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  1. "safe zones" "raid windows" Yeah ill play pve for a month then quit again.... Full Loot (graves with loot timers... yeeeeaaah you've probably got mixed feelings here) Full Raid (no quirky windows); I'd suggest a window of more than 12 hours atleast.. or something unpredictable. Your raid windows wont favor certain timezones which will exclude people from the raiding concept of the game No tomes (you've done that.. congrats) No safe zones (or at the very least a home server unraidable (You've done this too) zone/deed where you can raise some skills in safety before venturing out) You've made some amazing additions.... and added things that aren't even necessary. I suspect alot of hate for the raid window, maybe alot of hate in the future for the tombstone addition.. I personally wont bother with raid timers and pvp fights with the gravestone. That pretty much eliminates me from pvp. You'll have some people who will give it a go.. and some that wont bother returning due to these changes.
  2. literally just need everything up to steel armor/weapons. Tomes/meditation/priests temporarily disabled to see the outcome and interest in the barebones system. i think you'll be surprised with the outcome. I've never aspired to get my hands on a tome for epic nor have i ever been awarded one.. ive always felt that i was behind or nothing compared to accounts that had it. It is true that a tome doesnt make the account and pure skill and luck might overcome the acc that does have one, im still not going to take on an account behind a player that understands how to use the good ones.
  3. I wish this happened again.. but more on the scope of "The Purge" once a year?
  4. I dropped my full seryll rare plateset at rome and suicided. I really dont care for shinies.. no one will have them when we port over for the first month or so. After that i 'may' shed a tear when people bring their things over. But honestly.. I welcome the nude beginnings on epic. Havent ever been at an equal footing such as this and look forward to what comes!
  5. ah yeah.. was wondering whether or not i can keep my 2 sleep powders and spyglass? I'm not fussed on the spy glass but them sleep powders are delicious
  6. i wonder if the servers will be able to handle the mass login's its about to have
  7. Close plz :)

  8. The idea for homeservers even existing is stupid. The only bonus is you can grind fighting skills in relative safety then go to elevation and pvp. A rather crazy idea is to have one map with 3 distinct almost connected islands to the mainland which act as 'homeservers' Just make it so it has the same benefits as home servers.. But you'll also feel less safe and be occasionally part of the action more since it would require less sailing. Whenever id raid serenity I never once had a feeling i was being chased or people from the homeserver would defend its deeds no matter what i hit and when. It's almost like im draining a freedom deed. On a sad note i did die once, to 3 stacked trolls... while trying to cross a anti raider canal..
  9. Close plz :)

  10. Id most likely resub for 12 months if some of the above ideas ever came true.
  11. yeah no, as much as id like to not be known as me.. I mean it wasnt till 2/3 years later id come up with some WAY cooler names.. im just known by a few who dont see me as anyone else. ^^ and for the above reasons.. yeah thats pretty much why we still dont. I believe very few people have ever had their names changed under strange circumstances.. but no