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  1. My kingdom chat and the forums are full of haters hating on Wurm Unlimited. Saying, "R.I.P Wurm" or "Gonna disband my ten deeds" makes me mad. Yes, you have your own opinion, and I fully respect that. But saying it in a certain way that makes it sound like no one should play anymore is upsetting for many reasons. First, it discourages new players into playing the game. If I was new, and everyone thought Wurm wasn't going to be around in about a month or so, I would just uninstall it. Second, and I'm sure others think this, but how do you think the devs think? Yes, I know they listen to feedback and try to improve the game, but this might be the worst crictism ever. They announce it, and players are just insulting the devs who put a lot of time and work into the game. My opinion is just let it happen. If Wurm Unlimited turns out to be a flop and half of the servers shut down, well, guess I was wrong and you were right. If it brings in new players, yay! They now have a little more cash. And they can then use that money to improve on both Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. Thanks for reading my opinion on the matter, and I apologize if I offended anyone. Have a great day!
  2. I am working o something big

  3. After I completed a Chaos mission and received thirty minutes if sleep bonus, I noticed that when I view the mission details, it states that the mission I completed was a failure. The mission was to cut down the infected willow tree North of The Shroud. I do not know if this happening on other servers, but I would like to see this issue looked into. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. This story is of how I became to play Wurm. Sort of like an origin story. One of my friends showed me this game he was playing on his laptop. I looked at the screen and I saw everything was squares, even the sun. I immediately said, that game is a huge piece of crap and I continued working. Two weeks later, I noticed my other friend playing that game, so I decided to sit down and watch what he was doing. Now, I love Jurassic Park, and when my friend created an entire Jurassic Park in the game, I wanted to do the same thing. Back then, I never heard of Operation Genesis. I asked him what the game was called, and he said Minecraft. When I got back home, I turned on my computer and typed in Minecraft. I clicked on the Mojang homepage. After reading about the game, I decided to try out the demo before I spend money on this thing. After my demo time was up, I was hooked. I downloaded the game, and spent five hours playing this new game. Two years later, I still adored Minecraft. I had purchased the Xbox 360 (Xbox One had been released yet) and the mobile edition of the game. I had purchased the Lego sets (yes, I still collect Lego) and had even read the book about Notch. Now, this book mentioned something before Notch founded Mojang. He worked with some guy named Rolf, on a game called Wurm Online. I thought this game was going to be some crappy World of Warcraft remake, so I just passed by it. After a few more months, I became bored of Minecraft. It was the same thing, make a world, survive, kill a dragon, the end. I craved a different storyline, a new adventure, a new game. So, I searched for games to play, until I typed in Sandbox MMORPG, and I found a most interesting result, Wurm Online. Instead of pushing it away like the last time, I decided to give it a chance, like I did with Minecraft. I found out it was free, and downloaded it, after completing that tutorial, I chose Chaos, and spawned in The Shroud, this was when Basic players could see the Local list, but I noticed that only I was on. I decided to explore. After dying for the hundredth time, I deleted the game because I thought it was a crappy game meant for hardcore gamers. A lot of time passed, and I once again become bored of the Single Player mode of Minecraft. One day, my computer was infected with a Virus, so I bought a new one. I didn't want to buy Minecraft, so I decided to download a free game. My gaming skills were increased over the years, so I thought of Wurm Online. I downloaded the game, joined Independence, and joined a nice quiet village where I was taught the basics of the game. I now love Wurm Online, and find Minecraft a place for five year olds to have their temper tantrums. No offense to all you Minecraft players. Thanks for reading my origin story!!!
  5. I think the only reason why players want the Chaos server reset is because of all the Mol-Rehan influence on the map. However, I believe that when there is something a lot of people are against, then they will fight for what they want. And who knows, maybe in September, Mol-Rehan will get bored and not be as active, and that gives all those other kingdoms a huge advantage. Then, eventually, Ebonaura may control 95% of the server. When that happens, this same topic is going to be popping all over the forums. War in this game is a cycle, one kingdom dominates for an extended period of time, then constant fights over land occur, and the a new kingdom dominates, then we all start over again. The point is, don't start a topic that's gonna pop up every three years.
  6. When I started playing Wurm Online and I first saw a Black Wolf, I thought they were also Gray and White Wolves. Turns out there isn't any. What would be cool is to see Black Wolves turn white in the winter. That way, Wurm would be more realistic, and I always wanted to see a white wolf. Another cool addition would be to see hibernation in winter. What I mean by this, is that Black Bears and Brown Bears would be a much rarer animal to come across in the winter months. I can't think of any other possible hibernating animals in Wurm, but it would be nice to see this happen.
  7. In Wurm, I cannot afford a deed, so that means I have to repair my walls, floors, and roofs of my house. I can see whether or not my walls are damaged because of the model, but I have to examine my floors and walls to make sure they are not going to hit 100 damage, and the reason why is because I don't know whether or not they are damaged because they always look the same, from 0 to 100. This really frustrates me, and I would like to see this fixed. Thank you for reading what I believe is an essential part of Wurm.
