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  1. In my opinion the gains are fair... Got 98 masonry and only grinded SC. The rest came from towers, many bricks, houses and bridges, wich I think they give very good gains. Also know a bunch of peeps with +90 masonry... Really not a hard skill to raise.
  2. Im originally a freedom player, but play on epic since they did the skill merge. Currently as one of few peeps that play on epic daily and own deeds there, I vote a big nono to this suggestion. Honestly u peeps need to stop wanting just more and more. Epic is what is. As plati said up there. after they did the merge, u knew what epic would be. If u choose to keep playing on the servers, then play. If u want to move to freedom or chaos, move! Its your problem, not every1 elses. I agree that said cluster needs some kind of boot to increase the player base, but pretty much delete epic and moving it to freedom really doesnt sound like a way to go. that would make me disband any deeds I currently own on epic and move all my crap to Pristine lol. Why having a home deed on a home server when u got pve right next to u where no1 can even attack or grief u. If this is ur idea of keeping epic alive, leave it as is please. thanks Big menus one -1
  3. The way I c it, currently BL kingdoms got Lib as a combat priest as WL kingdoms got Mag as their combat priest. The huge difference is that WL kingdoms then have 2 support priests that are Vyn and Fo. BL kingdoms got like none. So yea, add a new exclusive BL support priest also or make the current Fo a neutral priest. Hey Libila corrupted Fo with her looks and dark beauty and now he goes both ways
  4. My suggestion would be to make FO neutral.... That way BL kingdoms could have Libila vs Mag pretty much and would have a healer support as the WL kingdoms do. Honestly think Libila is OP with combat spells, but lacks healing since the scorn most of the days heals about nothing. So why add more damage to BL? Instead give em the chance to use a top healer like the WL kingdoms can use Fo. Seems we would have well balanced kingdoms this way. Just my opinion, or hey just keep ignoring the huge dif of might between a WL and BL kingdom and dare to say its balanced.
  5. Maybe it got some kind of reset since u breed em be4 the update and in the meanwhile, a lot as changed...
  6. Hey yall, selling a very rare complete Black Legion set. 2 normal cedar banners, 2 cedar flags and 1 cedar tall banner. almost sure the wagon is cedar also. This cant be created anymore and since BL was the first kingdom to keep his colors, its one of the oldest in game. Starting Bid 20s. Reserve 40s. Min Inc 1s. 1h sniper protection. Not taking private bids or BO offers.
  7. First noticed this about a year or 2 back, its been like that for a while now. Not sure if it was intended. If Im not mystaken, it happen after some bridge update... Would love to c it fixed also. +1
  8. Hey guys, recently found this relic from the past!! Don´t have much time now, so this is kind on a short notice. I would like to invite you all to take a swing at it and grab a blood and a piece of hide as a memory Location: Xanadu S20 East side on the shore. Look for a unnamed Guard Tower Time:
  9. Found one in Xanadu about 3 weeks ago...
  10. BIG -1 . Have most of my empire deleted to start over again? Nah. That would only mean many more peeps would quit
  11. -1 With the size of Xanadu and Xanadu tunnels, we need increased boat speed. Not decreased...
  12. Delete pls

    Nm.... was a game glitch solved br relogging with a lotime...
  13. Confirmed... Cant CRT-V in Chat tabs also or the game crashes....
  14. Got it, guess I need to work on my butchering a bit more then
  15. Hello! So as it is, each beam got around 8 to 10 rifts mobs max guarding them. Each heart we burn after slaying all the mobs gives 5 damage to the jackal beam. That makes a total of from 40 to 60 damage max per beam. Not counting that, with low butcher skill, u dont always get hearts from the corpses. How are we supposed to get rid of it? Bash it out till its gone? Increase the damage made to beams by each heart we burn please.
  16. +1 no use for them, also if we can ride it, why cant we gear it
  17. -1 I also agree that they should stay as Jackal unique creatures.
  18. Certificate Issues

    Im having those certificate issues on my stable launcher since yesterdays update... Can only log on the low memory or the old client. Stable is a no go. Im running on Windows 10 btw
  19. Mine I have to say were the Lego sets as well. Pitty they cost a bucket full of money now or I would prob still build them from time to time