it lost in pvp. (im not biased here, i actually enjoy full loot pvp and dislike the no loot change)