  8. We've all been there. Talking to your friends about League Of Legends or Minecraft, when you decide to mention Wurm Online. You say the name, and your buddies just have this blank look on their face. The reason? Wurm is not popular. Sure, over 1000 people play it, but that seeing that number after you type /who happens only once a week. Sometimes, I wish I could just talk to my friends about Wurm and they know about it, and we have this hour long conversation about how hellhounds are some of the worst monsters out there. I know this game is getting bigger, and I like that. The more players, the more people you can talk to in Local, right? However, imagine if Wurm became "too popular". Here is what might happen: 1. We'll have Minecraft players trying to grief us on Freedom. 2. When a five-year-old gets killed by a 50 fighting skill player, he's gonna whine about hacking. 3. Ever heard of Stampy Longhead or something? Imagine an adult with a high pitched voice talking about how cute octopuses are. 4. When they realize that Wurm takes time, and you can't punch trees. 5. Wurm Online Lego. Yeah, I don't see how that will work. Yeah, I know that I probably sound like a Minecraft hater, but that's the way I see it happening.
  9. Vempor about this," Klay said as he walked out of the stables. They were not ready.
  10. Klay smiled. The plan was going perfectly. Vempor would be initiated into the Royal Guards. He then would do an act of bravery and be rewarded with the promotion of Head Royal Guard of The Silver Vault. Afterwards, he would ride back to The Blood Owls base camp and lead the entire gang to the castle. When they have reached their destination, Klay and Vempor would split up. Klay would lead almost the entire gang to the Waterfall Caves and create a distraction that would attract the attention of almost every Royal Guard in the castle. After ten minutes, Vempor would then ride into the castle while dragging two of The Blood Owls behind him. He would then announce that the two men were part of the rioters and he would take them down to the dungeons himself. What he really would do is take them to The Silver Vault, unlock the door that held the treasure and take all the silver coins he and the two men could carry. When that was done, they would rush back to their horses, Vempor would put down some sort of light source that could be seen from far away. Klay would see the light and then order his men to leave. When they arrive back at the base camp, they would count their riches and buy many things such as a bigger base camp, better weapons and armor, and perhaps even a priest. Tales will be told of The Blood Owls all throughout the land. "When do we leave, brother?" Klay asked Vempor. He was anxious to leave and collect the treasure. Vempor smiled. When Vempor smiled, it seemed as if all the lights, including the setting star Sol, had gone out. "We will leave when Jackal rises," he replied. There was a reason to the why Vempor chose the moon Jackal. Since Jackal was Vempor's last name, he wanted everyone to see Jackal and think of the leader of The Blood Owls. Klay nodded. It would make sense to wait for the cover of night. No one would see their black coats as they rode to the castle. "I will make sure everything is prepared for our journey," he said as he walked out of the Main Hall. As he stepped outside, he was reminded of the reason they were going to steal over 40000 kgs worth of silver coins. The base camp was filthy. The dirt was black and stained from coughed up blood. Hacking coughs could be heard from every tent. A horrible stench filled the air, the stench of sickness and death. Five years ago, a strange sickness known as Libila's Wrath had swept across the land of Independence. It is not known if the sickness had swept to the lands of Chaos, Xanadu, the far reaching lands of Pristine or Release. Not even the strange lands of Epic, known as the Four Deaths,have been considered to be filled with death. Not even the stranger Challenge island, rumored to be able to sink into the sea and change shape. The reason why is because travelers are afraid of bringing the sickness to other lands or even get worse side effects. When you start coughing up blood, you know you're dead. King Feger, who is rumored to own the cure to Libila's Wrath,won't share his bottle of life. He then seemed to go crazy, demanding that everyone give him their silver and gold coins. He then locked all of the coins in The Silver Vault. He said that he didn't want disease ruining the economy. It seemed as if he valued his own income rather than his own people's lives. After a terrible incident, Vempor and Klay decided that they would take back the coins and eventually kill King Feger. And so, they founded The Blood Owls, a group of bandits that would take back the peace of Independence. The two brothers ventured across the land of Independence, recruiting others for their cause. However, it seemed as if no one cared about whether they lived or died. Few men agreed to come along, just 50 men including Vempor and Klay. Not much, but all they needed is a little show of strength and perhaps people would see that their king is not on their side. Klay walked to the stables. "Mister Fretop!" Klay shouted to the Head of The Stables. Mister Fretop jumped in surprise, knocking over a bunch of metal objects in the process. "Klay! Sorry, you scared me for a second there!" Mister Fretop exclaimed. "Are the horses ready?" Klay asked. "Er, not quite, you see, it seems that the Libila's Wrath harms horses as well!" Mister Fretop explained. Klay frowned. "How much horses are healthy?" "Only 10 horses," Klay was worried now. If only ten horses could be used out of the twenty, then they would have to hitch them to the large carts, and those were poor quality and were rotting somewhere. "I'll have to speak to
  11. List your reasons why you think DC Universe is better than Marvel, or vice versa. I will collect your results and announce the better studio on August 22nd so you have plenty of time to state your reason! I am excited to read what I believe is a good challenge.
  12. Waiting for someone to comment on The Night of The Blood Owls Part 1 and 2

  13. Ok, I don't know if I should post this in the Maintenance section, but I think we all know what I'm talking about. It's raining, and you decide to smelt your hard-earned iron ore inside your beautiful roofed house, when you realize that the rain still is coming through the roof and dropping on your head! I think this should be fixed, and it will give Wurm a more realistic approach. Let me know what you guys think!